World of Warships – WTF?

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It’s not unusual to see me feature replays that include occasional WTF moment, but what IS unusual is a that consists nothing but WTF moments. This is one of those battles.

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If you have a War Thunder replay just send the .wrpl file to same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Oh, I want to have a ping like that, 1 ms.
    Maybe somebody catch the wifi signal of servers?. lol.

  2. yesterday in my Wyoming, i fired all 12 guns at 14 km…..max range… only
    got 1 hit, but it apparently hit a mag, and that was with HE.

    i was shocked. if i was him, i know i would be pissed.

  3. How the hell people have so many tier IX and X already ?

  4. 0:57 he is driving a ship??

  5. holy shit what a game, started at 13:37 XDXD

  6. I drove submarines for 21 years in the U.S. Navy, 18.5 at sea. I was one of
    the best sub driversor if you like “a back seat driver” in the navy as a
    ANAV (QMC(SS)).

  7. Do u have 2 different computers on which u play war thunder and world of
    tanks and warships if so why cuz I’m about to buy a computers myself so
    what should I do to ensure world of tanks and warships and war thunder run
    properly with max graphics???? 

  8. 7:38 Jingles, no one cares if what your laughing at is funny or not. We
    laugh at you laughing XD

  9. I don’t mind torpedoes, unless you team has them…

  10. Watching this in 2 times speed, litterally more normal that normal speed

  11. How is he getting the aerial shooting view? i thought that was only for
    BB’s, even towards the end (15:40) when there are only 2 dessies left he
    still has it.

  12. holly hell! lucky bastard!

  13. Yay, im in the vid, and not sucking hard XD. Nicely done by Hurz! :)

  14. I would have pronounced “Hurs” as “Hers” since there is no “T”.

  15. makrill Terrorist


  16. My headphones are so good I notice every single anomaly in the audio. Y u
    do dis?

  17. Daniel Vorsteveld

    Jim obviously means”stop driving in straight lines”.

  18. So…….the typical WoWS game?

  19. Wow, well done Hurz!

  20. Jingles, you were in the navy?? :D

  21. @timpyrules I think its bound to L bt default. Look at the key bindings to
    be sure.

  22. That was a very exciting replay to watch.

  23. Destroyers and torpedoes are OP, anyone saying otherwise just enjoy abusing
    that. It’s simply ridiculous to be able to basically one shot … well,
    anything really.

  24. Jingles, your videos are strewn with hidden gems of superior knowledge of
    destroyer smoke-screens.

  25. Dat USS Sims Kill Do

  26. how do u actually turn those AA guns off?

  27. Curved lines are overpowered!
    Nerf pls

  28. Great game. 

  29. Also: OUCH

  30. “Driving” doesn’t entirely apply to things with wheels, does it? I mean you
    can drive cattle after all (pretty sure thats where the word came
    from)…so you COULD drive a ship, theoretically, it DOES have a wheel.
    Probably a lot easier to say as well since you’re used to doing World of
    Tanks videos where youre in a tank. Which you drive.

  31. ping: 1ms… how??!

  32. 123nicefellow123


  33. Torpedos fired by enemy ships: meh.

    Torpedos fired by friendly ships: HOLY SHYTE! TAKE COVER! ABANDON SHIP!

  34. TheMMOpotato Rahtye

    This video made me laugh so hard 

  35. Is it me or are destroyers very expensive exp wise? Whats up with that? If
    I want to get to the New York class BB I have to pay 21000 exp, but if I
    wanted to go to the tier V destroyer(sorry, I dont know the name), I have
    to pay simething like 53000.

  36. killing a destroyer with a lucky torpedo salvo is always fun.

  37. Even the torpedo thinks “what the hell, did I just hit something? I was
    just cruisin around”

  38. Michael Ferguson

    I have always heard ship pilots referred to as the driver. “I am an old
    destroyer driver” one old navy man tell me.

  39. Man I can’t wait to play this game with these graphics. Just got a Gigabyte
    GTX 960 today and I’m building my first PC. I can’t wait.

  40. Could someone tell how is he raising the aim up and getting a bird eye view
    of the target.

  41. polytechnique montreal

    can someone explain to me how can a DD have the overhead zoom aim? i
    thought only BB with airplane spotter can have that overhead zoom mode

    • +polytechnique montreal Back in CBT there was a common used mod that made
      that view. But that mod is no longer updated and afaik would not work
      anyway in 0.4.0 (OBT Client), as WG changed and secured the code against
      this (and other) mods, as this view is now part of the spotter airplane
      comsumable for BBs. And this was a good move from WG to do that, because in
      BBs and CA/CLs that view was very good – not so much in DDs, as the range
      of the guns is so short.

  42. Arbhall McDougall

    I like the balance of things as they are. I dont think DDs are at all over

  43. Any chance of a link to the gif at the end? It would be /very/ useful on
    the NA forums

  44. Another gem! Thank you.

  45. What a game. And yeah. You drive a ship. What else would you be doing?
    Having been at the helm of a number of warships I’ve never heard it called
    anything else.

  46. Took out the sims engine so if He was not paying attention, could not dodge
    at last minute.

  47. hahahahahahhahahahahahahha lol best suprise ever!!!

  48. Thank you World of WarShips for coming out! Ever since, I’ve had amazing
    World of Tanks players, and actual teammates. Yeah, I’ve had the occasional
    3-15 defeat, but now I am having these intense, actual games down to the
    straw, it’s very nice for all the drool licking monkeys transferring over.
    It’s been amazing!


    Pretty good DD driving there for sure. 😉 And a lot of good luck too.

  50. Axel VonYgeshiem

    The ending is great

  51. I know nothing of World of Warships so can you guys answer my question? Are
    the Ships, Planes, and Torpedoes sped up to create a more fast-paced
    gameplay? Thanks.

  52. how do you use the primary guns as AA? do you fire them at the planes like
    you would a ship? or it does it automatically? Also, how do you know if
    your ship’s primary batteries are able to be used as AA?

  53. I love this map. WoWs always looked very devoid of colors, rainy, cold to
    me. But I really enjoy looking at this one.

  54. battle ships dont listen to jingles he doesn’t know what hes saying (im a
    destroyer driver)

  55. hay jingles your my favorite youtuber I like better than Ichasegaming

  56. Nice video. Not sure that the Montana didn’t turn – just turned in the
    wrong direction. I’d like to hear your thoughts on why can’t AA guns or
    secondary battery shoot the torpedoes as they approach a ship? seems to me
    like that at least the secondary battery should be able to.

  57. Gaspacho. “Gabinerr” Bestilando

    At 5:35, how do I get that sniper view?

  58. Im also working for the Flak Bus

  59. Jingles is the light of my life.

  60. I have a youtube i just have not gotten around to uploading any videos

  61. War Thunder AD”S nice touch. Oh we call them boat’s also.

  62. No comments?

  63. Yay, a birthday gift from Jingles… a whole feature length WTF Replay!

  64. My guess is the battleship noticed the smoke screen and assumed a school of
    fish was in the water even though he never spotted a destroyer.

