World of Warships – WTF is this WG ???

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Petropavlovsk – the brand new bias straight from Russian factories.

Holy Jesus and sweet mother of God what the actual fuck did they create O.o

I did not know what to exactly expect when I went in with this ship because I was sick for a week and I didnR;t touch WoWS. I only heard it’s strong but this is ridiculous.

Russian navy is “finally” getting a cruiser that is regular size with decent concealment that somehow packs a punch as hard as Stalin himself.

Yeah this is exactly what we needed -.-

Enjoy and have fun watching xD

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  1. Exactly what we needed, like the other new Russian “light” cruiser…

    • @Enyalios Ares I know, but there is an upcoming new so called light cruiser that seems quite scary. I played a couple of battles in it and I’ll wait to see what flambass thinks about it when he will test it himself.

    • Ciprian Mihaila no. This is the heavy cruise line. A split branch much akin to the light cruisers of the Americans. Branching at tier 8

    • @Ciprian Mihaila technically the light cruiser is not replacing Moskva, this is. Moskva is heavy cruiser, so is this. Nevskiy is just taking moskvas place and if pavlovsk didn’t come out, moskva would br at it’s place.

    • this is the light cruiser you bunch of knuckle draggers.

    • @Enyalios Ares yeah I was about to say😂

  2. Ah yes the russian navy. I heard they sank the bismarck. Kekw

  3. Things that can’t reliably hit a Kremlin citadel: 18″ Thunderer, Ohio and Yamato shells. 16″ BB shells. 15″ BB shells. 230-240mm cruiser shells from all other nations.
    Things that can reliably hit a Kremlin citadel: STRONK RUSSIAN 220mm CRUISER SHELLS

    Ludicrous. They just can’t help themselves at this point, Russian shell performance buffed to ridiculous levels.

    • A red TARDIS, blasphemy! Exterminate!

    • @xatrag After several hundred games of Ohio, Thunderer, Yamato, GK, Monty etc. all I can say. You “can”, but far not reliable, even the 457 struggle at point blank with it. Krem has that pseudo Turtleback, overlapping. Petro can bypass it beneath due to that flat shells arcs and arm through that >400mm, but most BBs will struggle with that immensely despite the pen, rather hit the upper deck and overpen or shatter. That armor is stupid. “if they give me the same broadside they gave Flambass here” which should be Kremlins / soviets weak point, but unlike in US BBs, unlike Yama’s weak point, unlike GKs massive arming space or that space armor shit on french ships… it just doesn’t work reliable. And for sure the reason is not cuz we all are too bad to aim. I can dev strike a Thunderer in 15-20KM with a german BB (which is ridiculous in it’s own right) but Kremlin just trolls like Smol. There is a reason why the whole community call it broken. “angles seen here are fully possible for almost all BBs but the comq due to her poor ass AP.” but if you think AP is no option on a Conq, well then I guess I can’t do too much to get you out of your dream world. xD That Petro has 580mm!!! pen at that 7.5km mark with flat shell arcs… there is really no point to compare this again broken ship to BBs. I have tons of clips citadelling these or that, also Kremlins, but if I had clipped all Salvos that vanished, I could win every bet you take.


      Dear fucking lord, name me any (non russian) CA which can do this to Yamato. Petro is crazy.

    • these shells have better pen than German 381

    • Sure bruh .Republique so much pen at 10KM it can do it”sometimes”. Borgugne can do it. Kurfurst e eventually kills kremlin but the rest, KREMLIN shits on.:)

    • Ser Garlan Tyrell

      I want to know the Krupp and drag coefficient values they gave these shells. I hope someone can data-mine them soon as they’re probably 2x better than the normal value for other capitalist nations.

  4. At first I was like ok this seems fine a little a strong, and then he citadelled the Kremlin…

    • @Yashma Go and look at the spec again, and compare with other navy cruiser line. I think you haven’t seen the stat.
      Oh! Do tell Yoshino strength then??? It’s her Ap too., Bigger caliber and Yoshino shell is also very fast. But she can’t hit like this cruiser in the video.

