World of Warships – WTF IS THAT THING MADE OF???!!!

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AL Montpelier is one badass version of Cleveland, however it’s nemesis from tier 6 still remembers where this used to belong and it arose to fight it one last time.
A super intense match to the end.
Enjoy and have fun watching 🙂


  1. Thank you Flambass for the entertainment that you have bestowed upon us potatoes.

  2. Yeah Fuso has some of the most troll armor in the game, other battleships are basically the only things that can damage it (besides carriers, obviously)

  3. So, wait, a US ship, with a japanese commander, and the name of an US city named after a French one…

  4. Bartosz Rozlach

    Tier 8 american cruiser with aa buff cannot take down even one same tier plane in hour of need. Balance

    • +Bartosz Rozlach How can i put this… AA is meant to chip away at the planes HP not drop a nuke on them, the longer they stay inside the bubble, the more damage they will take and eventually get shot down. When a planes get shot down, it’s not replaced immediatly, there’S a slight delay, when the plane is replaced, that the aim is thrown off a little. but it’s not as bad as when moving to adjust the course to line up or avoid flak. soo the CV player usually have a choice to make, does he sacrifice accuracy or plane HP.

      In this last strike, the planes spent most of there time in the Long range AA, which was at 100%, but you can see the CV trying to manoeuver to avoid the flak (Long AA flak is not completly avoidable btw, yes, the puff deals HUGE hamage, but even if you manage to dodge all of them, your planes will still get damaged).. even there, he still takes some hits, as you see the numbers racks up. then he enters the mid range AA, which was already at 90.. soo most of the damage made to planes were made by his lowest AA value, from which the CV probably speed up to try to clear the zone and reach the striking zone. bladeclanhalo3 is right. if Flambass would have survived, you would have seen those planes starts to drop like flies.

      @bigangryscotsman Wishing a no dmg ship is just plain stupid (not you, just the idea of the concept).. It’s easy to wish that for everyship type, but seems to happends more frequently on the losing team as ppl start blaming CV for apparently being OP, which isint the case once you learn how to outplay them (I’ve had games where i just couldnt hit DDs or do minimal damage (600-1000 damage) cause they just keep juking, BB that manage to dodge all but 1-2 torps, from a triple Midway drop (that’s 18 torps), Those players, i usually compliment (and i usually spend all of my daily compliment) as they learn from ther past experience and it makes the game fun for everyone again.

      Then again, i also came across those other players that just “wish” CV removed.. cause they want to keep sailing in straight lines, or are to busy to check the minimap to check the direction planes are coming.

      AA is a powerful deterrent, when used properly. Would you sail alone in a pack of enemy BBs in a L.CA? I guess not. Planes tend to fear clustered ships. Solo ships tend to be easier target.. most of the time..

    • Bartosz Rozlach

      +HnKMephisto tl dr

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      bladeclanhalo3 and yet the rest of the team, that spent no time near me because they were all huddled in a ball letting the enemy take all the caps, shot down another almost 40 planes combined. He was definitely able to attack other ships and wasn’t just focusing on me.
      Yes I know a good part of his efforts went to trying to attack me, but it’s extremely annoying when I spent most of the battle trying to dodge and kill planes and couldn’t spend a lot of time shooting at enemy ships.

      I’ve seen screenshots of clan mates running full aa builds on Worcester and Mino against a single t8 carrier, and they can’t even prevent the planes from getting through almost completely unscathed and chunking them down. One of them (in a division with me, running an aa spec mino) shot down a grand total of 18 stock t8 planes, and most of his damage taken came from aircraft.

    • +bladeclanhalo3 Are you honestly trying the realism argument?
      You want realism? 2-3 BB AP shells would destroy any cruiser.
      1 BB AP shell sinks any destroyer.
      Cruisers’s AA would shred planes a lot more than it does.
      Torpedoes didn’t have nearly as much range as they do in game.
      Carriers carried limited amount of planes, and they wouldn’t regenerate planes.
      Damaged planes didn’t suddenly auto-fix when they land on the deck.

      This is an arcade game, not a reality simulator. In its current state, it’s broken towards carriers where you are guaranteed to take damage regardless of what you are or what you do. Sling-drops are a thing, they are used to effectively drop AA ships with impunity. AP bombs shove off 20-30k from 2 tiers higher battleships with no way of fighting back.

      When you have an arcade game, and you have one class of ships that cannot be fought against (AA was nerfed and grouped AA isn’t nearly as effective) then you have a broken game. Especially since there is a high chance of having 4 CVs per game. I stopped playing because of CV Rework, as many many others did. Pull your head out of your ass and just admit how those things are broken.

      I sailed my Iowa is almost fully AA built, enemy Lexington focused me for 8 minutes, he alone did over 2/3 of the damage I took and I took a lot that game. You know why he didn’t sink me? Because the game ended before he sent more planes despite me taking down 50 of his planes. And guess what, 50 planes taken down AFTER dropping their payload is just as useful as taking down nothing given they keep regenerating infinitely.

    • +SpartiuS94 you do realise game units are compressed

  5. you should stick with HE, maybe you got fuso on fire

  6. That’s kuudere for you Flambass, hence why she’s so calm.

  7. Yeah the Fuso is one tough nut to crack with HE, only things that can really damage it is BB AP when it’s broadside, otherwise good luck.

  8. Most of her lines are basically praising her big sister Cleveland for being badass, she’s not necessarily old she’s just a pretty serious girl

  9. Its made from Nevergivupium.

  10. HE is bad on Fuso due to little to none superstructure. AP is ineffective because you know it’s a battleship with layers of armors. Your best bet is to shoot at the front of the ship that juicy part when the fuso turns broadside.

  11. I’m so glad to get Montpelier from only opening 1 Azur Lane container lol

  12. Fuso is made of anti-Flambass steel.

  13. The radar range is a bug and will be fixed to 9km along with Wichita. Montpelier also has better sigma. So the only difference between clev and Mont is a few hundred health, half a second slower reload and better sigma

  14. BestViewedWithCable

    @Flambass please do a video with Jingles as the captain whenever he comes out.

  15. why would you ap on that fuso? 152 AP would bounce or shatter everywhere except superstructure. with fast reload I would just HE him down for safe damage.

  16. its made of realism….. 6 inch guns doing zero damage to a ship designed to survive hits from 14 inch guns…. who would have thought. not to mention you were aiming too high for several volleys.

  17. Glorious nippon steel folded ten thousand times bounce all weak American shell Gaijin go home

  18. Little known fact, Fuso is made from highly compressed Toyota Corollas.

  19. Great game flamingo! You didn’t win but I was on the edge of my seat!

  20. you should know by now USN 152mm AP not good vs BBs

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