  65. Fantastic Game


  67. what if your in a us destroyer and you come around a corner and get hit
    with torps from a jap cruiser at near point blank rang?

  68. the ones who complain about torpedoes are the same ones who will sit in
    the open in WOT, and then cry aout arty.

  69. Piotr Mickiewicz

    Hi Jingles how 2 send u WoW replay ??? ;)

  70. Game started at 13:37, he was destined to play well.

  71. Jingles, random question coming through: Do you think over penetration
    mechanics will be added to WoT? Maybe with a revision of the different
    shells so that HE would actually be a much more viable and maybe even
    necessary option?

  72. The Hatsuharu’s guns are nothing to scoff at when it comes to DD. They may
    turn slowly, but they have good DPM, a higher critical and fire chance,
    combined with a greater accuracy. I see Hatsuharu beat Sims in gunfights

  73. +The Mighty Jingles i love watch your video. Tell me pls how i can see zoom
    like you in this video?

  74. At 3:30 how does he do that higher up, artillery zoom? My camera doesn’t go
    as high as that?

  75. 1:15 – 1:20. Floating ship sign. Wargaming= nine letters. 9=3×3. Triangles
    has 3 sides. 3 triangles. Illuminati confirmed

  76. Lord Nicholas Buzan

    Does anyone know when will they throw in ze germans?

  77. It’s not torpedoes, it’s the manual drops for torpedo planes that is OP

  78. But..Jingles. I don’t sail in straight lines. I just fight smart players
    who fire torps, force me to evade and fire more torps in the area I’m
    evading to so I’m going to get hit either way.

  79. Ser Garlan Tyrell

    Does anyone know if one’s progress gets wiped at the end of world of
    warship’s open beta/ full release?

  80. My family is mainly Navy and Marines. And I have to say, these games aren’t
    just, run and shooter games. People have to think and have strategy. And if
    they don’t, then oh well lol. Torpedos are part of naval combat, and easily
    can be avoided. 

  81. Soon as i see a dd even in my cruser i TURN HARD!!! Expecially if he is
    pointing sideways at me!!!

  82. Reto Schaltegger

    thats why i love wows…tier diferences arent that desisiv than in
    wot…driving is. i had 6 kill gamens in wows…and others. dd or jap
    cruisers, just pop in and out drive like a maniac all around and shoot
    things in range. and pleas know your torp ranges!!

  83. LOL Exactly the same ending as the kitakami video xD and by exactly I mean
    he’s just copied and pasted it, he says the same stuff xD

  84. Im feeling that torpedoes need a bit of a change. I’d say 90% of my deaths
    are from torpedoes. I play only American battleships and im constantly
    pestered by japanese destroyers and carriers spamming torpedo bombers at
    me. My ships have little to no AA and they turn very slow. How the fuck am
    i supposed to avoid them all of the time.

    • +Kyle Trahin Hang out with cruisers and don’t go places where destroyers
      can sneak up on you, especially if they have been spotted in the area. You
      can’t avoid them all the time but you can make it so you only rarely get
      hit. I’ve played a ton of US Battleships and Japanese destroyers and
      honestly its not too hard to avoid almost all torps if you know what to do.
      For example if you see torp bombers inbound turn your ship so you keep the
      nose or tail pointing at the direction the bombers are coming from to give
      em a small target.

  85. When that destroyer was killed i think jingles spit on his monitor a bit

  86. I love jingles laugh…lol


  87. Ones I’ve lost both of my turrets in the Hatsuharu.

  88. I’m finding that this game has a paper/rock/scissors ecology going on.
    Battle Ships kill Cruisers
    Cruisers kill Destoyers
    Destroyers kill Battle Ships.
    Fight what your class is good at killing!

    • +Ichorslick99 I actually had an scenario which I was less than a km away
      from a tier 7 cruiser and I shat myself in my minekaze and dropped all the
      torps like mad. We both scared one another lol. He did die a quick death
      and even his own team are telling him that he deserved to be torped for
      being a hill hugger….I loled

    • Yea, lol. This system isn’t to say that you can’t sink a Battle Ship with
      a Cruiser or other similar scenario, but the odds are against you. You
      just have to keep that in mind and get creative when engaging ships you
      aren’t designed to destroy.

    • You forgot to add
      destroyers are good at killing hill hugging cruisers.

  89. I do like this game, but im awful at it: my usual parting line is “im only
    sinking to put out the fire”..Keep up the top vids Jingles

  90. Jingles, in a game with my Iwaka Alpha, I accidentally killed an ally with
    a torpedo… but I got 7 enemy kills in the end results :D…. do you think
    I redeemed myself with that? :P

  91. Honestly I’m fine with big stupid BB’s and Cruisers sailing in straight
    lines…. gives me more XP to speed up the horrific grind.

  92. I heard the same complaints in World of Tanks about TDs. They are so
    over-powered with those big guns….Well stop sitting in front of their big
    guns waiting to get shot! TDs either have no turret or very slow moving
    turret. Get around the side. It annoys the hell out of them.

  93. World of WTFships

  94. Hurz should have said “YOU GOT KNOCKED THE FUG OUT” to that tier 10
    Japanese crusier he sunk while hiding behind the island

  95. That 13:37 battle start time…

  96. Zlatan Brankovic

    its hurts!

  97. Sandro The Great

    Working with retards, evening plans foiled, turned out that the place I
    ordered fast food from was actually closed… I need me some Jingles!

  98. Jingles! Do a vid reminiscing on your navy days!

  99. What about skippering?

  100. Jonathan Dartnell

    In the battleships defense to weird moves i do that normally to you keep to
    the island so that torpedoes have less to aim at and when you are by the
    island destroyers tend not to release them that close as they often will
    impact the side of the island and be harmless so he could have expected it

  101. What did I just watch? I know that I’ve only played this game for few games
    but even I don’t just sail into torpedoes like that and there were more
    than one player doing it.

  102. I’d like to point out that the way this guy fires his torpedoes is the way
    everyone should, at least most of the time. It’s best to fire once on the
    marker with a narrow spread and then fire off of the marker towards the
    ship you’re firing at’s stern. That way, if the target doesn’t notice your
    torps, you get at least a spread into them and usually at least one from
    the second spread. If they notice and turn into or away from the torps,
    your second spread will hit them. That’s just a bit of advice that works
    for me, although you guys probably have some good strategies too.


  104. This is a great demonstration of how you should play destroyer and how you
    should NOT play battleship, lol.

  105. Tank Cmdr. STONK.

    Hey Jings,..would never play this game,..not into ships,..though dad was in
    the brit navy attached to the NZ navy as a stoker on the HMNZS Gambia,
    (NZ’s biggest Cruiser) during WW2. He was aboard in Tokyo harbor at the
    surrender. But as I said ships don’t do it for me,..but your jokes and
    laughing keep me watching anyway.

