World of Warships- Ya’ll Aren’t Gonna Believe What WG Did…

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Hey guys! Today we talk about some surprisingly good news with regards to the upcoming dockyard! Enjoy!


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  1. Let’s all be honest: we’re all just waiting for the (inevitable) other shoe to drop.

  2. My first dockyard in a long time…looking forward to it.

  3. Not going to happen. WG have slowly made the dockyard event harder and harder, so you must really play a lot to be able to only buy 2 phases. 🤣

  4. “Free” dockyards are second jobs

    • @sealordmountbatten

      I believe you can grind the mission in asymmetrics, which will make it a hell of a lot easier

    • @@sealordmountbatten Do you know if the test server dockyard missions are the same as I am half way through already and in the test server you get 31,000 doubloons from the dockyard missions. Kinda weird as there is nothing to spend them on in the test server.

    • @@sealordmountbatten I just hope its gonna be all the way through them and not like in Michelangelo´s case, where they shut them down after week 3 or so.

    • @sealordmountbatten

      @@-sly-Critique No, the missions on the PT server are not the same as that of the live server

    • It isn’t that bad (as long as you actively play the game). It was terrible with the introduction of dockyard (Puerto Rico), but I find most of them doable these days.

  5. @lightbluewaves5526

    I really want this ship and will try to get her. But so far in my experience everytime when they seem to be doing something good looking, shortly after they do something scummy

  6. Free dockyard…. *Has Pay To Rico flashbacks*

  7. Why would a long grind equal more money? I will be grinding instead of having fun and playing ships that I like. If anything I need a break after a dockyard.

  8. @sealordmountbatten

    What do you guys think of this recent streak of good news?
    I will be streaming this evening from 3:30PM USC to 7ish USC on the channel and Twitch, I would love to see you there!

  9. @colinschenck2129

    Can only wait to see how absolutely insane the grind is going to be to unlock Wisconsin. I bet it won’t be first PR bad, but right there with it

  10. I got wv44 from a black Friday crate so this is awesome news

    • @heinelillealter9350

      I thought the same just to realize that I had the wv41 🙄 but yea grate for those of you that have the right one, good luck on the grind 🫡

  11. @williamneitzel2249

    WG is still doing its best to money-grab. I did the math on the Commonwealth purchases in the Armory and the 20 phases event. You get just enough tokens in the event to acquire the T5-7 ships. In order to get the T8 via containers, you need to buy 28 chests; then spend 19K+ doubloons for the T10. And there is no guarantee of getting the T9 from the containers. I can’t justify spending around $250 US for what will become free ships to grind for.
    WISCO coming is great, but they still need to finish Battleship Row (and the PENN which was in drydock).

    • @dodgedaytona7435

      They needed to have the USS Maryland in the game, so all big seven are present

    • Believe it or dont do so, but they need Money for living and the company

    • @dodgedaytona7435

      Wait until they launch world of warships 2

    • So you’re complaining about having to grind a ship line if you want it for free… Its not like those ships are locked behind a paywall

    • I did get the Commonwealth ones at least to T10, and my advice is to wait until they release them. The big headaches are a very slow turret rotation and they’re fragile. By fragile, I mean the HP pool looks good, but almost any hit erases a good percentage of it. It almost seems like they used the War Thunder “no armor is best armor” idea.

  12. I’ll be happy to grind up to West Virginia 44.

  13. We need the NJ now, with special skipper Ryan Szimanski. Also we need a bundle with U.S.S. Cowpens CVL-25 and U.S.S. Abbot DD-629

  14. waiting to see the mission but kinda good new, i think i got the ship, BUT i could always take the 2 dockyard at reduce price, it will always give steel right?

  15. I would like to see how the missions are, but credit to WG for making some improvements towards their community/player base. These are decent steps if you want to keep folks around the game for a while.

  16. Picked up the ’44 out of a Santa container, so this is a good one.

  17. West Virginia ’44 was like $80 if you bought her outright so yeah I’d expect there to be some advantage to already owning her.

  18. I look forward to getting the WV44. Though, I had also kinda hoped that Washington, BB56, would be part of the Whisky dockyard.

  19. It just occurred to me earlier today, this is the first real steel ship we’ve had in the dockyard since the De Zeven Provincien. I guess you could also count the ZF-6, that was a real ship just not completed. Kinda interesting to think about.

  20. @stevepeterson6070

    The only way this game can be saved if they to 2 things: Skills based matchmaker for randoms, and a toggle to allow you to queue random with no CVs or subs. It would move from an unplayable game, to top 5 game and eventually quadruple it’s players.

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