    • @General Silincer Yah….the Petro has the most pen of any normal Tier 10 cruiser….that doesn’t make it over powered. And if you are playing the Yoshino over a Stalingrad or Puerto Rico for the AP…’re doing it wrong.

    • Manik Samaraweera

      @Yashma Dude, have you seen the pen of the Petro? It’s almost as good as 380mm armed battleships and it’s far better than the likes of Yoshino and Puerto Rico. Only Stalingrad’s AP is better than it. But Petro comes with other benefits over Stalin such as better concealment and maneuverability, as well as a faster reload. In fact, the only things keeping it in check are the mediocre HE and the wonky long range dispersion.

    • @Manik Samaraweera So…no overmatch, poor long range dispersion and garbage HE…how does that not balance the strong AP?

    • @Yashma “…and there is nothing inherently wrong with citadeling a broadside BB at close ranges.” Except a moment later it citadel a paperthin cl at close range. How many ships are going to citadel both the highest and low end of armor values at relatively the same range, same shell, with that rof n accuracy?

  5. AniBunny (Antoine S.)

    “You’re gonna overpen that?”
    Petro: “no”
    “God, have mercy!”
    Petro: “also no”

    • there is no god in communist russia, comrade 😀

    • Mr. EvilNoxianCandy

      @Th. K. Yes there is only STALIN xD

    • Russian bias and the PR debacle are exactly why I stopped giving money to WG and deleted my account.

    • Introduces balans ship. Everybody cries. Introduces new balans ship to balans balans. More people cry. Aaand now introduces balans ship to balans anti-balans ship.
      Member when Euro had a “How to Moskva” video where he said “the most overpowered guns put on a cruiser? That was before Stalin, before Kremlin (admit it, not a BB, its a super-superheavy cruiser), before Smolensk, and now…. THIS!

  6. it’s incredible how Tsushima is hurting the Russians so bad even after 115 years

    • Lol, you win. Well played.

    • @AWizard Lizard The Russian server is supposed to be their least profitable, though largest, playerbase.

    • How about for every game you play in a russian/soviet ship, you have to play another in the new premium “repair ship”, the Kamchatka.

    • @AWizard Lizard The weird thing is many of the russian ships are bad in the RU meta, because they brawl so heavily.

    • The Ugly Barnacle

      @ashesofempires04 This. In fact the Russian playerbase were actually madly pissed at Smolensk even though it was likely made by WG to appease and appeal to them.

  7. Let’s all just only play Russian ships from now on. I mean: why even bother with anything else?

    • Moskva is not going to go. Moskva is moved to armory for coal, that’s all. But yeah, i grinded my ass off from chapayev down to moskva, so now i have a free coal ship 😊

    • @HawkM1 the difference is russia actually HAD amazing tanks. Russia barely had a navy in ww2 and it certainly wasn’t better then any of the major powers in that war, italy included.

    • @jebes909090 Maybe they did but the amount of bias in Wot is retarded i cant count how many times you shoot the side of a Russian tank and bounce also the gun stats are a lie you can snap shot so much and get away with it compared to other nations. 430U with 340mm heat pen just melts everything there is no damm balance in the game oh and don’t get me started on the OP Obj 279 they added to the game.

    • Flipje NL Ah, I was unclear. I meant it’s going to go out of the tech tree. And it’s kinda fun and easy grind before the IFHE patch.

    • Frankly my Monty hits a Kremlin cit just fine. What really needs to happen is turret rotation buff for Yamoto to say no more than 45 secs to bring her in line with other BBs in game. After this wows should tell the player base to blow it out their ass.

