World of Warships: Yamato – 44k XP

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I’m back! This time it’s a match from the anniversary event where I got 44k XP in the .

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese Yamato.


  1. I am obviously first.

  2. 2nd then Aerroon

  3. 3th, Aerroon first then Michael and now me 😀

  4. Never enough XP, it might come in handy for future ship lines.

  5. Senpai~ I miss your videos

  6. Can you do a review on Le Terrible of possible please

  7. 44kP is extremely low…..

  8. Why arent u playing on ultra sound quality ??? Nice video btw !!

  9. Hey Aerroon, appreciate the video, hope things are well.

  10. Is it just a coincidence that I got back into the game last night and this morning we get a Aerroon video 😀

  11. Alexander Ducaneaux

    Aerroon did you go to the high school of Sarcasm ? 😉

  12. wrong about almost everything u gained at the end of the match…WOW

  13. for fxp farming, stack ALL xp and fxp flags, as well as the best camo for those (spring sky and mosaic are ideal)
    do it with a prem account, on enhanced first win ships, ideally with an event boosting xp or fxp even more, and perform well in combat.
    however the better way doing it is in clan battles where u win…having 2500 base xp on every win is good if u win often, and also there is a fxp bonus there too.

  14. Yayyy I’m in the top 100! Hi Aerroon, always good to see a game of yours. Looking forward to more videos.

  15. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Aerroon senpai still notices us!!!

  16. I citadeled a conquerer in my gk yesterday. that felt good, but then he burned me down and stripped me of all my aa.

    Also nice game, good play

  17. Welcome back Aerroon the Almighty!

  18. Aerroon still makes videos?

  19. Nice to see you back , enjoyed

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