World of Warships- WTF Are These Changes?!?! “Air Defense” Mechanics

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Hey guys! Today we go over a DevBlog with one hell of a new mechanic. Enjoy!


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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Huh, these changes, while somewhat.. odd, do sound like they’re actually gonna be a good addition, and introduces some kind of actual AA counterplay. Obviously we’ll have to see how this works in game and what the numbers are like, but I like the concept, and I’m happy to see WG actually introducing something meaningful to buff AA.

  2. The Mysterious Guy

    I feel like this will increase the survivability of submarines somewhat because its one or the other, either its anti cv or anti sub. I also wonder what happens if a cv is in the middle of an attack run and all of a sudden they just cant see anything.

    • I very much doubt that. I think any time the enemy get a sniff of a sub’s position, they’re still gonna make it rain depth bombs.

    • Correct. The idea is that the air strike consumable does something while ship is Not Spotted. If the ship is already spotted by a sub, cv spotting him is irrelevant.

  3. This all sounds great. What it will do is distract players from the main role of those airstrikes. They will likely attack subs a lot less. A buff for subs by stealth.

    • I doubt it. People hate subs, they’re still gonna make it rain depth bombs anytime one gets spotted. Same as how people will always shoot at a spotted DD.

  4. This is something where I think it will all make more sense once we start seeing it in testing, and seeing how it will evolve during testing will be interesting

  5. WG could just remove plane spotting. *Or* make it the same as submarine surface sonar spotting where teammates only get delayed position reports of surface ships. But no, now you have to choose between fighting the sub or fighting the CV. And it’s not like they’re adding more planes and subs into the game.

    • What makes it different from before, would you like to *not* have a choice and only use them as anti sub that is almost entirely useless when there are no enemy subs?

  6. Radar still sees through islands but hydro can’t see subs through water that’s some dense water

    • @PreceptorGrant Thank you but I dont really need the explanation and have know what thermoclines are for about 30 years 🙂 What amuses me in WoWs is that hydro has a duration, behaves like active, has charges but especially is only present on a few ships when in reality you could put hydrophones on any ship bigger than a rubber boat (towed array).
      Look at the size of a sonobuoy today…

    • ​@BigData 2 is not reality argument, is about making sense, is for the player to easily understand how the thing work, WG have a fetish for making thing needlessly convoluted and obscure.

    • @BigData 2 but they can detect through island’s got it 👍

    • @Herr Haber Oh, totally, durations and cooldowns on hydro and radar make zero sense when compared to reality.

      I apologise for the excessive explanation, I misinterpreted how much you knew based on your question.

    • 我要吃譚担面🐎🤍

      Imagine having a large microphone under water now you are listening it through your razor headphone find a sub.

  7. I’ll like too see a return of rear gunners on certain attack/bombers aircraft so fighters don’t wipe squadrons.

  8. Actually it sort of makes sense, if you think if your Catalina’s as scout as well as ASW then they are scouting out the enemy squadrons and the enemyu squadron loses spotting because they are too busy dealing with the scout (trying to evade etc). And the more efective AA is becausae the AA crews hae better info about where the eemy aircraft will appear and maybe better range and altitude info. It sort of makes sense.

    • Not really, AA was incredibly effective during this period in reality and didn’t need help from a ‘spotting plane’ as gun directors were rather good. A squadron of 5 zeros wouldn’t get close to Missouri for example, but WG aren’t looking at historical accuracy here. Also, a flight of zeros are not going to be bothered by a Catalina, if anything they’ll turn round briefly and kill it before moving on. So nothing about this is realistic, but it could be good for gameplay!

  9. I’m confused… since when did the ASW planes and Air strike planes provide spotting? I mean yeah they trigger your AA and the animation of your gun fire can give the enemy a rough estimate of where you are but they never to my memory actually spotted you.

    • You are correct. Airstrikes don’t spot. But that’s not what they’re talking about. This is saying that you can use airstrike planes in patrol mode as an alternate, and when they start chasing CV attack squads, it’s the CV attack squad that lose their ability to spot whilst being chased.

  10. Huh??? I like the concept of an ASW aircraft patrolling a sector along a subs estimated course and attack when detected. Worked for me in the real world with the P3 and S3

  11. They should just change the airplane spotting mechanic so it works like spotting does in a cyclone. Ships you spot with your planes will show up on the mini map, but they will not show up on the hud of Allied ships.

  12. Just make planes spotting minimap only.
    The changes being tested seem decent but probably are too strong vs cvs. So they are unlikely to ever make it into the actual game.

  13. Sea Lord Mountbatten
  14. I dont think the alt will be a catalina, it’ll probably just look like any other patrol fighter. I like the sound of the changes coming, CVs have had a leg up on everyone for too long, its time they had a bit of suffering

  15. Seems like the AA ideas are still in a bit of flux. If they could add some skill to AA defense so you don’t feel like your just a helpless target would be nice.

  16. The stealthy ships don’t usually have air strike. A bb usually isn’t as concerned about spotting as a dd. Now if this is that we can target with the fighter consumable I would like it.

  17. Might make more sense if the attack planes couldn’t spot FOR OTHER PEOPLE. As-is, it reads that if you’re tracked by ASW planes, you can’t even spot targets for yourself. I could see them maybe blocking reporting in, but preventing you from looking down?

  18. To be clear you can already use your ASW squads to tag fighters if anyone didnt know this.

  19. As a CV player this will result in pure CV battles at the start of the match. After one of the CVs kills the other CV, the CV which is still alive will start to harras the enemy ships.

  20. So, maybe those Catalinas are like the super B-52s from the Old Dog series of technothrillers by Dale Brown…up-gunned (somehow) with things like air-to-air missiles and the like. “Bob, set the rockets to the thermobaric warheads, please, we’re goin’ in!”

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