World of Warships x Azur Lane

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Kougeki kaishi!
The new stage of collaboration with Azur Lane has started. New commanders, ships, port and many-many more!

Keep an eye out on the official World of website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Kougeki kaishi?
    Which Azur Lane commanders do you have in your port?:)

  2. TheNerfPlayer12321

    okay that was a bit odd but I won’t mind it as much as the overpriced lootboxes for the ship captains which I can’t choose

  3. I just realized the potential of Dasha in becoming a cosplayer.

  4. Lowkey we can all see Nelson was trying to do a Jojo pose

  5. XD . Azur Lane Russian version. Like if you “AGREE” .

  6. Anh Viet Nguyen Google

    Azur Lewd now, Dasha Shipgirl better than them

  7. A bit cringy but ok nvm.

  8. nice very nice
    but i prefer the real azurlane , sorry wows

  9. Oh no! After Elong Musk, Dasha also got infected with the weeb virus!… Noice…
    Now we can call her “Dasha-chan”.

  10. Nelson? Are you a Jojo reference?

  11. 0:33 oh? you’re aproaching me gadja mahda….

    but relly wg… what did you do !! Oo

  12. Frost Winterhazel


  13. Wargame Czirokay

    Dasha from anime….YYYEEEAAAHHHHH! If I was not having a wife I would fall in LOVE!!! <3<3<3

  14. shadowtrooper 262

    I prefer and will always prefer HMS Hood more then that tsundere Nelson.

  15. wheres the gallery pic of dasha cosplay??? like button intensifies**

  16. Dasha: *turns into weeb and cosplay anime*
    Random Anime Artist around the world who plays WOWs: *drawing intensified*

  17. Moisesezequiel Gutierrez

    Me: Holy Shit! New skins!
    My inner weeb: Kawaii!
    My wallet: *_N E I N_*

  18. First Sabaton with Bismarck and now this? You guys have all the best connections.

  19. Its amazing that you’re collaborating with azur lane!

    Now fix tier 5 matchmaking

  20. I fell bad for those WOW players who have to endure this update

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