World of Warships || WORLD record in DMG on ZAO

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Player: Andrej_D303
Ship: Zao
Map: Trap

User Description:
Zao 373k dmg, witherer, kraken, 2x devast. strike, confederate and high caliber of course 😀
Actual world record in dmg on zao, bit of skill lot of luck 🙂 ENJOY

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  1. 13:15 that Montana… T10 and knows nothing about the game…

  2. Statspadding HE spammer !xD

  3. God the Montana captain is salty. I have zero respect for any BB captain at
    T10 who loads HE however.

  4. Did that montana fire HE? At a cruiser? ……WHAT!!!

  5. The Tasty Sausage Biscuit

    God Zao AA is garbage. On DFAA and it still takes THAT long to kill 1
    spotter plane.

  6. Some people in chat……real life is so hard to accept. Nice play btw…

  7. that income shows how broken t10 economy is

  8. When you are good playing with retards is such a drag…..

  9. Русский нуб :)

  10. That Iowa at 12:09 came out of frickin nowhere, I nearly shat myself just

  11. I love how we cant see his base xp at the end XD

  12. What a game. Can’t believe his team lost, considering such a hard carry.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. BIA World of Warships

    Its almost like with these incredible games, which I’m taking nothing away
    from this one, have insane amounts of luck. Whether you want to define the
    Monty shooting HE and then turning away from the torpedoes as luck or as
    expected is subject to debate. Well played, obviously, but that was so hard
    to watch a Montana do that; you gotta think hundreds of games have been
    played to get to that point.

  14. fucking hell the dmg on that HE what a shame its a loss, had a similar
    scenario happen to me zz

  15. It amazes me how so many of these top-damage videos involve the star
    losing. It’s just staggering how bad their teams were while they were in
    hardest-carry mode.

  16. Montana doesn’t knows Zao got torpedoreloadboosters…pff NOOB

  17. Hides his base XP XD

  18. next time ask before publishing, replay thats not yours…

  19. I really hate Zao when playing high tier BBs but this is an excellent play,
    well played my friend,f@cking WOW you could get over 6k base XP if it was a
    win, what a carry and still a loss, but i m angry with the Montana captain,
    how did he played with a tier 10 BB and does not know the ship’s of the
    game, some people are unbelievable, still great game and
    sorry for my English

  20. Imagine the pain of getting your knackers caught in a panzer!

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