World of Warships- World of Warships 2 Coming Soon??

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at a rabbit hole I fell down last night, enjoy!


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0:00 Forum Follow Up
5:23 World of Warships 2?


  1. Just go the opposite way with the tech tree go to predreadnoughts, then ironclads, then ship of the lines. The uss St. Louis already behave like an age of sail ship from the gunnery aspect

  2. WOWS 2 would likely follow the same pattern of other WG freemium titles. 2-3 years of fun before monetization creep slowly kills what was once at its core a very solid game and a fairly enjoyable experience.

    • Welp, at least it will be a fresh start. You know… fun for a couple of years.

    • @Panzer Runner exactly, 3 to 4 years more fun is still better than 0 imo, would love to see a WOWS 2 with unreal 5 engine and great graphics. And would love to see more options on the camera / views as well then, like view from the command center (bridge)

    • Or they will just do engine update, like they did with WoT.

    • @HidesHisFace Most likely outcome. A full reset would undermine future monetization.

    • Why, the original one is not good? WOWS 2 will only be like WOWS Blitz on mobile

  3. If there will be a WOWS 2 it should be about tall ships from the golden age of sail!

  4. Maybe it’s gonna be a space game per chance?

    Didn’t they buy out and integrate the “Fractured Space” team a few years ago? Could be that this is their new project, at least I hope this is the case.

    • WG already has that space game in Master of Orion…

    • @Milliardo5 Well yes, but MoO is a turn-based strategy game and mostly focused on Singleplayer.

      Look up what Fractured Space was on Youtube, you’ll find it would fit the WG lineup perfectly.

    • @Dimcules I kinda hope its a resurrection of a Fractured Space like, i had the unfortunate luck of being unable to play it and the other space game dreadnought just wasn’t the same.

  5. I still think they missed a trick with pre dreadnaughts and WW1. All shoot through at low tiers, but lots of ships and variety there for a solid game on its own.

  6. WG has this idea that new players is better than retaining players.

    Newer younger players will move on faster than the older ones.
    Mainly because the older players have a enjoyment of the history. Not many younger players do.

    • real peter griffin

      iPad kids care only about Squid game, Wednesday and Poppy Playtime. I don’t know how they intend to make that failure of a generation interested in something that requires more than 2 seconds of their attention span.

      Before you call me a boomer, I’m 14

    • @real peter griffin Chief’s 14 and is called TnoReference, wonder what particularly edgy and grimderp mod that references. You are part of that generation, you’re not special, and it’s not their fault, blame your damn parents, and blame their parents for failing them too. So on, so forth, etc.

    • Alice theGrinseCatz

      ​@real peter griffinWargaming was never a publisher for the mainstream of young people. That’s not their target group. I think they’re more afraid of competition like war thunder and so, they try to find their point to be special in the future. Also, a player base is nice but when they become older you got trouble. For example, the German party CDU focused its entire politics on old people’s interests. They lost a lot of voters in the last few years. Do you know what the reason is? Most of them died or got the typical neurological diseases of old age such as dementia. Konami understands that Yu-Go-Oh! can’t survive if they still are focused on the old player base. Players become older and lost their interest in playing cards. Your good old player base is a group that shrinks over time and you need to find new players. WoWs have reached this point probably. And yeah, they try to🎉 get new players can result that old players deciding to leave the game what’s shrinking the old player base much faster but it’s sadly necessary.

    • a high turnover of new players is great for monetization though, which is their priority. you can’t milk veteran players who already own all the premiums they want, understand the economy and what not to waste money on etc.
      they want fresh wallets and the chances of whales to come in that will pay their way to a supership or pay to skip the grind for resources.

    • Thats not just WG, that most companies as a whole; enticing new vs sustaining old. Why often times when you threaten to cancel a service, you get a crazy good deal to keep you, often times its a new service deal, dressed up in a “we value your loyalty” cloak.

      The best examples of this that always jumps to mind is SiriusXM. Threaten to cancel, and they will almost always give you their top package for 6 months for the price of a single month of the mid-package. I know Ive been doing this for the last 4 years now with them lol. Downside is you have to call them to get it.

  7. I’d rather have an old warships with the old Galleons with loads of cannons! Could have fire ships and boarding

  8. christopher shrank

    I stopped playing Battlefield and Call of Duty games years ago. Each having a new release every year or two meant those games have a short life cycle and at the end the multiplayer serves are ghost towns. One of the reasons I like WOWS is that it is an older title, but not only is it still going, but the developers are updating and adding to it. I guess my one big question if WoWS2 does come, what happens to 1? And more importantly, our premium ships and captains?

    • The Iranian Putin

      This. Wtf will happen to our investments in the first game if the player base is reduced for a WOWS 2.0.

    • Premium ships and money spent are gone. It’s why I never understood people dumping thousands of dollars into something that will go away when the game dies.

    • ​@swirvinbirds1971 that is how the game remains free…by people dumping money into it at will.

    • @The Back 50 that’s what whales tell themselves… While ruining the game.

  9. Do I regret all the time and money I’ve sunk into this WG “Free to Play” title? No. Will I get sucked in again? Noooo!

    • After they ruined warships I’ve stopped playing and never looked back and I was an alpha tester who used to love the game. Never again

  10. It may even be a game like renegade, first person shooter, first person tank, first person sub, first person plane and first person ship play all in 1 based alongside a story line with multiple outcomes depending on choices made and end result of missions

  11. If they’re going to change things up, I’d like to see an in-game economy where players can sell and trade ships, commanders and consumables amongst themselves. If WG is worried that this might kill the revenue stream, they can charge a currency or doubloon premium for each transaction. Look at how successful Eve Online has been.

  12. I hope 2 it’s coming soon and starts humble like the first one! I miss when Wows had mostly real ships and designs, with less daka-daka and supernatural gun calibers.

  13. The Iranian Putin

    The Leopard 1 is a Tier X German tank on WOT so they def hit the limit (early cold war).
    I can see them working on a Modern World of Tanks or reboot World of Warplanes but I think there is way more competition on the warplane genre.

  14. Jędrzej Wrotyński

    I wish it was a separate game for submarines… But it might be a land combat game based on what wg achieved in wot to compete with warthunder and they extinguish wop making it a part of the former.

  15. They should make World of Guns and have it be a first person shooter and the tech tree is the development of firearms over the centuries. Could be really awesome if done right !! I’m imagining firing off MP40 rounds lol

  16. I reckon you’re on point. Makes sense to get Wows 2 started on. If they can sell the solution to the problems they’ve created “hey guys, no CV or subs, just ships”, I can see a lot of ppl buying into it

  17. DontFearDaReaper

    I think making a “World of” type FPS using the Masters of Orion as the basis for the game would be cool.

  18. I remember that around this time last year I saw something about a Triple A FPS game that Wargaming was developing. It was supposed to be something similar to CSGO or R6, which could have been interesting, although I haven’t heard anything about the game since it was announced a year ago, so maybe this is the game they’re getting employees for?

  19. i hope they do a collab with star wars and we can get space dreadnaughts battling it out. its such a perfect fit in my mind

  20. world of warships 2: you can now reduce dispersion by 1m for 1000 gold. You can also reduce reload by 0.1s for 1000 gold. You can also increase hp by 100 for 1000 gold. You can also add a gun for 10000 gold. You can also turn all your 18 yodo guns into shikishima guns. for gold, of course.

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