  106. STOP SAILING IN STRAIT LINES heheheheh ohh jingles you are one of the kind

  107. Startingtime 13:37

  108. Stephen Dichiera

    Went to Bovington today Jingles. That was 13 pounds well spent. Thanks for
    letting us know about it. :)

  109. 7:40, I made the exact same noise at the exact same time. hahaha

  110. mike b (Fugenchutenz)

    Damn if I had idiot BB drivers like that I’d probably still be playing. Of
    course idiot BB drivers like that are the one’s always screaming the
    hardest, so maybe not. :p

  111. Nice Job Herts

  112. Can we see some Fubuki gameplay?

  113. We said they were driving our ships in the US Navy too Jingles :D

  114. Did Jingles Fart? 7:31

  115. But It Was Funny

  116. jingles should do a navy stories episode/series, i know you were only a
    radio operator but there must be some either comedic or interesting stories
    that some of us would love to hear about your time serving

  117. Can you fire at incoming torpedoes with your ship’s guns or torpedoes?

  118. Uhm Jingles,

    the island didnt get in front of him.Saying that the”island got in front of
    him” implies that the island can move,which is false.He got in front of the
    island,not the opposite…



    • Uhm James Bond

      He always says that, so I suggest you go to every single video of his where
      there is an instance of him saying “the island got in front of him”. Oh and
      take the empty cup of fucks that the Internet gives about your grammar

      Ps. Before you mistake this comment for me giving a fuck then you are
      mistaken. I don’t. I’m just making a polite suggestion.

      James Bond?

  119. I like how You were, oh that Nagâți trying to steer and then You are like,
    everything You have to do îs turn. Like what. Turning a battleship îs hard
    as hell and not that usefull. The front of that thing îs still wide enough
    to get hit

  120. +The Mighty Jingles Jingles, how do you get the elevated gunnery view?

    • +Ben Grogan well it was a mod in the CB
      Don´t know if its still available…
      Looks exactly like the view in a BB with spotter aircraft

    • Yes and that is the reason why it is no longer updated by the modder,
      afaik. And i guess, as the aim assist mod, it wont be easy to do this as
      the game has been “secured” vs such mods since 0.3.1 and even more in
      0.4.0. This view is now linked to the scout plane as far as i understand
      it. And to be honest (even if it does not realy help in a DD, but for sure
      in a BB) i am happy it is this way, because it gives more advantage as only
      a better sense of range.

    • +Hurz Hurzchen Thanks, any idea if it was updated? That gives a much better
      sense of range

    • +Ben Grogan That was a mod, that was still working back in CBT before 0.4.0
      … did the same what the scout plane for BB does now, except the +range.

  121. he he he you are so right whit the last line :-]

  122. shhh stop telling them our destroyer secrets lol

  123. Love the end. so true! Thanks Jingles

  124. I’m not sure if torpedoes are overpowered or if the brains of battleship
    “drivers” are underpowered. But I’ll let you take your pick.

  125. Need Jim Carrey on World of Tanks.

  126. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    And well Hurz would have been dead a Long while ago if he would have tried
    this in the OBT 🙂 Because Wargaming suck at nerfing..

  127. good luck trying that in the tier V and VI DD nowadays…DD torps spotted
    way earlier , long range torp speed sucks, even fucking st.louises have
    enough time to duck and weave a perfectly targeted long range shot. You
    always have to get close even with a 10 km range torp to be able to hit a
    bathtub captained by a pirates parrot. While torp planes still enjoy the
    hilariously overpowered short drop distance activation. Reload time of the
    V and VI + destroyers… 1,5 minutes …gtfo. A battleship could fire 5
    full salvo at you in that reload time. AA is nerfed into the ground,
    staying power of scout planes and fighter planes that just hover over you
    like helicopters is ridicolous. Etc.
    No life as a DD captain sure aint easy anymore. Also dead cruiser scout
    planes stay around forever sometimes…and not mentioning some kind of
    magic a few people seem to have when its about detecting incoming torps of
    a unspotted DD. Edge abusers who dodge shots like they were on roller

  128. +The Mighty Jingles the term “driving” can apply to running a train. Im not
    an engineer myself (yet anyway) but I do study railroad stuff snd the same
    terms apply.

  129. Soo.. What happened to Jingles contents in the Jingles channel..? Not a
    month into open beta, and you already rely on replays from others. You
    grown big and lost it Jingles..

  130. blueskull blueskul

    Can we get more Jim? Because that was funny!

  131. How do you dissable AA guns and secondaries in WoWs???

    • +Denis-David Damsa no it also does your secondary batteries. Why he says
      “to turn off his AA.” Is because they are way more likely to get you
      spotted then your secondary gun batteries.

    • Denis-David Damsa

      +timpyrules Press P. Works only for AA.

  132. Yea i mean at the end ist the battleship to blame. Cmon cant be so hard to

  133. sorry to say jingles but there was a friendly destroyer with that friendly
    cruiser in the north. the destroyer launched the spread of torpedoes that
    hit the sims

  134. Fist me daddy jingles

  135. Hey jingles I have a funny WoT replay and unfortunately I don’t know how to
    send it to you.(noob status elevated) Can someone in the comments section
    help me out? The replay involves Artillery burning in some interesting
    circumstances. *wink*
    Might be good in Why you Heff to be mad?

  136. Wish I was a lucky SOB like that guy, lol.

  137. Ya know Jingles, I’ve all but given up on playing WOT, where idiocy will
    always outrank individual skill, so I considered Warships. I just cannot
    though, buy into a game which has laid such a massive advantage to those
    who are either lucky or willing to spend money.

    How the hell is anyone starting out meant to further themselves in a game
    full of people who have played for 6 months?

    Wargaming, it is pathetic. I sincerely hope others feel the same.

    • +lazaglider You just like to find excuses on why you suck in a game dont
      you ??
      What a stupid attitude honestly. If you dont learn fast as you said you
      will always be overrun really fast by those that do even if you are few
      months ahead of them. And with working matchmaking you most likely will
      encounter new players like you unless some of the older ones come down to
      kick pupies but that happens everywhere. On the contrary NOW its the
      perfect time to join WoWS. It is open Beta for a week so many new players
      that didnt get in closed will come to the game so you can play against them
      + most of the older players will rush for the later ships they had before
      the wipe out so you will have more time to get some skill before you meet

      And for bloody sake you can always play first dozens of games against bots
      before you even have to encounter real players !!

      Stop making lame excuses that nobody except you believe and start playing
      the game.

    • +SaturnVII all good in wots until your in a t4 in a t5 match and the only
      one on both sides to boot or a t4 light in a t7 7match and there all bloody
      tigers and is’s happens to me in my marder every other match.

    • +lazaglider They’ll make it level as possible, I know I’ve never had any
      issues with the matchmaking.

    • +SaturnVII I don’t claim to have any skill. All I ask for is a level
      playing field.

    • +lazaglider That’s the biggest amount of nonsense I’ve ever heard. Your
      skill, if you possess it, will always outstrip any equipment or time
      advantage (which doesn’t exist really).

  138. Whitedragonking Ocola (Whitedragon1204)

    I though this game does not have a replay system.

