World of Warships- Ya Did Good, But For The Love Of God WG STOP This

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Hey guys! Today we go over the Obon event currently going on in game, quite a decent event imo, but it of course comes with more temporary resources and the like. Enjoy!

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0:00 Intro
3:47 Bundle Breakdown
8:41 Earning Tokens For Free/Thoughts On Event


  1. Student of History

    Sealord: …..please stop….too many tokens….
    WG: M O A R!!!!

  2. There’s that event coming out in a bit that uses portal tokens. I has some in my inventory from last time. While I was playing the other day they got pulled out of my account. No compensation, they just took them.

  3. Papaver Somniferum

    Iwami is one of my fav Japaneese premiums. Got her for free in last year santa container and i love the way Iwami handles with almost anything besides CV’s and subs. Also 20km torps work both like “fire and forget” and “last chance” weapon considering in wich circumstances i find myself in.
    P.S Token guy from WG – you’re drunk, go home.

    • I got mine for coal, which before hand owning the Hizen, Iwami is better in most category other then losing 4 guns in total, losing the catapult for spotter in exchange for torpedo tubes.

  4. Obon is already an old event… it went live like one week ago on the Eu server. And by the way, I got an Hayate on the first container for 5 obon tokens 🙂

  5. The Dalian was the first thing that I had in that random bundle set. Spent 1500 dubs to get 3000 dubs.

  6. 90 percent of the time I just convert the tokens I get from whatever nonsense is going on into credits since I’m usually strapped for credits. Though for the Spanish cruiser thing I ended up picking up ships and bonus packages since I got so many of the damn things. And I did grind the Jäger.

  7. Obon (お盆) or just Bon (盆) is a fusion of the ancient Japanese belief in ancestral spirits and a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors. This Buddhist–Confucian custom has evolved into a family reunion holiday during which people return to ancestral family places and visit and clean their ancestors’ graves when the spirits of ancestors are supposed to revisit the household altars. It has been celebrated in Japan for more than 500 years and traditionally includes a dance, known as Bon Odori.

    • If you live somewhere in the USA with a sizeable Japanese-American community (like the city in California where I grew up) Obon/Bon Odori is also an occasion for a big public cultural festival celebrating Japanese culture, art, music, and food. 11/10 would recommend checking it out!

  8. Designed specifically to separate people from their money without they ever knowing exactly which non-existent item costs what.

  9. My first bundle was the Conq camo, which was nice enough looking to buy… but after that.

  10. Sealord, Obon it’s a japanese festivity, when they honour and care about their ancestors, like we, westen people, do with our passed ones in October/November.

  11. Perhaps the Trade in event would have been a good, if they offered more then just 18 ships to GET (all of them just from the armory for doubloons and for coal), compared to the ships to trade in list being almost every premium in the game. Trading in a ship like Musashi, Missouri or Kronshadt for a Malta? yoshino? or a Pommern? people with the ships would say no thank you.

  12. The trade in is actually good Sea lord you can trade in a tier 10 coal ship (cheapest one suggested) and get a tier 8 premium for free and just re buy the coal ship. I would only do this if you have alot of coal though. Also you can do this multiple times.

  13. Steve's Workbench

    Wargamming should make World of warships of the Line. Would enjoy a decent naval combat game with ships from 1700- 1890s

  14. The point is if you click to buy the 3K coal mission for that no value, you are likely to spend 1K doubs to get enough tokens for next bundle (70 tokens total for 4th box). That box contains just some Worthless stuff.

    But when we speak about spanish cruisers and Silver and Golden tokens, you had choise to get either ships and camos maybe upto T9 camo or free boosters upto T8.
    If you don’t buy them or apply your extra boosters from old events, you could get exchange silver to golden tokens in ratio 1 silver to 2 golden and get perma camouflage on T9( personal challenges could give you plenty of silver, if you play different classes and nations).

    But yeah, the number of ingame temporary currencies is growing to good Exchange Office offers, nice fast cash grab).

  15. Just a mention on the Obon missions, they are actually well worth it, if we know what we are getting. We get a mission a day, they all require 1700 baseXP to complete to recieve the 5 Obon tokens but there is a bonus to each one, essecially we get an extra blue bonus baked in to the ships used in the mission until it is complete. I made 2.3mil credits in the 3 games i needed to complete the first mission (I used a couple of red bonuses of course which stacks onto this bonus). The 2nd mission is with Commander XP etc. 😉
    I hope this clears things up concerning these Obon missions. 🙂

  16. Content Idea: Not only are there too many events, there’s too many combat missions, I’m finding that many people are trying to speed grind in CO-OP, taking away from players in random. In CO-OP people are cock blocking each other from torp’ing ships etc.

    • As they should! Every man for themselves. How dare you speed past me in your DD that the AI refuses to shoot for a free dev strike torp run. I have tank all the damage so i should get the kill. Wont change my mind.

    • Co-Op for quick completion of campaigns/combat missions. Whats also taking away from randoms are Operations. More and more people grind T6-8 through Ops as it gives consistently high XP/Credits. A medicore match in Ops nets about the same rewards as a really good Random, while also being more faced paced action, vs the campy passive BS T8-10 randoms have become.

      I started another line the other day and T1-4 in randoms was almost all bots. In 16 random matches I think I saw 4 real players. Crazy.

    • @Drew Smithson I agree every man for themselves. I’m just saying it’s not good for the game to have everyone in CO-OP trying to ‘speed’ grind these against the time restraints. I know they missions stack but I’m not going spend 24/7 in CO-OP. And yes you should get the kill or at least kill assist, like in War Thunder. Hell not just DD’s doing it CA’s as well. There’s just too much happening

  17. You can actually get 2 ships for 1 with the trade event
    Just trade a coal ship for a Bayard, then grind the upcoming anniversary event, get the bayard again, if WG changes nothing then you will get a 100% discount for a dub Tier VIII ship
    Just remember that you can only get certain ships from the list WG posted last week
    I personally wanted a Bayard for a while, got her and i plan on getting Vanguard in the future
    A very good deal imo
    +You can always get the coal ship back for free

  18. I picked up the Iwami a while (coal) and I thought it was a “meh” ship. Not bad, but not close to anything you’re running around screaming “I love this ship!”

  19. if u ask me the trade in is fine if u have premiums you hate. And come christmas u can just get more ships from the containers. Maybe you’ll even like em this time around (i hated every single one but alaska and monaghan)

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