World of Warships- Y’all Are Gonna Hate This With A Fiery Passion…

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at a replay featuring the Submerged Tea Vessel Thrasher! Enjoy!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

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  1. TRASHer problem are – super slow underwater speed, she is elephant in the room when manouvering (before the buff) and torps are weak.

  2. the torp reload crew must be on meth- Sealord

  3. Next time you break out the G3, maybe plastic sub model targets. Just a thought.

  4. @teensierpython-4565

    DDs should be much scarier to subs. It’s so frustrating

  5. Subtract 1/3 BXP and you get what normal ship would get for same performance.

    • Exactly. This is disgusting.

      Why it’s even in the game?

    • @@Radbug11 Not every class as the same capacity to acquire experience for an equal performance so carriers who have an increased capacity to acquire experience for an equal performance get less experience and submarines who have a reduced capacity to acquire experience for an equal performance get more experience.

    • @@dzello And this exactly is straight bullshit. Here, the sub player didn’t even need to sweat that much. Looks like good normal game. Menawhile, surface ships players, who almost break their fingers trying to switch between shooting, spoting, didn’t get spotted, avoiding torps, fighting subs, caping zones, fighting planes, torping e.t.c gets a pack of potatos for their performance.

      As I said – BULLSHIT.

    • @@Radbug11 There’s no bullshit.

      The averages of submarines are lower than other classes, so if they had a normal modifier, they would get tons less than other classes.

      With that modifier, submarines average 1600 experience and if you compare that to destroyers, it’s actually on the lower end.

      They don’t get more than other classes, it’s a compensation for submarines naturally being worse at getting experience.

      It makes complete sense.

    • @@dzello so why in the clips I watched and in my games, subs ALWAYS had shit tons of exp for doing literally nothing?

      It’s not about any average of submarines. it’s artifical exp bonus so people want to play that shit class without the future in the game. Sociopath without their own life, who just want to make lifes of other people so miserable just like theirs.

  6. Modern attack subs can’t fire that fast nor do they carry that many torpedoes. Ludicrous .

  7. Thrasher should flood and sink after one depth charge hit to be historicaly accurate

  8. Akizuki proving at the end that he can think and breathe at the same time.

  9. I had to rewind, but the Alabama was AFK the whole match, never moved from his spawn.

    • might be the bug i ran into and reported. i loaded into the start battle screen but the start battle button never appeared, it didnt appear until literally 27 seconds before the team won the game… and i got warned i was afk when in fact the bugged client didnt let me enter the battle to control my ship

    • @@davidhines7592 I got something similar twice last week. Both times my ISP disconnected me right at the beginning of the match, and when I reconnected I got the “unsportsmanlike conduct” penalty even though I reconnected before the match should have even been a minute in.

  10. Submarine and CV gameplay – target practice

    Surface ship gameplay – dodge everything simulator

    • Thats DD and some cruiser only

      Rest of classes – try to dodge, get f* anyway

    • @@SapphirosCZ Play subs. You will get the dodging from ships all over, BBs included big time.

    • A single anecdotal video where for some reason the enemy DDs are just asleep at the wheel and sink in 4 seconds giving the sub free range to harass the big ships undetected is not representative. By that logic, I could also “prove” DDs to be OP by picking a match where one team gets a 4 against 0 DD situation quickly and snowballs.

    • @@ZenoDovahkiin So much THIS. Half of these videos do not seem to show amazing player skill on the subject player, but rather asleep at the wheel cluelessness on part of their targets. Been noticing this with a lot of videos, just makes me wish I could get matches like that.

  11. Had a U-2501 sitting beneath my Republique, a Yamato, and a Montana last night. Every time he pinged, we dropped a massive square of ASW over the area and none of us hit him. He was inside a ~6x6km square but nothing tagged him until his battery ran out and he tried to shotgun me and I blew his face off at 3km. The changes they made just made ASW less painful and subs more able to spin about away from the ping locator that doesn’t show up anywhere near the sub so you’re just guessing where to drop.

    • It’s rarer that a sub just stays its course. It doesn’t take much to make a 60-degree turn if they fire from the edges of firing angles which are about 30 degrees. About the same as trying to dodge shells in a surface ship effort-wise.

    • 2501 is very fast, he was probably moving around.

    • ” I know one thing, Major. I drew down and fired straight at it. Capped off two hundred rounds in the minigun, full pack. Nothing… nothing on this earth could have lived. Not at that range.”

    • @@wheel6243 “Get to the choppa!”

  12. When I play my sub and get spotted like that I’m blown up instantly … mah dude just sails.

  13. WOW must update the subs with normal non acoustic torps.

  14. The subs era aint going away anytime soon

  15. @dr.lesliegriffiths5727

    Nice video. I do have a question. I was trying to add a permanent camouflage to my ships. However, the camo says the display is turned off. How do I turn it back on?

  16. WG also gave the torps a 20% decreased turn radius. Sub love all around from WG.

  17. I use British submarine homing torps as regular torps and fire from periscope or surface. I get hits all the time.

    • I’ve been doing the same with the German subs with the same results 👍

    • @@oranmcdougall2650 ever since i saw a replay last year i changed it all and play my subs on the surface and scope depth rarely ping at all the higher tier the match are and i dont get vaporized by asw anymore lol

    • @@Crazyhorrse Yep I use the same method lol, ASW is much easier to avoid playing that way. I do use the deeper modes to sneak under the enemy team battle lines or to escape when I’m detected or to float up an shotgun ships🙂

  18. “fun and enganging”

  19. I loved the British sub line, but was disenfranchised with Thrasher because she was such a slug. Her turn radius was massive, making her extremely difficult to maneuver enough to be effective in any way. Now, with the new changes, she seems a lot more viable. Makes me happy!

  20. I think making the ping indicator more accuarate for somebody you’re pinging would be fair, too. Maybe give a secondary indicator to a player when their ship is hit that is exact or at least less than 0.5km off.
    On the other hand, you want there to be as much of a benefit for mid to long range attacks as possible, to encourage that playstyle. If you overdo it and pressing sonar just kills you, you can’t be surprised if subs commit to shotgunning. Make long range attacks low risk-low reward, mainly good for area denial and perhaps punishing mistakes on cruisers and BBs.

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