World of Warships – Wow this DD is not bad at all

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This is one of those DDs that I just never play, but it was requested on stream so I decided to give it a go and it really surprised me. I was able to pull of all sorts of things with this DD. Leningrad is not bad, not bad at all dudes.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Watching this also with a cat on my torso while lying in bed 👌

  2. Im having a go at guessing what the kagero was thinking: “lenningrad is the last enemy dd, and because i is so rare to see in battle it cant be that good. If i spot it and get it killed, then they have no more dds and we win.”
    Just a guess thou.
    Thanks for the content you put out and keep up the good work flambino.
    Also your cat is adorable

  3. 6:10 Is my dad when I explain my life choices

  4. Flambass: looks down at crouch, smiles, takes picture

  5. Is he texting while sailing? That’s illegal in some states.

  6. That pic of your master sleeping in your lap reminds me of my departed kitty. When watching TV on my couch I have a habit of sitting on my left hip and leg and my departed kitty would jump up and rest herself atop my right knee.

  7. Cats love warmth, my dude.

    When I was small my cat used to sleep on top me. He almost covered my whole body. Usually I was curled up with him on top of me. <3

  8. Flambass: Takes picture of crotch area

    *Oh this is the ultimate one*

  9. Heh, yep, it’s a good DD, I got it a week or so back and I’ve played it every session since pretty much.

  10. So 45kts without speed boost, that seems to be the way these days

  11. I used the Leningrad last ranked season with kuznetzov ran a 75%WR it’s a dd bully and can deal take down radar CLs at range very good ship still!

  12. New drinking game. Take a drink whenever Flambass picks his nose. you’ll be hammered by the end of the video.

  13. what are you doing?! (to the kagero)
    He was probably betting on that terrible turret rotation and you not repositioning in your smoke

  14. i got this DD through combat mission that I got after I stopped playing the game for a year. It is one of my favourite ship in the game and is always underestimated; especially the punishing AP, literally farming citadel with it.

  15. Gotta love the Gneisenau with 464 games freaking out in chat, torping a friendly player and telling Flamb how to play. This is the quality of new players the game is getting and a reason its going downhill. We desperately need a skill based MM.

  16. leningrad is the best ship I got. And in a Christmas Crate back then too. I think I bought like 10? And got Nuevlo and Leningrad. Great DD
    And *Z O O M I N G* fast 😀

  17. 17:00 dead guy questioning Flambass’s decision to stay in smoke while on 1529 HP and a CV is circulating the smoke.
    Some people are just wow.

  18. jeah its ok with a full 19point captain and the optimal settings and equipments and modules,but gunboats like this are hopeless outdated and outmached in the game verry long time ago,because no tools like hydro radar or quick gunreload or torpreload booster….,and gunrange is also not enough and no real chance to dodge incomming shots in this unflexible not turning cruiserlevel sized dd.
    gunboat with mega slow battleship turrets LOOOOL what a fucking joke from wg!
    Look at that,5 shots made at 5.5km range enemy hugh battleship,and max 1 hit everytime!
    This fucking guns cant hit anything over 5km range!
    97% of all shots made cant hit SHIT in this nerved dd!!!

  19. I was drunk and ran into a smoke screen thinking it was a friendly and it turned out to be enemy. Had a brown undies moment and managed to kill them both and got a double strike. Maybe the dude had a few beers and didn’t have such luck

  20. just discovered this game a few days ago. new fave.

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