World of Warships – Worst team I ever had returns xD

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I don’t really intend to make a series of this but this game was so crazy this team was so bad that I thought to myself “ahhh what the hell xD”.
Enjoy have fun watching 😉


  1. WOWS Ancestors. Bunch of apes randomly hit keyboard trying to evolve game playing neurons.

  2. …I can relate to this because this is me WHENEVER I go in Emerald

    • Emerald isn’t good, but it isn’t that bad either. I have a solo warrior in a T7 match with an Emerald. With the heal, it can be played like a pocket battleship in T5 and T6 matches. Just don’t try to tank BBs with it.

  3. We need more German phrases. “Hat der sie noch alle?” – “Was soll der Scheiß?!” You’re helping people learn German as a second language here.

    Also for the record I’ve always liked Emerald. She may not be good but she’s plucky.

  4. Yesterday i got 2 games in a row with potato teams even worst than this one, in one game we only killed 2 ships (i was in a CV and they won with points)

  5. When you see 3 your destroyers dead inside the first 3 minutes you know MM screwed you.

  6. Welcome to Mid tier games lol. I still think its better than fighting Smolensk in tier 8 BB’s

  7. That whole sequence with the Furutaka and Kongo needed the Benny Hill theme song.

  8. Flambass: “Worst team I ever had”
    Me: “Just another day of world of warship”

  9. Eeeeh normal battle. I have same all the Time 🙂

  10. How the hell do 3 DDs die in the first 3 minutes of a standard battle? It’s an old story.

  11. For the love of God, use the single fire torps… That Kongo would’ve died… ?

  12. Just a regular day in WOWs for me. Factor in consistently bad rng and you have the reason I stopped buying ships over a year ago.

  13. Kongou hit by torpedoes
    “No problem desu” “Maybe”

  14. Yes. It’s the team. Not RNG. Not one bit. Welcome to gameplay like it is for the most of us…

  15. Flambass: “Worst team I ever had”
    Me: *Checks to make sure I wasn’t on it*

  16. I’m really enjoying the low tier games you’ve been playing lately.

  17. It’s like that in world of tanks and war thunder.

  18. “WSC” in the upper corner. Worst Ship Currently?

  19. das ist gut, first second an you say fa@#k better with slang, tks for sharing always love ya work

  20. NEVER is the opposition team good, teammates are always the problem.

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