World of Warships- World of Warships Vs War Thunder Naval

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Hey guys, over the weekend I took a spin on War Thunder Naval forces, or whatever its called, and I discuss my experiences there vs World of Warships.

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  1. Admiral hipper is bigger, Spee is 12,000t while Hipper is 18,000t

  2. realistic tank battle: awesome
    realistic naval battle: bad idea

    • ​@Noisykiller12 “wheeled vehicles have a harder time on rough terrain than tracked vehicles.”
      Yes, so you should watch this

    • Good idea, bad implementation by Gaijin.

    • Realistic plane battle: only way it should be done
      Realistic tank battle: can be good if done right like in War Thunder but arcade can be fun as well like World of Tanks
      Realistic naval battle: calculate like 500 things so your shell hits the right place at the right angle to hit the target that’s kilometers away with half a minute of shell travel time and then time your maneuver just right at the exact right time… OH IT’S SO BORING

    • John J Johnson world of tanks doesn’t have any more of a realistic movement system. If my tanks feel like cars, that’s a problem.

  3. I’m veteran pilot and tanker myself in WT, but yea naval succ thats why i go to wows lol

    P.S : If you think how WG succ at balancing their game, Gaijin is basically the same lmao

  4. WT naval makes me want to hurt myself
    It’s the one thing that I feel Gaijin do worse than WG in terms of ground, air, and naval

  5. Byron MaidPro -Salt Lake City

    Saw you in a smol on Saturday. Didn’t get my Kii’s torps around enough on you before you torpd me. lol. NO SMOL for U!

  6. Yeah, I tried them back when they just threw the MTB’s and sort of Riverine boats at us. It seemed like a long haul.

  7. RIGHT!!, THATS IT!! – Im gonna Jump from one broken ethically & morally corrupt russian developer…to Another!!
    …wait?, what?? LOL

    ps: I believe Its pronounced “War Grinder” 😉 (And the Bias is just as strong with this one!…cos Russia #1!! lol)

  8. Thank’s for the heads up SL, I don’t think I’ll bother with that then. On the up side something that curbs the arrogance that has been seen too be coming to the for from Wargaming lately can only be a good thing so the competition is welcome and in my humble opinion if a developer were to hit the market with something that was on par Game and Graphics wise then Lemming Train would probably describe the Exodus, Great Content again ??

  9. Wows: large ships, big maps, arcade style combat
    WT: small boats to heavy cruisers, rather small maps (GAIJIN PLS FIX!!!) realistic combat

  10. Use the c key to look around
    I have gotten hit by 5 torpedoes on my bow on the IJN Mutsuki and I survived. (Soviet pt boat was very unhappy)

  11. Dont play arcade in big boats, once you hit DD you should play rb, aiming is easier.

  12. 3:29 umm… .did those shells just take a sharp angle and fall? What in the…

    • Haha didnt notice until you pointed it out. That’s whacked ?

    • This due to how the game both calculates the realistic arcs the shells “would” travel for the purposes of armor penetration calculations, while at the same the graphics engine not rendering the visible shells as high they “would” be for their actual arcs. This, combined with the fact the camera panned in on the shells just as they were arriving, leads to some whacked out looking shell arcs.

  13. TheGaming Sentinel

    I’ve been playing War Thunder now for almost 4 years and I’ve played WoWS for roughly the same amount of time. War Thunder’s current meta is a bunch of people yeeting money at top tier vehicles like Leopards, Type 74s and XM-1 Abrams. In addition, it doesn’t help that the game is so compressed and people constantly want more stuff. In terms of realism, War Thunder is better for that. Raw fun? I always look to WoWS

  14. Their doctrine and plans for the future for naval changed mid laat year 2019 where they stated they where going bigger.
    This year 2020 will see an expansion on naval’s battle cruisers as well as the Italian navy in the first patch of 2020.

    Being that naval battles are new it is still a Dimond in the rubble.

  15. Muhammad Chairudin

    Only 2 big problems for WT (sea, air and land)
    – grindy as hell
    – all vehicles are too expensive
    Apart from that 2, WT is basically a great game

  16. Although i any longer play WoW, i prefer it to War thunder naval.

  17. Use the “Realistic Battles Aiming System” in Arcade Naval or just play Realistic Naval instead. *It’s WAY easier to hit enemy ships with that aim mode than Arcade.*

  18. Spee is fun I got it 30sec reload though

  19. Also the graph spee is pronounced spA

  20. For planes and tanks, WT is better.
    Naval, WoW

    I have over 1000 hours in WT and naval is just terrible. The boats are fun, but the ship combat is just to slow and RNG based.

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