  139. im the 1998 viewer, but the vid has 2020 likes… wow O_o

  140. what are you supposed to say instead of driving a ship? o.o

  141. how does the main guns work as AA? do they shoot and take your cooldown to
    reload so you ca’nt fire on a ship? i’m confused

    • +Roze Core oh. I thought people were saying that some ships have main guns
      that were also AA.

    • +Roze Core Yep – Your secondary artillery and AA guns are completely
      automatic. You have no direct control of them, except to designate a
      primary target.

      You can shoot as much as you want – Your primary weapon isn’t affected by
      them (or vice versa)

      You’ll still be spotted if your AA or Secondaries go off though.

    • +shades921 Main guns firing at aircraft is not implemented yet.

    • +Mansen so does that mean 8f im firing at a ship and my reload is 5s I can
      shiot ince every 10s? I.e. fire at 0s. At 5s reloaf and ai takes a shot at
      planes then at 10s I get the gun back?

      Or is it a magic gun that shoots from the same barrel but on a different
      cool down? Or does it onoy go when I am not firing/targeting at a ship?

    • +shades921 Separate system – And fully automatic. They hit or they don’t.
      You have no way to affect it aside from captain’s traits.

  142. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    CBT Footage.

  143. Maybe Mr Jim should tell them to stop driving in straight lines, maybe then
    they will listen.

  144. how can hie aim that high or can most of the ships do that at high tier ?

    • +Dirtygoggle05 Nope – What he’s seeing is a mod from before scout planes
      gave this (which is for BBs only by the way)

    • ah oke so far i only have a figther plane so i need wait until i get a
      scout one

    • +jrussel2456 It’s because of a new feature to scout planes. Now when you
      launch a scout plane it gives you extended range and a view that is a
      slightly top down side view so you can get a much better shot on your

  145. well at least he is honest “nepricepeanu” means “the guy that is bad at
    every thing” in romanian

  146. † Masterhp †

    It’s bullshit that you get to cut corners and go to the other end of the
    corner to find the carrier.

  147. The one thing I absolutely hate seeing in warships is people who stop in
    the middle of the ocean, and reverse, this isn’t WOT, doing that is just
    asking to get shot.

  148. 12seconds in the video, with a title of “WTF?” Already laughing and you
    know there more

  149. I just realised. Destroyers are pretty much like the T49 Light tank in WOT:
    Fast, agile, difficult to spot and a whole lot of derp that CAN work at
    range but really just works better when you can see the white of their

  150. (To the tune of Last Friday Night/Don’t Mine at Night)

    Got your behemoth with nine guns
    Your shots will block out all the sun
    Mister Yamato look at me
    You think you’re king of all the sea?

    Your guns could kill me in one shot
    Mine aren’t even half your lot
    Think you’ve got me with no lube
    But you forget my eight wee tubes

    My dreams should be dashed when I see that flash.
    I’m scared… so bad
    But I just pop my smoke and I send some fish, I’m saved.
    So long!

    Don’t sail in straight lines
    I know you’re looking at that cove
    And you’re feeling kind of bold
    Gonna bet you’ll be just fine

    Don’t sail in straight lines
    You think your guns are gonna sing
    That your battleship’s the king
    Gotta watch for all the signs

    Don’t sail in straight lines
    That Jap cruiser’s getting close
    Better watch for all the torps
    Though your guns may break his spine

    Don’t sail in straight lines
    They’re not OP it’s just your play
    You just need to swerve away-ay oh-a-oh

    Don’t sail in straight lines

    You left that cruiser on ten health
    Should I chase him? Well, why not?
    But you’re now unable to move
    He’s now got ‘Tis but a wound.’

    Now you’re heading for the cap
    Think you’ve got it in the bag
    Then you come around the bend
    Oh look at that it is your end.

    This was the last time
    You try to hold the line
    You failed
    So bad

    There were seconds left
    You had all that health
    That’s it!

    Don’t sail in straight lines
    I know you’re looking at that cove
    And you’re feeling kind of bold
    Gonna bet you’ll be just fine

    Don’t sail in straight lines
    You think your guns are gonna sing
    That your battleship’s the king
    Gotta watch for all the signs

    Don’t sail in straight lines
    That Jap cruiser’s getting close
    Better watch for all the torps
    Though your guns may break his spine

    Don’t sail in straight lines
    You just need to watch the lanes
    They’re not OP, just swim away-ay oh-a-oh

    Don’t sail in straight lines

    (I’m no professional musician, obviously :P)

    • Cameron McAllister

      +CrescentGuard *Continueing tune*
      Don’t fire at sight.
      You trust your RNG
      or think you’re MLG
      Just torpedo at me
      You retard player

  151. What a match 😉 well done Jingles!

  152. This proves again there is no bad ships or bad tanks just bad players

  153. How did you get that view at 3:30? Is that something you can do in game or
    is it just a replay bug/something that you did when editing the vid

  154. Could you do a video on the Iowa and Montana, please? Thank you, Sir.

  155. Jingles, I Always get torped to death from enemy torp planes. They fire
    torps from less than 50m from mutliple angles. It’s impossible to dodge. It
    is almost always an instand KO

    They realy have to fix this, because this happens almost every single game
    and it isn’t fun anymore.

  156. I think the Nagato was actually pretty aware. He drove around a corner
    like a maroon but then he said “OH SHIT A SMOKE SCREEN” and turns into it
    because the only thing coming out of a smokescreen is 660 mm of love.

  157. Markus “IceY” Eisenhammer

    Geile Runde Hurz!

  158. Cheers driver!, too funny. Excellent video as usual….. Have a great
    weekend sir

  159. As some random battkeship I killed with my minekaze said once:
    “torps are so hack.”

  160. In the US Navy, to say that the Skipper is a good ship driver is a high
    compliment to that individual’s navigational and ship fighting skills.

    I’ve only known one that could be called a good ship driver, but I am
    admittedly prejudiced and my experience was limited to 5 ships in my

  161. Destroyers he’s right pop smoke, slow down first to 3/4 speed or better
    reverse hard then go forward at 3/4 to hide in your smoke screen.

  162. hertz where you can now rent japanese destroyers

  163. Captain_Crash_DK

    I sail a lot of battleships in WoWs and if I’m torpedoet, Im pretty sure
    it’s basicly my own fault… ;-)

  164. can anyone tell me how to do that thing with the camera where you follow
    the torps or shells youve just fired ?

  165. WTF indeed, Hey Jingles come to the Girls und Panzer Anglerfish festival in
    Oarai near Tokyo sometime, 100000 fellow GUP fans to enjoy the music with
    and you can even join in the Ankou Dance.

    Don’t worry about the long economy flight as we have a cunning plan to stay
    drunk enough on Saki to not notice the time 🙂

    O and play WOWP again, a 20% positive review from you might save that game
    and I do enjoy it, its better after last patch, well polished turd at
    least now 😉 I also enjoy the Sexton 1 and the Tog II so maybe im
    not completely normal.

