World of Warships – Yamamoto to the Rescue

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This battle made possible by Yamamoto! Enjoy


  1. first ? I don´t really care, nice battle tho

  2. Hi chase, I was that Moskva on Two Brothers who died quicker than I hoped to

  3. At least i tried To get to work….

  4. Wolf of the Aurora

    The chat at the beginning seemed to be having a VERY interesting conversation.
    Necromancy, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, fetishes, and MeToo.
    What the heck is going on there?

    • The Alabama took a shitload of dmg, cause he was in open water and detected – Chase wasn’t. This game is not like WoT in regards to spotting, as you’re told when you’re spotted the second you are so. Chase was running silently and unseen behind the Alabama, when the Alabama with its bigger detection and location drew a lot of fire, as he was asking for a paddlin’. I hope that helps 🙂

    • David Scott Gaming

      +jacobhamselv ok thanks. I thought maybe the Alabama player was trying to shield him, in which case he was merely getting in his way on purpose?

    • In WoT, shells come around at nearly horizontal plane, except for arty. in WoWS, shells come down from above. You can shield ships sometimes yes, but that required ships to be like in touched of one another, which will restrict both’s movements and would be easier to just dodge the shells/ angle the ships instead.

    • Extreme range in WoT is a brawl in WoWs

  5. Very good situational awarness. Well done.

  6. Nicely done Chase!

  7. that fletcher…

    sigh… i can’t facepalm hard enough

    • Chameleon Scheimong

      The Fletcher did well, killing the Donskoi. Without that their team wouldn’t have won. That’s already miles ahead what I (and you should) expect from random teammates. So I don’t blame him.

    • The Gaming Python

      Agreed. He clearly has very little map awareness. It was obvious the NC was going to come around that corner and yet Fletcher was oblivious to this. Poorly played.

  8. Fancy a Bev Mate?

    Not sure about the NA server but I’ve got way over 18k games on the EU server and I’ve not used AA over the brilliant sonar module why? Because as a cruiser our job with faster firing faster turret traverse etc is one of our roles is to DD hunt and its my favourite pastime 😉 yes you may have to take one for the team but the moral boosting effect of the enemy losing one DD can make a huge difference. Most run from dd’s I chase them whenever possible in all of my cruisers 😉 if you get a good enemy cv you’re dead from not one side of torps but cross dropped and bombed oh yes AA unless on a AA specd mino or US cruiser you’re dead anyway 😉 ps run many of tests and out of 30 plus games the ratio of cvs is around 1 in every 10 games AA or sonar Mmmm 😉

    • I take AA on Zao because it’s saved me many times when a carrier could have just deleted me early. Most of my time is spent shooting and moving in open water.

    • Fancy a Bev Mate?

      Good luck with great cvs you’ll be dead in no time and AA wont help you kill dds or force them away from your team 🙂

    • Let me explain, I have convinced him that as of our, or to say his skill level, the only thing that can totally ruins our game, it to get deleted by a a good cv, while hydro is useful, it only provides rather little utility especially in division games, while when dfaa works it literally prevents you from dying,

  9. I enjoy your game-play and accompanying commentary (not to mention infectious laugh) but I am super impressed by you choice of intro music! It’s surprisingly evocative and stands out amongst all other themes.

  10. Chameleon Scheimong

    In general a very good game but I do have several suggestions for improvement to tactics.
    First I have to say you were waiting way too long to use AP at times. Such as that Worcester. In half the time you spent waiting for a broadside you could have dispatched him with two or three HE salvos. Often times in randoms you should treat your teammates as meatshields (because that’s all they’re good for), such as that Izumo the Worcester was shooting at. So take advantage of them when they are still alive…
    Using reload mod on Zao makes it very tempting to shoot lots of AP, I have to admit having played like 500 Zao games. But make no mistake that AP on cruisers is (in general) only useful when either, the enemy misplays, or you get into a flanking position. That’s why I would recommend you take expert loader on Zao, and shoot more proactively with HE. It’s usually more effective than waiting for that enemy mistake.
    As of positioning, I consider a reload Zao much more effective on a flank than in the center, reason being you create chances to use AP, and the enemies being flanked are probably busy fighting your teammates so you can shoot with impunity. So if I were playing, right around 7:10 I would continue to push/hold the H and I lines with the Fletcher. Although that means you wouldn’t get to use your torpedoes, but to be honest the damage output of torps is so pitiful compared to what you can do with your guns at the right place, that it’s hardly worth it. In the game we can see that without your presence over there, the enemy Donskoi was on the flanking position and was able to farm your teammates at B when they made their push. Whereas the enemy Musashi was able to push in without flanking fire.
    To be fair, the game wouldn’t be nearly as exciting if you played on the flank, because the game would have been much more one-sided to your favor. But if you are trying to win then that’s a good thing, because you don’t really want the game to get all dicy and “exciting” unless absolutely necessary.

  11. “To shoot or not to shoot, that is the question.”

  12. God damn the azo has guns?

  13. Shooting AP is great, but you wasted so much time trying to make the AP work that you missed out on a lot of damage in the end. For example, you could have saved that Izumo from so much damage if you had just shot a few salvos of HE on the Worcester to kill him. GG anyway, clutched the ending.

    • I agree I think he could have save the izumo if he engaged earlier. it was selfish but at the end he won the game.

    • The Gaming Python

      Yep, that is exactly what I thought as well. He wasted a lot of time waiting for the right AP moment instead of just continuously shooting with HE.

  14. Nice game ichase, sadly I had Yamamoto pop in my Atago and all the buffs started except for the heal. You can even see in your second wind screen shot it shows ‘0’ heal. Glad to see the heal did work for you though. Maybe they fixed it in the latest patch?

    • The great Xcelerator

      Just a random guess, but is your Yamamoto’s heal enabled? You may want to check on your captain’s skills set screen.

  15. It was not saved by Yamamoto’s awesome heal… but you.

  16. Oh thank goodness. When I saw the thumbnail. I thought I was going to see myself fail in the USS Worcester last night when I was in a game with u on the same team.

  17. The Donskoi slowing down at the start, I have been running into that a lot. in 10 seperate matches last night on 4 different ships I had a shot spoiled by someone slowing to a crawl right in the middle of a transition to cover. Completely illogical places to stop they would just throw on the breaks and ether reverse or just sit there.

  18. Damnit fletcher player!!! You’re the reason I lose so many games!!

  19. Филип Пешић

    “Too-too bad”.. I like that 🙂

  20. All I can say is before I watch this, Zao + Yamamoto + Kraken = this is going to be… “”…spicy…””

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