World of Warships- WTF Is This??

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the Tier VI British Battlecruiser Renown and her…..odd characteristics. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Speaking of loss streaks… I didn’t quite have losing streak… but I had landslide battles almost exclusively since the patch – with either our or the enemy team scoring 2-3 kills at most.

    That was very weird.

    As for the Renown refit setting – I think they are going the same way as they did with Queen Elizabeth, when you get the later refit with AA improvements.
    They may also want to not give people the false impression about secondary builds, I suppose? They could avoid it here, unlike on, say, Japanese designs that have prominent, albeit questionably useful secondary arrays up and including tier 8 – and Fuso having 16 6inchers… vs Renown’s 4 inch secondaries – I don’t quite think firepower was the reasoning WG had here.

    • my personal opinion is that in the game where is more bots then WG admits that is why we have more and more one sided battles. some players really play like bots play – someone who plays knows what i am talking about.

    • @Rpr A that would explain why some people will not type anything or use any in-game pings or anything.

      You may be on to something here lol

  2. Mountbatten it is the normal royal navy BB short fuse. The difference is it gets warspite penetration values as opposed to repulse and queen elizabeth that get worse penetration. Renown works quite well for me tho i do hate that they chose the weak AA variant.

  3. Ironically, the secondary battery she should have is the same as Queen Elizabeth’s. So it’s not that they think it’s too much for a tier VI ship, because there’s already a tier VI battleship with 20 4.5″ guns for the secondaries (and an extra 15″ turret).

  4. While i would love to chock it up to “typical wargaming move”, their has to be some reason for it. The torpedos maybe? Still 24 4.5 inch secondaries is QUITE A LOT of firepower. Regardless, a MID Refit design is a pretty weird choice for a ship model as opposed to what the refit would become. But like you said probably saving that for ANOTHER premium.

  5. You’re actually right on the money when you said that the secondaries would be “too much for tier 6” there was a thread on the NA forums asking why the Renown is in such an odd state and what we heard from one of the community managers is that the Renown’s secondaries were reduced in order to be a tier 6.

    • Queen Elizabeth has the complete set at T6. So that can’t be the excuse. But if it is, they are full of shit. Go back to that forum and say so.

    • I wonder if that’s why the agincourt got removed. I have a secondary build and it and it is bonkers.

  6. I thought the Rooke was way more fun to play BB than the renown.

    • Yea i have to agree with you, the tier 7 is much better to play than the renown for me too 🤷‍♂️ cant get the renown to work for me the same way i can the tier 7

  7. Renown is my favourite ship in the game and in the real life, so glad they finally added her

  8. Sometimes its just strange with loose streaks. My New Orleans for example is completely cursed. Overall i did about 30 matches with her and i got 32% WR on it. Before you ask, im a 57% WR player. Of course NO is a low impact ship but two thirds of all matches with it lost is just crazy bad luck with teams and i did alright with the ship.

    • Skarhabek Greyrukh

      bad luck ship is actually exist lol….. MM is actually rigged to balance player 50% WR…

    • Man I had such a good time playing it, even survived a Kaga focusing me for 5 minutes, and my first ever six kill game, but yeah, hard to make it win games for some reason.

    • I’ve found there are just ships that cannot carry, and you basically have to work to carry your entire team to get wins. Doesn’t mean she isn’t a good ship and can get good games, but she won’t be turning the tide of a bad game.

      Honestly I’ve found that I can play my best, get top of the score board, but I cannot stop players from doing stupid things that cost games. I’ve lost track of the number of times our team had more caps, 800 points, and decent ship numbers and have every single friendly ship sail out alone chasing only to die and eventually lose.

    • @CORV3TT33 Its a decent T7 Cruiser. But the combination of squishyness, bad range, bad concealment and mediocre speed force you to mostly play super careful at the start. And there most battles get decided.
      Id rather play Yorck which has much better range and gun arcs. That allows to have some impact.
      New Orleans is one of the prime examples of a low impact ship for me. Sure, it can slap other cruisers with AP and as you mentioned, her AA is decent. But also late game it lacks cause no torps.
      Mid tier cruisers in general are in a weak spot since a long time now. Imo WG should give most of them at least two heals.

  9. HandsOn KeyboardandMouse

    Welcome to the experience of most players in ships without the damage potential or without the Unicom skills to carry the 3 out of 10 games that can be swung to a win sometimes. The game continues to disconnect skill and care from outcome. Eventually it’ll just be a coin flip, and the only players left will be those who think they can influence a coin flip, or a roulette wheel, or dice. There may be enough of those to keep the game going a few more years.

  10. I will chime in on the losing streaks, since the update the most battles haven’t been close. I have had two battles that went down to the wire and could have went either way. Most have been complete blowouts with one side having no to maybe three ships sunk and the other team destroyed.

  11. Certainly one of the most beautiful capital ships of any navy, with her updated topsides and ‘cleaver bow’.

  12. I actually like the Repulse more than this. Rooke also feels like a Hood with lower hp, Monarch turrets layout and torps running on gin tonic 🤣

  13. when I heard the 9 matches lost, I was like…. you surely have not yet been to the Asia server where you will ALWAYS get into a teammates who absolutely noobs and a full team of enemy veteran players. I have encountered 20 matches in random battle with full lost. That’s just the way it is in Asia server.

  14. I hope to see a full line review when these are actually fully released!

  15. I lie the tier 7 better, the reload booster catches people by surprise…I used it with good results in the brawl mode.

  16. Had exactly the same experience last night on EU servers. Team would run to 1 side worse than ever before regardless of game type. 1 match we had 4 cruiser’s ball up and sit in the same square all at tier x. Looking post match profiles nobody on my team had more than 300 matches (me and my squad mate have 10k each) and the other team had some players with 30k matches. I think they have fucked around with MM and made it worse, which is saying something, even for WG

  17. HMS Renown was refitted beginning 1936 and ending 1939, they never got round to Repulse due to the outbreak of war. Her action during WWII was done with this superstructure which was influenced by the superstructure on HMS Warspite

  18. If you look at most of the ships released recently, they have limited AA range… Which makes it easy for russian CVs to feast.
    Renown is no exception.

  19. The constant blowout matches that I have been on the receiving end is one of the main reasons why I have left World of Warships for good, after playing it for 7 years in a row. Also, the current state of submarines in World of Warships is another major factor for my leaving. Without question, the state of MM is pretty dismal at the moment, and WG does not seem to be interested in addressing this issue at all. The one-sided MM is so glaring that I find it astounding that WG does not even seem to notice it at all, or are just plain ignoring it. Take, for example, in the team line-up, the rank of a player in ranked battles and what league they are in is clearly indicated beside their names. In blowout matches, I notice that the winning side usually has two or even three players ranked number one in a particular league on their team while the losing side has none. Also, in blowout matches, the winning side sometimes has a division of super unicum players (colored purple in the line-up) in their team while the losing side does not have any unicum players, either in a division or as an individual. I believe that with such a line-up, the result of the battle is already pre-determined even before the battle starts. And my belief is usually borne out when at the end of the battle I find that the division of unicum players have killed half or more of my team, with the battle lasting only 7 min or so.

  20. You might want to revisit the unique upgrades. After the camo split they got destroyed. The gearing that I had been saving up for now does not even bring it to prepatch and now it gets a penalty to reloads instead of the boost to torpedo reload. It is not even worth 500 research let alone the 19300

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