World of Warships – WTF just happened

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Just wait for the end of the match and you tell me wtf happened.
Was it because of camo? Was it because someone potatoed? WTF? xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. First 😍

  2. Meh, first like for me 😀

  3. 13:52 perhaps, you ONLY got close enough to have little baby DDs…

  4. Nice you punched these Sniping bastards in their face👍😂😌

  5. Flambass, do you delay ranked battles just like you delay clan battles?

    • No, I hate delay because than I can’t interact with my audience properly. I’m not putting up delay for few douchebags

    • Flambass respect to you ….but what about the rest of your team particuarly if your team loses and someone dies in your team due to stream sniping cheats? They can only save a star if they do well and they cant do well if they are dead?

    • When Flambass is streaming he always hides his mini-map.

    • It would be difficult for enemy to stream snipe his team mate unless they are next to him as the mini-map is covered in the stream.

  6. u actually would be first on XP 😉 coz that monty wouldnt have all that juicy rewards from oneshoting that gearing

  7. I don’t understand the complaining about stream sniping. Hell, you are the one broadcasting your game live. Much like me playing poker with my cards open on the table and then complaining about people knowing my hand.

    If it’s a problem then put a delay on your stream. You are the one enabling it when you have the tools to fix it. So either stop complaining or live with it (and this applies to anyone here complaining about stream snipers).

    • to put a delay on ones own stream would limit the interaction with the chat. Besides, the majority of the players agree on a codex which you obviously lack to understand.

      A stream sniper is just an egoistic idot who cant win by regular rules. Its a pussy!

    • Wrong-you think you’re smart, but lol. I won’t waste logic on you.

    • Ok guys you are just twisting the behavior of stream snipping is right and should take advantage of…I won’t argue with the thief theory but clearly if you are in the match you should respect your opponents.

    • My simple response is this: If stream-sniping is in any way considered cheating, and a person feels like cheating is worth it to win, and feels fulfilled in having done so, then that is his or her choice. It’s still just cheating, though, whether “enabled” by a streamer or not. I don’t think Flambass was complaining as much as simply pointing the stream-sniper out. I have never considered stream-sniping because I’d rather win or lose on my own merits, abilities, or lack thereof, and (in my opinion) anyone who defends the stream-sniper over the steamer is someone who likely doesn’t mind cheating.

    • You guys misunderstood him and he didn’t quite clarify his point well. He isn’t defending stream-snipers nor is he saying they are not to blame. He’s saying people like them exist and you need to deal with them instead of complaining because they will not stop. So instead of hoping they don’t do it, just add the delay.

      I get why delay isn’t very convenient when you want to read and react to what your viewers are telling you.

  8. It looked like the side of the Gearing lit up all blue like it had some kind of force field ? Or is that normal for that space camo ? Not sure but GG Flambass GG. That snipping is BS man ! I guess that can only happen if you are streaming thank the stars.

    • I think the blue was an effect from firing the guns and I agree the stream sniping is bullshit but karma literally slapped them in the face with a big ass salmon heh

    • The blue is the gun firing effects, and from the couple of watches it seems flammy never actually impacted, the guy must be using the rudder shift module, and he activated his speed boost was active as well, so between his speed and his rudder shift he literally out turned the ram 😉

    • He most certainly did not make contact at all (at least as far as the game was concerned)… pause on the detailed report and on damage received there is no ramming damage, and none done, and even a “slight caress” would impart damage both ways.

  9. Deflector dish pushing objects out of the way obviously

  10. The least agile T10 “DD” with a turning radius of a battleship and at speed that is slower than Black’s sea mines trying to make contact the most agile T10 DD.

  11. Stream Snipes, brags about it in the in-game chat. Still loses. Good work enemy team.

  12. Ram the Gearing! (d20 = 1)
    “You gently caress the Gearing’s side in passing.”
    “The Gearing awkwardly looks back at you as it sails past. It is then blapped and explodes. GG”

  13. Gearing driver saw YouTube glory beckon as he spotted a low health Flambass. Not today my friend. Not today.

  14. Flam u rock buddy, gr8 vids keep it up 🙂 So trying for Halsey atm 1 star to go lol

  15. How low can you sink (pun intended) as a WoW player? Going on a player on the red team twitch after you see him in battle, inform to your team his entire movements and actions, and then loose……. Epic burn! Disgrace himself in the community and Youtube, just Epic stuf!

    Nice ram there Flambass!! ; )

  16. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    grand finale.

  17. 13:47
    RNGezus said. “It’s not your time yet”

  18. The Gearing just dipped the clutch and changed gears.
    You didn’t know why they called it a Gearing? 😀

  19. Wth, did you give Hans the order to ram?

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