World of Warships – YA-MAAAA….khm…I mean Moshi Moshi?

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Here is a 9 Yamato for you in a match which felt easy until I realized I have no team left xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Thank you for good vids !

  2. I absolutely despised the Lyon. Glad I’m not the only one who had terrible RNG with it

    • Funny you should say that because Gneisenau is a ship I had great dispersion with most of the time I played it. I think my ship’s parameters might be off or something haha

    • I played a lot of Gneisenau recently, and each of the two shots from the 3 cannons were almost constantly at their maximum dispersion. Hopefully the ship has torps and good secondaries…

    • For me there were times where I fired the 3 turrets and the grouping was so tight I only noticed 3 shells. To be fair that was quite rare but still, had plenty of devastating strikes with the Gneis

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      SpartiuS94  At least Gneisenau has tougher armor & better secondaries that can actually hit the targets at range. And of course torpedoes that guarantee your win in brawling.

    • +Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing true but Lyon’s secondaries are second best in T7 and its AA is better. Plus, it’s armor is also turtleback so it’s not that much worse than Gneisenau’s armor.

  3. That moment when you wanna go do something meaningful, but then suddenly see a Flambass vid popping up… demn…

  4. Ichsbe Stimmtnischt

    That Salem had a pretty good game, too!

  5. MUU… SAAAAAAA… SHIIIIIIIII!!! Well done, sir 🙂

  6. Thanks for the great vids, Flambass. Keep it going man 🙂

  7. you mean Musushi?

  8. With the accuracy at the start, i only noticed you were driving the Moshi Moshi after that brawl with Lion. GG man.

  9. Lol Flambass not paying attention to the game, realizes at the end that they didnt have any cap for most of the game. Leaving his team unsupported in tanking damage as enemy pushed.

    • Not really the Musashi’s job to cap surely? Seems flanking and putting the hurt on the enemy broadside helped the team plenty. Not exactly as if he were just sniping from range.

    • I think he had another brain fart. The red caps where on top of the green team points so he thought they owned them

    • James Henderson. It’s not that he didn’t cap it’s that he wasn’t aware of how the game was unfolding not paying attention to anything but his own ship

  10. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Musashimi and Yamasushi… – both very squishy.
    also that Iowa getting nuked from 60k HP for broadsiding was funny…
    Like broadsided 307mm belt armour and low waterline 16-25mm citadel deck – will do anything to 203mm with 500mm pen at point blank.

  11. Kotori Minami_chan16

    13:36 The way that you’re sailing in with the most powerful BB and with those guns pointed like that, love it! Super awesome!!

  12. Why not copliment the Salem?he played well

  13. I would love to see a replay of the Shima game if all 3 of you played them.

  14. I got soo lucky. Out of all the premiums that could have dropped for me I got the Warspite., the only ship I really wanted. Haven’t gotten a single supercontainer since then. That was a year ago.

  15. Dispersion was invented by a man. No way a woman would come up with the idea of randomly missing the target and firing one up the wrong hole.

  16. I think wg nerfed yamato silently. I Make no good damage since musashi is out. Most of the time 4884 damage. That suks. Musahi is the cita Monster now. Yamato is broken .

  17. jeez the subscribtions didnt stop, so annoying that sound when it’s >10x

  18. A little while ago we met in battle on opposing fronts. When someone said that on other side there was Flambass I went to check out the list of players and I didn’t see the second wave of torpedoes arrive. You’re supposed to be classified as a “mass distraction weapon”. LOL!!!

  19. Damn, i’d love to see the 48 gun salute club with the 3 Lyons featuring Flambass ;-D

  20. those subscribed sound get annoying after a while thou

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