World of Warships- WTF Is This?? This Makes NO SENSE! Pan-American Cruisers

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Hello guys, today we go over the recent DevBlog about South American Light Cruisers, and yeah…..yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.


SA Players Proposition:

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Video Intro
0:49 Pan-American Cruisers
1:55 Hercules
2:31 Almirante Barroso
3:40 Vincente Guerrero
4:37 Cordoba
5:10 La Argentina
6:09 Almirante Cochrane
7:16 Coronel Bolognesi
8:01 Ignacio Allende
9:49 Santander
10:39 San Martin
11:27 The Problems
14:51 SA Playerbase Already Designed A SA CL Line
16:03 My Thoughts


  1. The community: Gave suggestions for Pan-American line since 2 years ago with through out research….
    WG: So…* Control+C
    New WG’s uses of words : “We assume….”

  2. I’m glad you also brought this up. The more content creators that pile the pressure on the better. This is utterly stupid and lazy from WG and how they totally ignored the work presented by the South American players is beyond me.

    • Proactive Omnipresent Vessel

      They had everything they wanted for a Latin American cruiser line handed to them on a complete gold platter 2 years ago and they pull this

    • @Proactive Omnipresent Vessel Yeah. I mean I’m kind of used to WG’s paper models having played tanks for 10 years prior to shifting to ships, but this is just down right stupid when they’ve had all the work done for them in advance.

  3. “You know, Brazil COULD have bought a imperial class star destroyer.” The ‘What if?” line! Can you do a Reveiw of HMAS Perth with the release of Brisbane (pronounced BrisBin). Awesome vid and gamepl;ay!

  4. One small correction is that the proposal was done and sent to wargaming 2+ years ago. Apparently the community managers reached out to them and commissioned them (without payment but with things like NDA’s and the like) to create a proposal for what designs would be possible. As far as I could read, they didn’t have any issues with wargaming taking that proposal and doing whatever they wanted with the ships playstyles or stats as long as the designs themselves were in the game.

  5. I’m waiting for the heavies. If (in real life) I had an Atlantico I’d remove the 9.2’s, replace them with twin 5/38 dp mounts and use the spare 9.2’s to arm a couple of heavy cruisers. Possibly convert a couple of Cleveland hulls by replacing the triple 6″ with twin 9.2″ but leave the rest of the ship the same. It would make an interesting pair of heavy cruisers and the Atlantico would have an awesome AA defense. Then WG could put out two ships. An Atlantico with the new AA and a tier 9 CA with 8 9.2″ guns. lol

  6. Ángel Huamán Araujo

    I would understand so many paper ships and what ifs if it was the Pan American Battleship line, for real historical ships we have material just until tier VI and VII maximum. But come on, between Latin American countries we had a considerable variety of cruisers.
    As a Peruvian myself, I’m glad to see Coronel Bolognesi for it was a real historical ship, but I would find it more suitable in tier VI, because, ok it’s technically of the same class as Fiji, but it’s from a different subclass with three turrets instead of four. Indeed, Coronel Bolognesi is closer to Commonwealth premium tier VI cruiser Mysore rather than to Fiji, so in my opinion makes more sense in tier VI rather than VII.
    Additionally, for a tier V I find more suitable Chilean cruiser Almirante Latorre (a Swedish Tre Kronor class cruiser – historical ship btw – which firepower is almost the same as tier V Dutch cruiser Celebes) also there were plenty of Brooklyn class cruisers for tier VII and for tier VIII they could use Peruvian cruiser Almirante Grau (the last gun cruiser in service in any navy of the world and sister ship to tier VIII premium Dutch cruiser De Zeven Provincien) anyway, I did’t expect anything from WG and still they disappoint me

  7. For the last couple of years, at least, WG has been trying different methods of screwing up the game. On the bright side I think it is a program to keep the game from being addictive so people can leave and do more productive things with their lives.

  8. Flamu did a video on this subject, it’s interesting and funny as he reads through the ships. It seems to be a “What If” line of ships in the majority. It’s all Bolognesi (get it, i made a joke)

  9. 名誉Emp the Sane Maniac名誉

    Visually I actually like the T8 to T10 so I couldnt care less. We all knew that they wouldn’t take that community made line anyway. This game got bigger problems than this cruiser line tbh.