    Pleeease finish another of your vids with the GUP music again as I loved
    the thought of all the Anime haters pained expressions at the end of your
    Project Man Cave vid.

    Have you tried the GUP game yet?

    O and anyone wondering about if you drive, ride, sail or Captain a ship try
    calling a Captain a Driver to his face and see what happens :)

  166. Mikayel Dobrovolski

    i don’t think the minekaze is a the huge leap everyone talks about
    it still only has dual launchers and the 10km range on the upgrades are
    difficult to get used to (because of the slow speed)
    and the stock ones are the exact same ones used on the Tier 4 Isokaze and
    that’s disappointing

    • +Mikayel Dobrovolski True.

    • Mikayel Dobrovolski

      +Mansen that is why I think the minekaze is not the huge leap he talked
      about in this video
      the stock torps are no different to the ones on the Isokaze and the
      upgraded torps are not a no brainier upgrade it is supposed to be
      the mutsuki seems like a better leap than the minekaze because it has
      triple launchers instead if the dual ones and the upgraded torps have a a
      speed of almost 60kts

    • +Mikayel Dobrovolski As Jingles pointed out in his game with Rita – The
      added range might not be a benefit. I personally decided to stick with the
      faster torps.

      Sure I have to get closer – But the added speed means they have a lot less
      chance of turning in time if they didn’t spot me launching them.

  167. How does the hatsuharu use its main guns as AA?

  168. battleships are so weak now since, the nerf to torp vision in beta.

  169. What kind of PC would I need to play the ‘World Of-‘ games? I really want
    to play, but I don’t know what computer to use. Any help?

    • +Matt D Very true – F2P makes it easy to test performance these days.

    • Matt D (Frizbee)

      +Mansen Well it depends on what sort of graphics and performance you are
      happy with. If you want to run it with everything on low then you could get
      away with a really low end system.

      It’s really not a system intensive game though compared to other 2014-2015

      It’s free to play though, so if you’re curious, just download it and see
      what sort of performance you get.

    • +Matt D “My 800$ computer can run the game”

      Yeah… That’s not really helpful 😛

      Suffice to say having a dedicated GPU is a big step up.

    • Matt D (Frizbee)

      +Sam Harradence It doesn’t have to be fantastic. An I7 950, with a GTX 760
      graphics card can run World of Warships with everything pretty much maxed
      and still get more than 60 fps.

  170. I did adjusting my speed when laying down smoke screen big difference

  171. Gotta love that DD’s starting time :D

  172. GeneralWillis44444

    How do you get your camera to follow your shots or torpedoes after they’ve
    been fired? And don’t just say middle mouse button: I’ve tried it. It fires
    my guns in sequence and will only follow shots fired while holding it down.
    It does nothing while my guns are reloading.

  173. What the fuck does WTF mean?

  174. Lol at all these wannabe keyboard warriors, who think they know better than
    a TWENTY FIVE YEAR VETERAN OF THE ROYAL NAVY what proper seafearing terms

    Dumbasses, you folk are the braindead numbskulls i see lemming training to
    death in WoT, or trying to win gunnery duels in a t3 Destroyer against a
    goddamn Kongo in WoWS.

  175. The nagato was probably wanting to get closer to the cruiser so its
    secondaries would have a better hit rate

  176. What mod is this guy using? Also is he using a joystick???

  177. Jingles do you have footage of anyone doing mildly decent on the Colorado?
    Such a terribad ship…

  178. So, I guess Jim Carrey will become a regular item in your WoW video’s?

  179. Okay, let me just do rapid course changes with my 60sec rudder shift

  180. Der Wolf,das lamm, auf der grünen wiese….HURZ!!!

  181. Mikayel Dobrovolski


  182. Mikhael Beauparlant

    Jingles! The destroyers and their torpedos are OP! As a battleship “driver”
    it is my right to go in a straight line and I firmly believe that torpedo
    should simply bounce of my ship armor! Make sure to let a word to wargaming
    about that serious issue!

  183. Mark Rogachevsky

    Finally,Jingles completes the criticism collection and criticizes World of
    Warships too :D

  184. I think it sucks Jap cruisers not only get to keep trops in higher tiers
    but have torps that are so fast and long range.

    • US Cruisers have advantage in their guns, but the Japanese cruisers have
      advantage with their torpedoes. Very honorable. Though I wish they would
      put the Imperial Japanese naval flags on the Japanese ships.

    • US Cruisers have advantage in their guns, but the Japanese cruisers have
      advantage with their torpedoes. Very honorable. Though I wish they would
      put the Imperial Japanese naval flags on the Japanese ships.

    • +Digital Death They lose artillery and AA as well as health in comparison
      to the US ships.

  185. ImJust0ne Gaming

    well played

  186. Fjewt “Qlimax” thehumble

    that camera view -_- looks cool but not for me :D

  187. I’m also allowed to say “driving” a ship since have I’ve been in the navy
    as well, albeit the swedish and not the noble english one ;)

  188. Pronounciation of Hurz is: “hoorts”

  189. Just like the Captain drives the ship.

    Humor failure imminent

  190. THE FPS IS REAL! lol i do like 60 to 70 fps!

  191. Jingles did you notice that the Sims had his engine taken out just before
    the torp hit. Even though the Sims fixed the engine it was enough to slow
    him down to get hit by the torp.

  192. John “Ozasuke” Garren

    Another wholesome video. How are you getting replays? Or was this a Closed
    Beta thing?

  193. Jingles, the nagato probrably turned away because he saw the smoke screen
    and therefor knew there was a destroyer nearby

  194. 5:23 Wtf was that sound

  195. “What the hell” when I was in a tier 5 cruiser and got 1 shot killed by a
    tier 4.

  196. That was great hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  197. Unless the Nagato captain had actually BEEN paying attention, saw the Zao
    go down, and then SAW the big obvious smoke cloud and thought “there’s a
    destroyer right there, I better turn in now and hug this island”. I’d at
    least give him a little credit.

  198. jingles is it possible to get a citadel hit with a trop

    • +Cameron McAllister I never argued for including it…

    • Cameron McAllister

      +Mansen Because that wouldn’t be op would it?

    • +spitfire 12 Torpedoes can’t get Citadel Damage, but they very rarely do
      full damage. They do 50 – 100% dmg (depending on place of impact, armor and
      torpedo bulges + RNG) unless you hit a critical in which case they do 0 dmg.

    • +Cameron McAllister That’s why torpedoes were such a nightmare in war. They
      are hard to spot – Hard to avoid. And if they don’t simply pass through,
      but explode within, you’re effed… royally effed.

    • Cameron McAllister

      +Mansen Because it would be OP as fuck since torpedos are op anyway if you
      don’t manuever, just sailing along, see some torps, dodge a few, two hit
      suddenly you lose half of your systems :P.

  199. I like pie !

  200. So far in the open beta I have been hit by only a couple of torps but not
    sunk, until today when I was TK’d by a “friendly” to stop me from killing
    the last enemy ship. How do I know they was trying to shoot me on purpose?
    They fired a second time after I dodged the first spread but closer the
    second time.

