World of Warships- Worst Grind For Each Battleship Line

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Today I go over the worst ship to grind through in each of the BB lines. This is all my opinion of course

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  1. Maverick Pincay

    Colorado has in the slot 3 improvement of rank going up to 21km which already can compete with the tier 9. The speed there can not do anything but it is compensated with an excellent endurance of torpedoes.
    In my case I was better with the colorado vs the N carolina when climbing the branch.


  2. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Amagi removed* A-hull aka what the premium Ashitaka is (but in T8, with 32mm bow) – was by far the worst grind for IJN BBs, Izumo or removed* Stock Fuso with 13km range – does not even come close…

  3. I loved richy she alone got me to rank 10 this season. KGV was a fun ship i hated QE. I skipped izumo and hated nagato. Im only at Bismarck and i like tirpitz better and sharn way more then genni. Ive yet to grind American BBs

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      From Tier VII-IX on the German line each ship is just a bigger Gneis, with slightly more accurate guns lol

  4. Instead of giving us another tier 8 (Mass) they should have given us a faster tier 7 (one of the improved Pearl Harbor ships).

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