  8. “World of Warships is a naval action MMO, dipping into the world of large-scale sea battles of the first half of the twentieth century” … in some parallel Soviet Universe

  9. 10:42
    My sides. I can’t stop laughing. We’ve reach speeds of *MAXIMUM BIAS* in World of Warships.

  10. Official WG verdict:

    Needs buff to its reload

  11. I have an idea for a balance update: Remove russian tech tree.

    • @Kazuto Fujiwara since there no way to balance a war game. Whoever thought it could be are all fools. So… To really balllance this game, is to introduce many broken ships, and then throw in a mecha Godzilla after.

    • @Mac J that is excatly what they are doing, however the Mecha Godzilla will be replaced with something from Russia.

    • The Ugly Barnacle

      Try balancing the playerbase first. The Kremlin and Venezia that flat-broadsided him at THAT range would’ve been summarily executed even if it was another ship such as the Montana.

    • How to balance the game… all armor overmatch mechanics are the same in World Of Tanks….

    • @The Ugly Barnacle lolololol, some guy in the forum long time ago back in the Shima days during molotov and buddy op long thread has said it’s has always been the players.

  12. Flambass: “This almost seems like a normal ship!”

    Flambass ~60s later: “OMG WTF HAVE THEY DONE?!?!”

  13. This week, in the continuing fantastic adventures of the imaginary Soviet Navy……

  14. Playerbase: “When will we get italian BBs ? There are also plenty of real ships left to join the game like the USS California.”

    WG: “Look what we have here for you. The glorious soviet Battleships, designed with better guns, better Armor and better AA to overpower inferior ships from other nations. But they turn a little badly.”

    Playerbase: “Okeey. But when will we get italian BBs and USS California ?”

    WG: “Here comes the famous Smolensk ! Designed without any flaws by the well renown soviet naval egineering.”


    WG: “We got what you ve been waiting for, the soviet Cruiser split ! Unlike inferior Cruisers from other Nations, they also can do what Battleships are able to. But they turn not that well.”

    Playerbase: “…bye”

    • @EinachserLS yeah, that is sad D:

    • Ser Garlan Tyrell

      British battlecrisers too.

      Also, if you want ships that aren’t just fantasy paper Russian wet dreams, but ships that were actually laid down… How about the G3 and N3 class?

    • @Ser Garlan Tyrell i mean, Most russian ships were laid down but never conpleted, or if they were completed they were conoleted after world war war 2. Kronshtad was laid down, Moskva was laid down, Stalingrad was laid down, Sovetsky Souyz was laid down, Kiev was laid down, etc.

    • @Waffle Snek and here I’m, still waiting for the IJN CL line, plenty of ships that actually existed

    • @Inner Arts me too, i actually want a IJN alternate cv line, cl line, and bb line

  15. Everybody used to joke, “battleship moskva”. WG goes, hold my vodka.

  16. From high command: send the file to rear admiral jingles for evaluation immediately 🙂

  17. players: “Petrosk too stronk! even sinks Kremlin and Smolensk”
    WG: “quick, nerf Petrosk AA-gun survivability!!”

  18. Russian Ships:
    DD: Basically cruisers
    “LIGHT” Cruiser: The only thing that can cit a Kremlin other than hakuryu
    Actual Light cruiser (smolensk): Most broken HE spammer in game
    “Heavy” cruiser (Stalin/Moskva): similar “LIGHT” cruiser guns with standard bb armor
    BBs: Best armor, best AA, best accuracy, best turret traverse, best captain, best HP out of all bb lines

  19. This is fine, but let’s nerf Odin’s HP and Aegir’s range, just to be safe.

  20. “Russian bias isn’t a thing.” Ever notice how almost every Russian ship ends up being incredibly OP breaks the game, and defies physics being able to out damage and penetrate things over double the caliber? And even light Russian ships are tanks. Honestly its interesting that the accuracy does noticeable get worse when shooting at Russian ships. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a system where aiming a Russian ship, the dispersion is increased by a certain percentage.

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