  201. Torps from ships are fine, but torp planes are just pure evil….
    especially when you have no AA on a slow big fat BB…..

    • +Mansen
      and on top of all that, you have time to get away since they can’t shoot
      you because they don’t know your position.

    • +vuk psodorov Yep – You can usually scare away ships by turning on your
      smoke if you need to. They can’t know if you’re launching torps or not –
      Only that you’re somewhere in there.

    • +Snagabott
      but smoke in itself is visible.
      so if you see smoke, there’s a destroyer somewhere in there. stay clear of
      it and keep an eye on it, you should be fine.

    • +Jiří Kolář I sprint around in the New York and I’m actually more hateful
      towards dds than planes. Planes you can see, dds use cloaking devices. And
      then they pop smoke.

    • Hell I often defer sailing towards the enemy if I see enemy torpedo planes
      fly past me towards a target without AA.

      You wouldn’t believe how fast those planes go down when they’re being
      chased by a ship.

  202. woke up early and get a WoWS video, nice.

  203. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Roger Whittaker, Jingles?

  204. How do you get that very high camera angle ? Is this a high tier thing ? or
    a mod ?

  205. Unfair tror, he kemp island, violent bbpadder

  206. jingles laugh everywhere! hahaaa

  207. George Mattingly

    Jingles, your videos would be so much cooler in 60fps.

    • +Reloaddcr There were – A year ago. Suffice to say though, Jingles hardware
      might not be up to the task. Or his internet for that sake.

    • Don’t start that argument there was lots of issues with different
      browsers, devices and in general ppl who couldn’t be arsed to figure out
      how to fix THEIR issues playing

  208. Your laugh in itself is just hilarious.

  209. There’s nothing more humiliating than getting destroyed by destroyer when
    you are DRIVING a destroyer.

    • Cameron McAllister

      +Sisteelin It wouldn’t be WOWS, it would be WOWs ya dumb fuck. And WOW is a
      valid name since you know what we are talking about.

    • +HerrRoehrich Yes, yes it is. By your flawed logic we’d have a million
      products and companies that would have to use different acronyms just
      because it was used elsewhere.

      It’s called context. Ships, torpedoes? You know – Probably not World of
      Warcraft on a WARGAMING channel.

    • +Mansen Considering the acronym’s decade-long association with World of
      Warcraft… no, it really isn’t. Just use WoWS and stop confusing people…
      is that so hard?

      On topic: Yeah, I had a game today in my Wakatake, where I launched a
      spread down that south western channel on Big Race right at the start, just
      for the hell of it, before any enemy had been spotted. I went my merry way,
      when 10 seconds later, BLAM Destroyed an Isokaze. I was laughing so hard,
      and apparently so was he. At least in chat xD

    • +Sisteelin WoW is still a perfectly valid acronym for the game…

    • +Cameron McAllister We are talking about World of Warships (WoWS) Not World
      of Warcraft (WoW)

  210. 7:39
    “PPpmmmfffpmmmfff” -Radm Jingles

  211. But sometimes, when a DD is chasing you while you are in a BB, sailing in a
    straight line sometime is a only thing you can do to keep you alive. XD And
    no,I’m not afraid of DD, what I’m worrying about is CV, especialy CV at
    higher tier than you, because they have a lot of plane, and if they decide
    to come after you, you are done for. ( Only thing I can do is follow the CA
    and pray those plane dont come after me or those CA are bother to protect
    my BB, because shooting plane generate little profit, so most of CAs on my
    team just run off, leaving BB behind to become CV’s free exp)

    • +Miessa1989 I agree, and I do that in my cruiser too. It just that when I’m
      in a Battleship our team’s Cruiser just run off, If I ask them to provide
      AA they just tell me “No, not worth profit to bother” or ” Tell Wargaming
      to increase exp and credit for shooting down plane and I may consider”. XD
      I’m still grinding for the Fuso, but after look at the stock stat with her
      horrible stock AA I’m gonna playing her in Coop mode only until I get her
      hull upgrade.

    • +Unfluffy Dave​ Ah, I thought most of you guys are familiar with them so I
      just use them anyway. I’m not trying to show off. XD

    • +Hoang Nguyen nah, the language is good. It is the abbreviations for the
      different classes of ships that make it amusing 🙂

    • +Hoang Nguyen actually protecting your BBs with the AA of cruiser DO give
      you a certain amount of profit. I do it often in my Yubari (as it really
      excels at antiair). You will win more often and you get credits for those
      special missions too if you shoot down a certain amount of aircraft in a
      match/in total

    • +Unfluffy Dave English is not my first language, so I’m apologize for any
      mistake I made. 😀

  212. at 7:39 that is the funniest noise ive ever heard jingles make

  213. I think Hurz is German and his name refers to this :

  214. It’s not the ship… it’s the Driver! :)

  215. Under 301 Club

  216. POI

  217. Niramo Productions

    How exactly can you use dual-purpose main battery guns against aircraft?
    Jingles mentioned that several times before, but i never saw anything like
    it in action.

    • +Niramo Productions It’s nothing but dice rolls. Get a good roll – plane

    • +Niramo Productions
      As far as i know it is just eyecandy and to know that the damage is
      active. sometimes you see the shots completly missing but still shooting
      down planes.

    • Niramo Productions

      So the damage to aircraft isn’t modeled around aa projectiles actualy
      hitting the planes, but aaround the proximity of aircraft to certain aa
      guns on the deck?
      Is the firing aa just an animation?

    • +Niramo Productions it just adds up to the damage per secound you do to
      aircraft that is in range. It never actually fires if you can control the
      guns manually because its the main gun too.

  218. Parkour/Challenges

    How do you become a community contributor??

  219. Might be a dumb question, but when you’re zoomed in, how do you get that
    angled view? Like the camera goes up, and then looks down kinda diagonally.

  220. Nice,

  221. Torpedoes launched by so called allies are op, just wish they had a minimum
    arming distance

  222. Hurz explanation:
    Sorry, if somebody posted this already.

  223. A good vid and your commentary makes it all the more entertaining!

  224. Starting time: 13:37
    Hurz1337 confirmed.

  225. Ginés Ladrón de Guevara


    Amazing match, Hurz!

    I’m dissappointed, this guy beat my 17 torps hit record :-/

  226. That laugh just made my day

  227. World of tanks arty complains :

    Woman: Its world of tanks ! Theyre comaplaining that arties are op again !


  228. Lennard Willemars

    7:39 Has Jingles just shat himself?! ;)

  229. good point !!!!!

  230. What’s with the eagle eye camera angle he keeps using? It looks like the
    view I thought only BB’s got with a scout in the air.

  231. KirkMaximus the first

    How does Hurtz pull this off? I have been in hundreds of matches where my
    DD is damaged at the first few minutes of battle by an enemy DD or cruiser
    only to kill it with a few hp left on me. Then I proceed to sail to all the
    cap points for the rest of the game with no additional detection only to
    die to the very first enemy I encountered.

