World of Warships- Y’all Are Gonna HATE This…

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They really went there.


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  1. Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Knowing how much WG love their subs and especially their carriers, the introduction of an I-400 type class of hybrid submarines into the game isn’t the biggest shock to me.

    • I mean, Was it ever in doubt? ITs the ONE THING the I400 is famous for.

    • same here, unsurprised. heck I’d be less surprised if they make the japanese sub tech tree out to be hybrid subs with I-400 as tier 10

    • i 54 isnt an i400 class tho. Still, both are subs that have planes so ye, maybe this is a “testbed” for the actual i400

    • Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi

      @Banana_BOI1  I meant it’s an 1-400 type of submarine, that it was the same concept not that it was part of the same class. Sorry for the confusion.

    • Keep in mind, that submarines with 283mm guns were also present in real life. WG just wont miss an opportunity, to relase a CB-Sub (i bet that it’s gonna be tankier than the rest, probably with a secondary guns or an at least good AA)
      Yeah, I really feel bad for my ships, that have only 8km deep charge strike planes range at tier X. Anyway i played a sub yesterday…and i liked it, unfortunately. But i will stay away from them as long as i can. Did same with my opiate addiction, it works really well. Even if something will get in my veins i do not have a need for more. It’s just pointless.

  2. Wargaming being wargaming. Combines the 2 most hated lines into one. CV and Submarine. Wargaming be like s m a r t

  3. Next: hybrid submarine with 460 mm main gun

  4. I mean was it ever in doupt it was coming? Japen is known for having HUGE submarines, and more importantly known for having Plane Catapults on their submarines. The I400 is Famous for having 3 planes carried inside. I am fairly Certain the Japanese Sub line will ether be Cruiser Submarines (representing the Japanese Fleet subs) or Hybrid Submarines.

    Plus WG being WG, they have to keep printing their “new toy” till they come up with the next one. (Hybrid ships in this case) That said, if the Halford US Hybrid DD was anything to go by, this Sub is probably going to be SHIT! Cus if someone finds you while your controlling the planes, Your screwed.

    • If they add a hybrid sub add I-25 or I-400. I-25 launched a plane that bombed a forest in an attempt to start a wildfire and I-400 had a big emphasis on aircraft

  5. Moon Cricket Stinks

    Glad to be watching the suffering the torment WG keeps making, and playerbase is enjoying while I’m playing Baldurs Gate, and not missing this game.

  6. I wonder if they’re going to add a flight deck to planes as well 🤔. You launch a plane squadron from a plane

  7. WG -” Lets troll the players some more, dumb bastards😅”
    Playerbase -” My wallet is ready! “

  8. Lesta was always developing the game, it created it. Lesta version – is THE MAIN version, and otherwise with tanks.

    • Some people just like to think they’re playing NOT a russian game =)

    • @MrNenadomnelogin Soloyov (Russian pundit) even calls it out as tool of propaganda. Only problem is that those that believed in their supperiority die without hope on the real life batlle field. Quit the busines concept when you think of it. Unless the only objective is to recruit gun fother. At least western potential recruits learn Kobajashi Maru before considering joining their militaries IRL. The best is still to take some light europeean cruiser or destroyer of “some non existant” navy and take out a totally fictitious Kremlin even if it is only 1 in 100 games.

  9. Like Ise and Tone, this was a real thing so I don’t have a problem with it – I can’t imagine it will actually be good. That said, I’d have preferred it if they had done I-400.

  10. next hybrid it’s gonna be a russian cv with torpedo launchers, 14km of range, dive capabilities that can launch planes at “periscope depth”

  11. I bet I-400 is gonna be the tech tree tier 10 when they eventually add japanese tech tree subs. Since we have stuff like Luisianna now its not farfetched

  12. Don’t see the Surcouf coming though. You’d have to modify that detect range when firing the gun and have it hit hard to be worth using it unless a dd gives you smoke.

  13. Going to admit that I’ve been waiting for this sub due to it’s history yet I do understand how overpowered that can be..

  14. Now imagine if American subs had radar like how they do in irl.. Only able to use it at Periscope or fully surfaced. It was be broken. One sub that I really wanna see has to be Batfish.

  15. If they do put in the I-400 its going to be interesting since arpeggio of blue steel Iona is the same class I-401 which opens the possibly of a premium ship maybe?

  16. Like I’ve been saying for a while, casual reminder that Iona from the ARP colab is specialized for “ARP I-401” with a super ship star at the end…

  17. Sealord do you know why divisions no longer have the option to choose which operation they want to play as well as why wargaming removed the wolfpack op?

  18. The way this ship should work is — a sturdy scout plane that you can program to scout a route. You surface the sub and launch the plane and give it a scout path in the areas you want to go into, and then forget it. It flies around spotting stuff for you and your team until it is shot down or you recall it. Meanwhile you run your sub. You can launch it again of course the next time you surface long enough to go through that procedure. A scout plane like that which is hard to shoot down would be useful to the team, and wouldn’t require magic planes to appear out of nowhere, to go along with your magic torpedoes on the sub.

    • absolutely! Especially since “magic torpedoes” (I assume you mean the way this game models homing torpedoes?) is not only OP and ahistorical, but doesn’t even make sense

    • Same thought. With Halford not being as cracked as everyone thought would be, strike aircraft model for these ship classes doesn’t work well as they have better concealment to closing in and deal actual damage anyway. Hybrid BB work too well for this model because they have range to deal damage (helped by BS armor scheme too).

      That being said, I thought Japanese Subs would be designed for conventional torp as the main armament as we seen in I-56. So why they’re going for accoustic torp, I have no idea

  19. Gameplay wise, I don’t know but contrary to many paper ships, those types of submarines are historically correct. The Japanese’s I-400, the British HMS M1 , the french Surcouf, Italian Ettore Fieramosca and USS S1 all really existed and personally I’d like to see them

  20. Tech News for Tech Noobs

    The only thing about this that upsets me is that there still isn’t a Japanese sub line! I mean come on…I want to get my hands on an I-400 class sub!

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