World of Warships – Worst ship EVER best result EVER

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I truly believe this is by far the worst ship in the game. I have never played bigger POS in my life.

HOWEVER in this ONE game EVER, I achieved the best result EVER which I don’t think will EVER repeat again xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Only, some of the most fun and crazy games I’ve had in WoWs is at low tiers. They’re criminally underrated.

    • I agree, I especially like the tier 3 battleships. They’re crap, but they’re cool. Nassau is cool because of the turret layout, and South Carolina is cool because it’s such a tiny battleship. The Kawachi is admittedly crap.

    • underrated by everyone, including WeeGee. I’m on the verge of coming back into game but saying eff you to missions/directives and play T4. Wyowing was cool.

    • Like back to back 2k base games in viribus unitis, both of which we only of my division, 9 guys with under 700 base in our team in both

    • only problem is that there are going to be a crap ton of cv players exploiting the shit AA

    • @Magister R’yleth Lower tier ships as well are, generally speaking, also are from designs that saw service or at least were built. Kawachi for me is not only aesthetically pleasing but also cool as she is the only Japanese dreadnought-type battleship to serve in WWI. Along with that, Kawachi saw a catastrophic end when her magazines exploded in 1918 and she sank with the majority of her crew

  2. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    Last time I was this early, destroyers had citadels

  3. Really Terrible Gamer

    Oh God, Kawachi. Yep, that thing is an absolute turd!

  4. god i was playing a a tier 4 dd last night and the two carriers just focused me non stop it makes it very hard to learn dds at lower levels with two cv’s

    • T4 CV’s are harmless they’re kinda cute tbh

    • @Bradley Coles I just think lower tiers it should be 1 CV the guys just starting and learning it makes it a very hard learning curve and can easily put people off the game

    • @Anton Gebhardt no that aren’t, they r like all CV and will smash u way to easy

    • @Anton Gebhardt Not really, I find tier 4 CVs to be the only ones actually fun to play since tier 3 and 4 ships don’t have much in terms of AA and you get to fly around without much danger.

    • As a new CV player, I agree it is too much CV for t4 MM, they should restrict it to 1, 4CV MM is painful to any ships even t6 CV in t8 MM, they still toxic as hell as they can provide perma spot that ruin enemy positioning strategy.

      I am still learning how to play CV at t4-t6, so kinda pity those who suffer these toxic double CV MM

  5. Back in the day, Kawachi was my first BB. I don’t remember it being this bad, but I was much worse, ships were much worse, and opponents were much worse.

  6. Why do some of the shells have a weird texture on them?

  7. Don’t diss the wee Mikasa. It’s a secondary beast

  8. 3:54 Hope the pilot gets scared, I dunno

  9. Imagine the secondary ranges with double-skills!

  10. still crazy how this ship doesn’t get buffed… by far one of the worst ships in the game.

  11. “why do we have to ooly face russian BB’s?” dude, vengence for Tsushima!

    • The salt runs deep within those wounds xD

    • For historical accuracy, the Kawachi and Mikasa should get a major accuracy buff when shooting at Russians, and Russian ships at low tiers (corresponding to pre-dreadnought era) should get major accuracy nerfs overall, similar to what the Kawachi has now. Also, low-tier Russians should get phantom Japanese torpedoboats which turn you pink if you actually shoot them.

    • why that was a mercy killing

  12. Actually, Mikasa is quite fun and great secondaries, as long as u put a 19pts captain and full secondaries spec, ofc.
    Kawachi probably worst, not by a lot, but still.

    GG 👍

  13. 1337 Base XP. Thats a statement

  14. Umbrella With no videos or content?!?!

    I tried playing Kawachi, and I remember deliberately sending the ship into the enemy team because I hated it so much.

  15. MobileGaming INC.

    I literally started grinding this line today, and yes this ship is absolute trash

  16. 09:52. Worst? I say the tier 5 Genova tips the scale. Do a video on that and you will scream more.

  17. well, at least you can’t be accused of seal clubbing while sailing Kawachi…

  18. The bots are crap. Meanwhile, the real players are sailing into each other, into islands, and the real carrier stumbles into sight… Oh my.

  19. Oh hey that’s me talking about my Kawachi stats at 11 minutes, lol

  20. Well, If this was like 2 years ago, Pre-buff Myogi had to of been the worst ship

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