  232. epic battle, nice job

  233. Shimakaze or gearing?!

  234. I wonder if maybe that Nagato noticed the Zao getting killed, and turned
    into the likely place the destroyer would be to minimize it’s profile.
    After the torpedo spread passed, he went back to broadsiding, since the
    main danger had passed. It might’ve worked, too… if, you know, someone
    didn’t put that bloody big island in the way.

    Or maybe I’m just giving a case of sheer dumb luck too much credit.

    • +TheRazgrizBlaze
      Honestly I think running aground was the only part he misjudged. either he
      was trying to aim around the island and got flustered with everything that
      was going on and ended up turning too sharply, or he plain misjudged his
      rudder shift time and couldn’t correct in time. Or both. I see the that
      happen quite a bit with BBs.

    • +Roondar Murnig It was the only solution in that situation. Turn to reduce
      profile. He turned into the island out of fear of going into the
      smokescreen just to get ambushed by the DD.

    • +Photanic I think it was actually the smokescreen that he saw. But I don’t
      think he was as stupid as Jingles thought.


    you read that wrong didn’t you

  236. Jingles you will always get sailors who go to sea sea sea, to see what they
    can see see see and always end up at the bottom of the deep blue sea sea
    sea….He he he…..

  237. Never heard of Hurz? Well here it is. 😀 It`s a german comedian and in
    this part he`s playing an opera singer. The text is total bullshit by the
    way. :P

  238. World of Tanks is that you??????????

  239. Justin Reimer (Jipner16)

    I would appreciate it for a lot of your younger audience to tone down some
    of your swearing but just putting that out there. No offense intended.

    • +Justin Reimer Oh my god who cares…

    • +Justin Reimer it was kind of a joke…. I didn´t want to argument on

    • Justin Reimer (Jipner16)

      +Nipple Twister He has actually said before that he has to be careful
      because he has had five year olds say that they love his channel. I don’t
      enjoy the vid as much as if there wouldn’t have been swearing.

    • +ProjectX45 the internet is for everyone not just you instead of telling
      people to get there kids off the internet why dont you just not swear
      instead its not lick it should take any effort on your part to withold on
      the foul langauge

    • Jingles is a former sailor, he swears as much as he likes.

  240. Sir Derbear (OwTaCtrl)

    Well Mutsuki aint gonna be to happy :/

  241. Wow, Jingles is up to over 400k….

  242. game started at 13:37

  243. anyone know how to fix the sound tearing bug?

  244. Oh no, people don’t bitch about destroyers when I play. They bitch about
    carriers being OP!

  245. battle started 13:37 XD

  246. TheBorderlineCollie

    how is this guy has areal vieuw as if from a spotter aicraft when he zooms

  247. Jingles. You will notice that 100% of all your german viewers will also
    refer to moving with a ship as “driving” because thats what its called in
    our beloved language, cars are driving, trains are driving, ships are

    And NO german (unless hes a sailor so i dont know) has any clue what to
    call moving with a ship in one english word other than driving…

  248. I am just confused as to how the destroyer was able to get the open beta
    “scout plane view” without a scout plane.

  249. Unbelievable game by hurz. Bit of derping on the other team but still very
    very impressive. BTW that sailing in straight line by BBs my advice for any
    BB driver out there keep changing positions i bagged three destroyers in a
    kawachi today just by constant rudder shifting. Dont give a DD a nice big
    broadside to shot at. Granted you need a reasonable body of water to
    maneuver in but once you found that spot keep changing course it improves a
    BBs surviability against DDs by a huge margin. Jingles loved the Jim Carrey
    ending really cracked me up.

  250. some further advice to BB drivers….”stay as far as possible of any island
    behind which a destroyer might lurk”
    “dont go into narrow straits where you can’t turn at all”
    “If you see a smokescreen, stay away from it , too”
    sadly, considering maps layout this usually amounts to “defend own map edge
    at all costs”

    • +Massive Logs
      yeah they sucked, of course they sucked, that’s why I’m saying to BB
      drivers to stay away from DDs. To achieve that I teamed up with a random
      destroyer in my team. The plan was : he go ahead, get spotted on purpose
      then lay a smoke screen and get the fuck out. Meanwhile I stay behind him,
      hide in his smoke and wait for half the ennemy fleet to sail right inside
      it while chasing the first DD. Before they sank me I managed to put 24
      torpedos in the water, 11 of them hit their target sinking three BB and
      damaging two other ships. the rest of my team sank all the routing
      dumbasses who ran into our trap while receiving minimal damages. leaving
      the score 2 to 7 in our favor

    • +Thomas Dineen
      In reality yes, in WoW they clearly are the BB hardcounter

    • No they don’t, the secondary battery only protect you against extremely
      close range torpedo launch, where it’s virtualy impossible for a BB to
      avoid being hit. So yes, the secondaries will protect you against a DD
      closing at suicidal range to launch his torpedoes but every DD have more
      range on his torpedos than the secondaries of an equivalent tier
      battleship. If you rely on an IA to get rid of a player for you you’re
      seriously doing it wrong. Plus, if you’re already on low health, the
      secondaries won’t save your ass, they are easy to brain and dodge when
      you’re in a nimble destroyer and they will be shooting low caliber AP ammos
      and you can be sure that if your main batteries are not ready to blast the
      incoming DD out of existence before he launch his close range spread there
      is nothing that will save you.

      BB are best at destroying cruisers, there is nothing a cruiser can do if he
      is caught in a gunnery duel with a BB, he will be outranged, outgunned and
      unable to tank damages as well as the BB, if you’re shooting at something
      that is not a cruiser while there is spotted cruisers you could be busy
      sinking instead you are wasting your ship.

      Seriously, sink the bloody cruisers, it’s what you do best and you will
      make the destroyers captains on your team happy destroyers captains.
      Cruisers are dreadfull for a destroyers, they can dodge torpedos quite
      easily, have tons of rapid firing accurate guns and spotters aircrafts, a
      DD cannot expect to beat a cruiser, but if you kill the cruisers for them,
      they will be happy to spot the ennemy destroyers for the cruisers on your
      team and go hunt the ennemy battleships.

      World of warships, more than world of tanks is a game best played in team.
      Just because you’re driving a top tier battleship that doesn’t make you the
      king of the sea like driving the top tier heavy make you the king of the
      battlefield in WoT.

    • +Dov4485 Destroyers are designed to sink torpedo boats and submarines, not

    • +ewok40k “”If you see a smokescreen, stay away from it , too””

      True. Krakens live there.

  251. 1st (New comment category!)

  252. What I think happened with that Nagato Jingles was that he saw the
    smokescreen that was deployed and thought “oh crap torps are probably
    already in the water, better start turning to avoid”

  253. Did they change torpedo arming distances in wows for carrier launched
    torpedos? I was in my sims the other day and 2 groups of torpedo bombers
    dropped spreads of torpedos about 80m from my ship while i was hugging an
    island. i had run in to torps before launched from way further that were
    not amred but 2 of them hit me and they were already armed was the arming
    distance changed or was my luck epicly bad? (that distance is basicaly 10m
    in wot but considering the scale is so much bigger in wows it doesnt sound
    like a small distance) 

  254. No comments yet?

  255. maaaaan … fuked up your Zao …..

