World of warships – WTF

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  1. Numero Uno! G’day! Love your videos.

  2. This is nightmarish.

  3. all balanced bros, WG says so

  4. I feel your pain

  5. After last patch i noticed rng on bbs became crazy, didn’t say anything
    Later that night my clanmates were having rng issues specially with daily yamato-lover who out of the blue said “what is wrong with rng”
    Is it a stealth rng nerf♿.?

  6. Yeah Weekend play (:

  7. you should execute Hans … now he’s taking control of teams …

  8. On some level I wish that if there wasn’t any carrier players in the cue then each team automatically received a bot CV of “mid-tier” (i.e a tier 6 CV in a tier 7 game etc).
    I also wish secondaries were overall a bit more powerful, giving BB’s more of an incentive to go in closer to caps, withot them having to go all-out as a secondary build for it to be a relevant option. Thoughts?

  9. I think we all have been there….Lube up bro….

  10. It is quite frequent on this map. BB spawn in the middle, DD and light cruisers rush to the sides at max speed and suicide. Even in standard game, as we could see 😉

  11. Random Video Generator

    You merely adopted the bad RNG, i was born with it, molded by it, in fact, i still dont have good RNG fml *cries in corner*

  12. That’s a normal game for me ! haha

  13. That was a good advice for new players.

  14. This is probably 80% of the game you get playing on SEA. WG needs to implement some sort of skill-based matchmaking system…

    • How would that save you? If you have average stats then you’ll get in games with plebs and if you have above average stats you’ll be in the queue for 30mins between each game because numbers.

    • Have you ever played League of Legends? Yes the wait time for Masters is definitely long but the gaming experience is better. When you have potatoes playing with superunicums… no one is enjoying the game. It’s literally a lose-lose proposition. Look at all the big popular competitive games like CSGO and LoL, they all have a skill-based matchmaking system… and there is good reason for that!

  15. look at this BB-Kevin..goddamn Flambas..that whas VERY speshul!! 😀 😉

  16. Kudos for sharing this game with us. I’m sure you’d rather forget it ever happened. In a strange kind of way it has helped me to know that this kind of thing can happen to the best of the best and not just me. 😀 Had a couple of games like this yesterday. Could I have done better? Absolutely. Was my team useless? Definitely. Did RNG screw me over? Oh yes.

  17. Proof that skills are nothing without team !

    • Looking at this replay yes, but usually at least I get to do something and sometimes you get a monster carry. This time I was just consumed by what was going on and bad RNG combined + enemy team pushing in like crazy. All the bad factors for me/my team combined lead to a game like this, but let’s be honest it’s not like I have games like this very often. Games where I have a bad team yeah, but games where we lose 0:10 and I didn’t get to do ANYTHING myself…..dejm

    • Agreed ! but lets be honest with this team a monster carry probably wont change the story. I had a couple of bad games like that… It’s very boring !

  18. this kind of games occure way to often… it shows the MM is clearly broken… these games are completely demotivating… I don’t know what WG think they accomplish by supporting this kind of MM… but it’s stupid

  19. I’m glad you showed this. At least it doesn’t just happen to me.

  20. Like 80% of the teams i get are like this…

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