World of Warships- WTF?! They Actually Listened To The Playerbase?

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Hey guys! Today we go over the changes coming in the anniversary event! Enjoy!


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0:00 Intro
1:30 Token System
2:11 What’s Changing?
6:50 “Game Economy”
7:33 Supercontainers


  1. Havent played the game for 8 months, may come back just for brief amount of time for the nostalgia.

  2. Prisoner of the Highway

    As someone who’s fleet is mostly
    5-9 I was looking forward to a big pile of coal and steel. Super containers only drop flags for me since the nerf lol.

  3. the new update and ship trade in is absolutely disgusting, the price for ships and discounts you get for a tier X is absolutely just no, and the ships you get to choose from for example a yoshino is just atrocious

  4. I hope they also bring back the feature where didn’t have to go into battle in every single ship if you have over 100 ships in port. They introduced this last year

  5. I wish WG had put the last couple of paragraphs into the original anniversary Dev Blog. Understanding their reasoning always helps smooth things with the Player Base, and while I suspect the average is a LOT lower, someone getting 180k dub-value of rewards is absolutely going to fire off alarm bells. Knowing that, the nerfing of SCs and the reduced rewards does make sense from a business point of view and if they’d said that in the original dev blog, the out-cry might have been less.
    Like SLM, I do try to keep in mind that WG is a business and WOWS is a product that they expect to be profitable, no corporation is a charity, they want money.
    I must admit, as a Cruiser-Main, my eyes did light up when Bayard was offered up, it’s a ship I’ve been eyeing for a long time now but never pulled the trigger on.

    • The thing is this kinda a lie, or at least a very big misrepresentation. It is valuing free xp, commander xp, credits, boosters and so on as if you were getting them from the armory with dubs, which even whales are unlikely to do now (they’ll use blue/red boosters or containers with better rates).

      The only potential “high” value was if you had all ships except the rare removed ships, the 80 supercontainers would give you a decent chance to get that one ship and maybe 15k dubs. Nothing egregious.

      I’m going to say, at best before nerf they were giving away maybe $200 worth of santa containers that are a lot better. And I’m afraid it’s going to be 10 ships for a container come Christmas.

    • bayard is a darn good ship

    • If Bayard dosent pick your interest you can currently exchange Coal ship for Bayard and then get other Tier 8 ship from the list (like Gremlin Baltimore/Wichita, Kidd, etc…)

  6. Like, you see WeeGee, listen to some reasonable feedbacks really do you real good. This alone avoid the situation people just login the first day, grind all the tokens and quit for the next week. Now, at least people got reason to stay for those bonuses, help them grind techtree ships faster.

  7. All I ever got in relation to premium ships is tier 1 & tier 2 ships usually destroyers I think they should remive those waste of time ships and at a minimum make tier 5 & 6 instead, that way atleast you can use thrm to complete things, alsi, campaign missions should be tier 5 to 7 next set of missions tier 8 to 9 and the later missions tier 10 and superships. At the moment all campaign missions except the first group arw tier 8-supership. As a player of around 3 Yrs I still only have 1 tier 10, no superships, about 5 tier 8, 2 tier 9, 11 or so tier 5 through tier 7.

    Yes the game is free, but thier are a lot of restricted gameplay to meet campaigns and challenges where you need either tier 8 or higher to participate which turns me off playing especially when you consider almost every game your out tiered to start with. Other restrictions are time waiting in queue, coop 30s, great !, random longest I have waited is 49mins for 1 game, toooooii long. Should be limited to 5mins or slots filled with bots or smaller groups. Subs can still pop up on you and shotgun you amd you have no defence, asw and aa need more attention should be more damaging, no ship should be slower that 29 knots before flags etc, shooting over islands is still buggy. Secondaries should be a little more accurate, Camping should be penalised. Sub batteries should drain a % every ping made, torpedoes that track should be unarmed if no lock, ypu can use tracking torps as dumb fire torps which shouldnt be the case, CV should be able to set fire to and many other issues thay make the game frustrating for those that casually plau and are not interested in purchasing 100 – 200 dollar vurtual ships that can be nerfed out of use after you purchased them making them useless

  8. What difference does any of this make if the game itself is unbalanced? I think a certain amount of fun has to be in place is this game for any rewards to matter.

  9. I was part of the closed beta testing so I’ve been playing basically since the game came out… I’ve only gotten one ship from super containers and it was the Prinz Eitel Friedrich.

    • I’ve been told there’s a pity system but I don’t believe it. I’m about 3 years deep and I haven’t gotten on yet. Hoelwever, Santa crates etc I seem to have godly rng with smolensk, Missouri, jb, kutizov, and one or two others that shocked me.

    • I only got 2 and one of them was p e Friedrich and the other was the grasse…

  10. I wished the Super Containers had an option in selecting one of four items: Steel, Coal, Research Bureau points, and Free XP. I would personally select Free XP as WG will always be introducing tech line ships in the future. In years past it was insane accumulating numerous amounts of doubloons. That would break any business model. I noticed everyone posting their ship count. I currently only have 524 ships in port. I don’t own any Super Ships. If I did, they would likely be a Port Queen anyway.

  11. Droid Motorola 388

    I was hoping for a: submarine nerf/removal, cv nerf, artillery fix, and more.

    But this is nice

  12. *This gave SaiIor_Moon further shock.*

  13. You had 5 ships from super containers in 6 years of intense play and I had Cossack after 800 games played. Life’s not fair 😢

  14. So we used to get a supercontainer for every T10. Now supercontainers have been nerfed in half, and we still get one supercontainer for a T10.

  15. this grind to t10 ships is real

  16. Thank you for the time you took to prepare this!!

  17. This will be my first anniversary event so I don’t know how it works . I won one of these 2 ships out of a super container Graf Zepplin or the Lazo I got them both out of a container one being super container

  18. It’s nice to see companies actually listening to their customers for once.

  19. Kenneth Kitashita

    I got the cossack from a somme container, felt so happy, excellent ship.

  20. How are you “NOT” a CC….? You’re like one of the most popular WOWS creators.

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