World of Warships – WTF?

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I think the title of todays’ video sums up the content precisely. Watch and you’ll understand why.

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  1. I won’t even question what happened that game, sometimes you just got to have bit of luck with how the bots do, especially coming from a blitz player perspective

  2. That’s awesome! “Sail in straight lines much?” Then sails into Mogami’s torps….

  3. Do you have any footage of these historical battles that you all created? sounds cool

    • Just getting in on this comment chain, as I remember playing in a couple myself and would quite like to watch them if so
      Fond memories of managing to kill Rita in a Tiger with my M3 Lee

    • Youtube search box is your friend. Look up “World of Tanks Historic Battle Event” and you should find recordings on various channels of many of them. These are very, very old events, so videos from 9 to 10 years ago is what you are after. Example:
      Don’t ask me to find one where Jingles took part, cause that would just take too long.

    • @Hot Skunk Action I remember one of those battles. People were bitching about taking down a KT and I was like “You have to flank it!” That wasn’t particularly fun.

  4. I demand the renegociation of Akizuki’s contract. His color commentaries are informed, sharp and witty ! And he knows his ship’s name.

  5. In some ways, I find bots to be tougher than a lot of players. They constantly change course and speed, to the point that I often just try to point blank them with torpedoes. Also, they might not be very tactical, but they will run you down while using every consumable they have; they don’t really give you an option to slow-play them.

  6. It was nice of the enemy team to sail in unwavering, straight lines for him to shoot at!😂

  7. Just think what this mode would be like with the operations AI and not the Co-Op one 😀 Quite a few red faces in the ‘player’ team.

  8. The PvE mode in WoWS has great potential for reenacting historical battles. I really hope WG would utilize it more.

  9. The only one that actually tried was the Lyon. The rest just thought “This is going to be easy” hence the result. Never underestimate your opponents… . . Or opponent in this case..

    • Any significance to your user image?
      I ask because I’ve been in the fire alarm industry for 30+ years.

    • I’ve seen numerous WoT matches where one team out-classed the other so badly that the superior team threw caution into the wind and everyone charged forward wanting to hog as much damage as they could, and they’d — lose.

    • Also never underestimate your own stupidity..

    • I would say opponents, the two destroyers especially were impressively tactical, pressuring the Mainz, capping C and then supporting Tom in the final engagement, drawing some modicum of fire and forcing the other ships to evade torpedoes.

      As soon as you underestimate an opponent to that degree, you’re destined to die. XCOM proves that well, even if you have a 95% chance to hit, 19 times out of 20, you’ll hit, so once out of every 20 “guaranteed” shots will miss, and that could spell doom for somebody else.

  10. I love how bots always seem dumb but when they see a low health ship or even one that has full hp but is stupidly close they immediately turn into piranhas.

  11. I played the assimetrical batlles yesterday and stopped after 2 events. The top tiers get so many bots that it is a very onesided match and no fun really. So this guy really pulled of a feat. Well done TomCyrex. Very well done.

  12. gurk_the_magnificent

    The best Jingles videos always start with “and then I read one more email”

  13. Loved both of these, thank you for sending then in both players. As our noble leader has said many times ” if you can’t take a joke you should not have joined” best laugh I have had in days

  14. SoundAce and OneDrunkenSailor are the kind of people I like to see in WoW. Sense of humor, good sports, non-toxic. That’s always a breath of fresh air.

  15. Love it! Have never seen anything as bizarre as that second game, and to come away with a 300k damage win was just outstanding! As you said, most of the enemy team just zoned out thinking it was going to be easy.. oops!

  16. I’m loving this game mode. Especially against bots because it is a great credit farmer. Tom got a mil credits without flags. I’ve gotten 1.5 mil on average each game.
    Also, the free exp and capt points are through the roof right now. Until, WG changes it like last time.

    Edit: That did not take long, asymmetric will be disabled for the weekend while WG fixes the bot problem.

  17. Reminds me of “Sir, we are surrounded!” “Good, now we can attack in any direction!”

  18. Correct, events like this would never work in World of Tanks. The reason is often RNG and Wargaming’s bad designs. The higher tier the tank is, the more likely it is that the tank has inpenetrable armour and steep angles. Then lower tiers can only deal damage when they use gold ammo, and even then it’s just RNG. There used to be a time, like in War Thunder, where tanks had weak spots. They barely exist now. A tier 4 that shoots at a tier 8 will end one way: ricochets. A tier 8 that shoots a tier 4 will end one way: one shot kill.

    • If it was just armour it wouldn’t be as much of a problem, because with a numbers advantage it’s much easier to flank opponents. The real problem is the map design and the fact there are so many top-tier tanks that are waaaaay faster than they have any right to be. Like, it doesn’t matter if we can’t penetrate somethings front so long as we can out run and out manoeuvre it. In WoT, though, you’d get trapped in a corridor with a tank that’s twice your weight and just as fast (if not faster) so there’s not a lot to be done.

  19. The bots may be bad strategy wise, but since the devs are not smart enough to program intelligence into them they have instead added cheating into them. The bots can see the entire map at all times, so you cannot sneak up on one (yes i have a replay that proves this). Also if bots need to kill you to stop you from launching a key set of torps or something, they’ll get you just in time. Bots will 95% of the time cause a fire with first hit on your DD, even if the shell hits the water next to it. Lots of really strange things happen, which do not against people.

  20. “And Tom’s team, because they’re all tier 10” –> [And suddenly the Kitakaze is tier 10]
    Never change, Jingles!

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