  10. The tier three has to be the peak of modern wargaming. Taking a real steel historical ship and giving it to a random nation on the whole other side of the world. Its like giving Greece the USS Brooklyn because, hey they did buy ships from America at one point. (Ironically Brooklyn herself would fit better in this tech tree than the majority of ships here, considering she spent quite a few decades serving in the Chilean navy)

    • Oh, boy… We probably get soon Pan European cruiser line with filled with American and British designs under Danish, Norwegian and Swedish Navies…. “We assume this could have been very viable scennario for these nations…” Then you would have single Russian desing ship to mess the line middle of there in T7 / t8 and given to Finnish navy… 😀 “we assume this totally would have been possibility”

  11. I feel this line should have been a second Pan American line. The import line while the originally proposed line is the homegrown line.

  12. After reading the title, I was ready to defend the addition of another Brooklyn class cruiser to the game (hoping it would be one of the Chilean cruisers), but htis is quite dissapointing.
    Chile had three cruisers during this period, two Brooklyn class and one – perhaps the most interesting choice – Tre Kronor class. On the other hand, of the 5 ships which have been named after Admiral Cochrane, 4 were built in the UK (2 were built for Chile, 2 were ex Royal Navy) and one was a former US navy. The Chilean Navy has had much closre ties with the Royal Navy and the US navy (after WW2). There is even some german influence (after the prussianization of the military in the late 19th centrury), although no german ships were bought.

    But an Italian ship? That makes as much sense as having a Japanese ship
    Scratch that, the Chile and Japan share the same ocean at least.

  13. Why oh why wasn’t the first Pan American line BB’s? There’s actually quite a lot of real BB plans from South America for them to work with.

  14. They should have named the tier 6 after Zephrym Cocrane, the guy from Star Trek that invented warp drive. Would have had about the same basis in reality.

  15. Sounds like WEEGEE looked at their existing inventory of ships and decided which ones could be quickly modified for a South American line. Historical context was never an issue. Sort of like Russian CV’s

  16. When I see this new of Pan-American line and explications for the tier lX and X, I hope we could one day have a Swiss line full of boats that Italy, French and Germany could design and sell to Switzerland for defend themselves against pirate before or after the two World war.

    What? You don’t trust the power of the fantasy?

  17. Well, allow me to say a few words.
    I’m a LATAM CC and I was present at the moment when former community manager ParceNautico reached us with the idea of creating a list of suggested cruiser we’d like to see in the game.
    The list you showed on the video was that proposal, but that proposal exists since 2018, it’s just that it was updated on 2021 and presented to ParceNautico at that time.
    You know what else happened on 2021? LittleWhiteMouse and CC exodus.
    Due that shitty show that project was cancelled and discarded.
    WG didn want to take people from outside the company to help them in the new upcoming line, so they came up with a list of ships that was the most far away from our proposal as possible, so we won’t say anything about they stealing our ideas.
    And that’s a mistake, my fellow latam CCs and researchers, me, and the whole LATAM community won’t care not even a little bit about credit on the line
    We never wanted to be the developers of WG we only wanted to see historical ships in the game, and WG took our efforts, and shitted on them just to not take part in another LWM shitshow.
    Me and my whole community are complety disappointed with WG.

    With that being said we are still happy to see WG paying attention to LATAM and taking us in count to make new ships, which is something we are very pleased about, only the way they did it was the problem, but the idea is something we are happy about.

    I’m about to make a thread in the forums telling the same i said here if you want to support us <3

  18. Broccan Mac Ronain

    It is funny that way back in the 70’s I was involved with a naval miniature game based on an event called SFBANG. Each of us was an island country in a world with navies based on real-world WW2 navies (Mine was based on the Russian Navy with yes several paper ships). There was a country that was run by the guy in charge of the game called the Misty Isles. They were basically (sorry Latin America) pirates that you could hire to assist your forces. And here is the point. Every ship the Misty Isles had were actual ships from Latin America. So even in the mid-70s without access to the internet, we had a Latin American Navy with actual ships from actual Latin American countries.

  19. 17:15 : A correction to your take on what happened with Agincourt. Yes, it was originally meant for Brazil, but they ran out of money while that ship was in the middle of construction, so the Ottoman Empire took over from Brazil. When WW1 broke out, the Ottoman Empire was an enemy of Britain, so of course the Brits refused to hand over a warship to a country they were currently at war with.

    • They weren’t enemies yet but they weren’t on the best terms and were not allies. The seizing of the the two Turkish ships by the RN was one of the reasons the Ottoman Empire declared war on Great Britain and joined the Central Powers.

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