World of warships – Worlds slowest most deadliest torps

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  1. That title name xD

  2. so?? who was the captain? mario or luigi?

  3. LOL!! nice torpedo drop you missed all six.

  4. yes the perth has torps

  5. Kitakami 2.0 sure looks different from what I imagined.

  6. May I ask you the name of the song at 3:50. And let Hans drive z ship more often. ?
    Pozdrav iz komšiluka samo nastavi… ☺

  7. is it me, or you are listetning to the same playlist over and over ?

  8. Flambass, I totally agree, fixed keys for consumables!! Not only that but at one ship you have AA, sonar and heal the next ship sonar,heal and then AA. pfff

  9. Going like the C cap like mongoloids…That was priceless!

  10. Robert Pettigrew

    I glad I am not the only one that the changing consumables location drives them mad 🙂

  11. WTF??? The Duca is WIP again????

  12. “Lemming like mongoloids”… LOL, thanks I needed that 🙂
    Agree about the buttons they should always be the same on all ships.

  13. Homing torps confirmed XD

  14. Left Omni?

  15. “Like Mongoloids” I freaking Laughed my ass off at that one, my GF in the other room thought I had lost it. Cheers from Bay Area USA

  16. i want a ship with perma Radar next :>

  17. Moron team spotted 😀

  18. is this a big DD or what?
    36 knots?

    • Nah, it’s just that these torps have huge range for cruiser and are so slow that nobody ever sees you firing them, they’re 51 knots speed

  19. Yo Flambass. Remember when i asked you if i should get the kidd or the loyang? Well i finally made my choice. I bought Farcry5 instead and bailed Wows. My best move ever. Can play in coop huge amount of fun and the best part: No fucking braindead teammates who manage to fuck up and to piss me off badly. I can only recomend. If you dont know which premium ship to buy dont buy any of them get Farcry5 😛 cheers

  20. 2:45: flammbass: “look at the minimap”,
    at the same time, me: look at the fushun trying to torp a DD 🙂

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