  256. 301 club for the win

  257. S4 Blade (s4blade)

    we need yuudachi in WoW! ASAP XD

    • S4 Blade (s4blade)

      and thats why i stop playing WoT teammates in Sea server is not fun… even
      in NA server @u@ and i cant play in Eu server if i do i will have 500ms and
      its not fun mhe we will see and hope that WG swaps some ships out to give
      space for other ships

    • Watayuki Kimihyra

      and i only play WoT because the chance of getting the T55A but the will for
      it is fadding lately…

      since in Kancolle if time you get screwed by RNG you get somthing else as

      in Wot each time you get screwed by RNG you get shit on by your “teammate”

    • S4 Blade (s4blade)

      i have stop playing WoT for a long time now XD and WoW is only for a pass
      time if kancolle RNG gods hates me and giving me 5 kongou and things XD but
      yeah WG will just make all of the ships that we want to see as a perm ship
      for 14k or more

    • Watayuki Kimihyra

      it just not the same…if war gaming sell her as a tier 8 perm BB at the
      14k glod pirce
      i gonna quit this and WoT also WoWP

    • S4 Blade (s4blade)

      well haruna is still a kongou with some modification i hope i will see
      Bishy(bishmark) if Wg every put german tech tree up

  258. +The Mighty Jingles I find that odd your comment about pissing off the helo
    pilots, in the US Army the helo pilots call themselves ‘drivers’

  259. It’s not the destroyers that’s overpowered, it’s the brains that are

  260. KabulTheAngryFinn - The Stupidity of Gaming

    Hurz, give dat mojo! I need it!

  261. There will come a day i am not utterly flabbergasted by High tier ships not
    doing anything to avoid torpedoes.
    That day is not today

  262. how did he get the almost top down firing view without spotter in the air?

    • +Derek VDG an advantage, yes, but not the most unfair of them, there’s
      worse, and shooting over island is easy once you get the hang of it 🙂
      also, with this view, you don’t see if there’s an island or ally right in
      front of your guns, and also, tunnelvision more, in my opinion

    • +Sillius Soddus it was a misunderstanding leave the guy alone 🙂

    • Derek VDG (Dvang)

      Actually it *is* a better view. Not simply different. By spotting from the
      air, you can easily aim past/over islands. Where in the normal view
      visibility to the enemy is blocked (but the angle of your guns still allows
      the potential for firing over them), this mod allows you to see past/over
      the island (that is blocking your view) and easily be able to track and aim
      at enemies beyond it. This is an advantage. [shrug]

    • +Mansen An opinion that doesn’t match yours is not ignorance.

  263. 16:10 And there are *always* destroyers around, especially if you can’t see

  264. Stupid game should say Battlestations. Russian Iddiots


  266. They should add weather conditions eg. Storms, gale,etc. 

  267. BTW we both served in Iraq thanks for the service mate!!!!!

  268. Torpedoes are supposed to be overpowered. That’s why they were invented.
    They weren’t used to scrape the paint off a ship. They were designed to
    blow anything they touch into the abyss. Like you said Jingles. STOP
    sailing in a straight line making it easy for destroyer “drivers” ;)

  269. 4700 bxp???? Whaat?! That is brutal.

  270. Hahaha awesome ending xD

  271. Ha Ha Mr. Jingles you say “driving the ship”, not steering, and i say
    “shooting my Gun”, not rifle. Tomato, tomoto! nice vid

  272. Herz a game of world of warships for you ;D

  273. Yay I made it like 412th

  274. Re: ‘driving a ship’: The ship has controls, a wheel, throttle – you’re
    DRIVING it. No, you’re not SAILING it, it has no sails. You’re not STEAMING
    it, it runs on bunker oil. You’re DRIVING it.

  275. MUahaha what a game. Hertz CONGRATS, I was laughing all the time waching

  276. How to switch off AA?

  277. Saw a Isokaze getting sunk in a cap circle yesterday, because it’s AA guns
    opened fire at the remnant planes from a sunken CV…of course we lost the
    game, even though I got 5 kills and high caliber…

    • Ah ok gotcha. Well good luck to you in the future.

    • No, it was the EU server and the CV actually chased me a bit, until I sunk
      him (for some reason he steamed to on of the capture points). The DD
      shouldn’t even have been there. He should have sunk the last enemy cruiser
      I couldn’t get to, because my rudder was jammed. Instead he tried to
      recapture a point, when all it would have done was to delay our defeat.

      There war only the Isokaze, an enemy Furutake and me in a Minakaze left at
      this point.

    • +TheGerudan Hmmm NA server? That may have been me and the damn cv had had
      his damn planes chasing me all over the map spotting me the previous 3 or 4
      minutes and I was down to one of the last two ships left just trying to
      kill the remaining ships and then I was the last ship and those damn planes
      flew over me again and spotted me and of course the remaining 3 ships
      opened up on me. So there really was no reason not to try to kill them
      since I was already spotted. And the only reason I was ever in cap was to
      try to help decap with the remaining cruiser until he died. Which we did.
      But after he died it was 3 on 1 with me spotted and all the enemy ships in
      range. If this is not the same game it sounds really similiar. So just a
      heads up of what was going on that maybe you weren’t aware of.

    • +TheGerudan actually the AA Flags on the isokaze are so terrible that they
      will only open up on planes at a Range of ~ 2 km, which is inside the
      spottingrange from air. So anytime the isokaze fires he AA he would’ve been
      spotted by aircraft anyway. So if you are not engaging aircraft on purpose
      there is no harm in keeping the AA on Isokaze enabled.

  278. Why did his aiming view seem a lot higher than and looking over the enemy

  279. Clearly a demonstration of the inherent superiority of the Japanese
    Combined Fleet. :P

  280. okey

  281. “hmppppffffffrrrffffff”- Rear Admiral Jingles

  282. what the hell was that noise that jingles made at 7:37

  283. Those narrows are like the canal on the “Two Brothers” map. A few days a go
    i sunk 4 ships. And on the tip of the eh…assault was a bb.

  284. wtf sniper view camera?

  285. Notice me Jingles senpai

  286. I like pancakes. I stayed up all day just to be the first comment on
    jingles newest vid. So make it the most liked comment. Make it happen or il
    cut all your faces off.

  287. Am I the only one who sung the first bit of the description? “It’s not
    unusual to…”

  288. % minutes ago and 299 views. Just in with the cewl crowd :)

  289. 690th

  290. Welcome to the under 301 cl- *BANG*

  291. Under 301 :O

  292. hahaha…69 views…*chuckles* 69

  293. 23WalkDcool RBLX

    😀 😀 😀 :D

  294. 50th view what the heck

  295. yolo 2nd

  296. first time under 301 club BITCHES!

  297. Ah, my morning dose of Jingles. My life is now complete

  298. “Uploaded 58 seconds ago.” My timing is never this good.

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