World of Warships – World Record Okhotnik Battle [200k Damage]

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MrDeaf sets the new world record for the Okhotnik in terms of damage, outputting just over 200k damage 😀 Enjoy!


  1. Last time I was this early

    this joke was still relevant….

  2. Here is a joke, in the army every time you lose your rifle, you pay $85. That why in the Navy the captain goes down with their ships.

  3. TY iChase for doing this video!

  4. *Nice* ?.

  5. go to gulag. – iChase 2017

  6. And he didn’t even farm the AFK Wyoming

  7. Gareth Fairclough

    Well played to that guy!

  8. Lol the Mutsuki dodged his torps…. into the torps of his own team’s Kuma

  9. Ringo Wunderlich

    Praised be the noobs, who make other players shine.

  10. Error 404 Rudder.WASD not found

  11. Furious Sherman

    At 9:15, usually it’s the German guy who says that they will be your shield (10 Internet points and a +1 to whomever gets that reference, especially if it’s iChase himself).

  12. “WASD key not found’ – I laughed

  13. Digital Numbers

    Am i the only one who thinks iChase sounds like Whis from DBS

  14. The enemy carriers were just following their fleet. That’s usually a smart move… except this game.

  15. “Sneaking up”… Um not really. Keeps shooting, doesn’t turn off AA.. Lucky game with a bunch of potato enemies. But still nice to see

  16. those clumped up BBs are the shimakazes wet dream

  17. Okhotnik = WoWs version of Tog2

  18. Good video but in reality he did well because the enemy team left there brains at the port screen.

  19. I have never not been upteired in this ship. :/

  20. Enemy Kuma Team killed mutsuki

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