World of Warships – Wunderkraut

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What’s the matter, Tommy? Are… ze Germans coming?

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  1. JIM the heliophobe

    Velos still exists, she’s a museum ship.

  2. ACTUALLY JINGLES the double strike was because of the Jutland kill and not the FDR kill

    • Alonso Ovando Chico

      Actually actually it’s a FDG not a FDR

    • I had to go back and watch that bit again; because he killed two ships within a few seconds and it popped up with ‘Devastating Strike’ it was easily confused for a ‘Double Strike’, I’m surprised it wasn’t to be honest. What’s the cut off for that award, 10 seconds between kills? Or 5 seconds?

  3. These jingles videos at 4AM aren’t helping my insomnia but do make it more bearable

  4. 𝐦 𝐚 𝐢 𝐧 𝐳

    10:03 actually jingles, you were atleast 4 seconds too early to say Double Strike because that was a Dev Strike

  5. I received the camo on the Georgia as a permanent T9 one as some prize or other. This was before the camo rework, so it’s now a bonus package on Kitakaze. Minus the horrible camo.
    Georgia is pretty awesome in ranked, although she tends to melt. Wunderkraut spaced his heals well, and he managed to live just long enough to win, which is all that matters. 😉

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      ? when you got that camo ? , I have Georgia since she came out , and i did not get that one for her … I have that camo but it was as reword , that you can put on any ship , i placed mine on Lepanto , because I grinded that at that time and it was perma +100% xp in old eco system .
      Honeslty I met few Georgias when I have ranked out , and in that battle WonderKraut had a loot of luck , if FdG payed more attention game would be won , I ranked out playing whole the time Kita/Alaska/Musashi I ranked out in one sprint bronze & silver , now I am in Gold .

    • tends to melt lmao
      pommern on the other hand gets shit on by a georgia no matter what angle

    • @Jacob Himilton In a one on one I’d choose Pommern every time. In ranked it’s a tossup. Pommern is much tougher than Georgia (and can’t be citadelled) but has has a normal heal and inaccurate guns. She has better secondaries though, Georgia’s can really only set fire against Pommern, whereas Pommern’s will shred Georgia. She also gets torpedoes which will clinch any brawl should Georgia get too close.

    • So long as no one has knocked those tubes out and they are as fragile as a thin pane of glass

  6. Test account, please ignore

    Jingles, Gneisenau now comes with American BB dispersion, making her reasonably accurate.

    • “Reasonably” as someone that recently (i think last year) unlocked her and played her enough to unlock the second Hull. While the “grouping” of the shells has certainly improved, their ability to actually HIT an enemy target has most certainly NOT.

      Like ya know how the Japanese BBs tend to Bracket (some fall short some fall long of the target) their targets? That is exactly what German Ships do now.

    • Test account, please ignore

      Well, to be fair I do kind of hate battleships but the bit I did play Gneisenau I was able to reliably hit my shots at mid-range now

    • I have personal experience of improved Gneiesenau accuracy – my full health Algerie was dev-striked by one at 11.9 Km range – three AP direct hits out of 6 fired in one broadside….:(
      Next time I’ll be MUCH more careful!

  7. The only camos I choose to put on my ships now are the vaguely historical looking ones (with a couple of the more attractive unhistorical ones such as the black, red and white German camo). I personally don’t want to sail around with stars, hearts or rainbow streamers up the side of my WWII ship if it brings no economic benefit. It’s funny because now the basic type 4, 5 and 6 camos, which I accumulated thousands of, are now my most used.

    • Kristoffer Mangila

      I agree. These warships look the best in military camouflage, ’nuff said.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      I have sold all my camos when eco rework hit , I got over 200 mil I bought 4 sure ships for that , and I dont use any camos if I can , as “nude” ships look more accurate to those served in ww2 , as camo was expensive and only some ships got it .

    • @Adam Marcinkowski yeah, I think the majority of people did the same. I held on to mine because I thought it would be typical WG to partially revert the changes after a period of time or something. I keep a handful of all the camos just for collection purposes.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      @MrRedRye Not me I sell every camo get in to my hands 🙂 , today I should grinf 45k base xp and finnish pan American cruiser mission = 500 tokens = 2 distand travel containers , and those drop 25 camos , I got 3 times 90k ones = 1.125.000 credits , and I need credits bad , i wont spend cash on it , today I bought Ushakov , and now I drop to 65mil credits , and next week is regrind x2 = – 25m , and I like have 100 mil to be save if I need some … you know white people problems 😉

  8. At the risk of going to the salt mines… Jingles calling the double strike before it popped up in game. (The double strike came after he killed the Jutland)

  9. 2:00 for those of you who dont know, the jager is, as jingles said, a 1917 destroyer at T9.
    What he didnt mention is that it has halland torps.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      That ship wil be poorer Kitakami , 99% torp spamer , when it came out for some time playing will be terrible :/

    • @Adam Marcinkowski the ship has very good concealment and the long range torps are faster then Hallands with a shorter reload, while having 16 of it.
      At the same time it benefits from something i would call the “war-canoo-effect”. This hull has basically no superstructure and sits extremely deep in the water, resulting in it being very hard to hit consistantly. Nightmare to play against in BBs and iffy to hunt for dds. Its basically a Benham on steroids and you will find nobody, who owns the Benham, telling you, that it is terrible to play.

    • Matthias Darrington

      @Sporting1210 yeah she is powercreep incarnate.

  10. “The Georgia tends to actually hit what it fires those guns at.” Next five salvos get a total of 5 hits out of 30.

  11. Always looking forward to Jingles WOWS and WOT videos at 6PM and watching it after dinner. Good relaxing vids, same with Flambass.

  12. On the Jaeger, remember when Wargaming removed the Kitakami, a tier 4 light cruiser and then planned to put it back in as a tier 10 premium. A ship from 1919. So the Jaeger at tier 9 is not that farfetched, pretty stupid but not unheard of from WG.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      Honestly as a Pole , I hope that WG will add Polish cruiser ORP Dragon , a T4 Denae class (acctual Denae used by Poland in ww2) , in T9 with quick reload , smoke , hydro = T9 copy of Smolensk , I would like that :)))

    • Admittedly, the Kitakami has 20 torpedoes. Per side.

      Completely insane.

  13. “The Buffalo is dead, so there’s no more radar threat.”

    Ignaciao Allende asks “Am I a joke to you?”

  14. Entertaining like always.

  15. Wow, a very awful lot happened during the last three minutes of that one!

  16. Timing is everything with the Georgia, knowing when to go ham on the enemy makes for hilarious death streaks.

  17. Jingles commentary is more entertaining than any experience I had playing the game.

  18. As always your videos never disappoint . Been watching them a long time ! Keep up the good work sir .

  19. it amazes me how long it took the player to look at his minimap and realize there was a rupprecht in his spawn

  20. actually Jingles, the New years perma Camo comes with economic bonuses, have several mounted on Tech Tree ships. These permas were out before the change to camo and bonuses.

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