World of Warships – Yamato 7.7

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Took my out after 7.7 hit and had a great game in it, she feels more comfortable with the traverse buffs. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Japanese Yamato Replay – Discord Server


  1. Oh. So they finally buff Yamato huh? 😀

    Althought I don’t consider her old turret rotation a weakness ( Since if you are going close range firefight in Hotel, shit already hit the fan), I will take it anyway. 🙂

    Still, if you take the legendary module, the turret rotation will return to it’s old stat, but in exchange you will have god like accuracy. Fair trade for me. 😉

    • yah the reload turn into 28s

    • Cat Shark Yeah. And iirc that Legend mod also stack up with the Accuracy Mod in another slot, so Hotel’s gun is even more accurate. 😉

    • The normal main gun mod that goes in that slot already reduces reload time at the cost of turret traverse. The legendary one reduces turret traverse more but also provides an accuracy boost. -11% just like the one you get on the t9-10 usn bbs

    • The Gaming Python

      7% better

    • The Gaming Python

      You have both longer reload and slower traverse but better accuracy. Over all definitely worth it. Took me 2 weeks or grinding 3 hours per day to unlock it.

  2. You’re going to blow him AWAY. BLOW HIM AWAY…

  3. What is so embarrassing about a secondary kill?

    • not your fault, maybe you were blinking for 3 seconds, he missed nearly point blank and that is the embarrassing part. He was saved by a secondary gunner that wasnt drunk at that very moment, resulting in a secondary kill which is proof he failed to kill the DD with an easy shot.

    • I honestly love killing folks with secondaries, it shows that i knew they were dead and not worth my time with main battery. If you can finish him off with secondaries and use those mains to aid the team more efficiently, then why not?

    • Except he wasn’t using his main guns “more efficiently.” He just didn’t aim well.
      Notser wasn’t saying that ALL secondary kills are embarrassing, just that in this case, it’s embarrassing that he couldn’t kill a broadside DD at point blank range. Moreover, it could have been very costly, if the DD had aimed his torps better. If the main guns had killed him, he might not have fired torps at all. Giving the enemy more time to shoot back is not “more efficient.”

    • Baby Huey destroying any DD with main guns is hard as most hits would overpen, however I do see your point in this particular instance. Where I am coming from is that his guns took out most of the DDs health and the secondaries finished her in two or three hits. Its not embarrassing that the secondaries sank the vessel since his aim did enough damage to warrant an easy kill. Knowing my luck, most of my rounds would have OPd and ide have needed another full volley or more to sink her.

  4. Anyone know why yesterdays vid was removed?

  5. Why’d you take down yesterday’s vid?

    • I missed it. What was it about?

    • Audio issue, will reupload after I fix it. Sorry

    • Cool, I look forward to it. I don’t claim to be a good player, but everything I’ve been able to do in game is something I learned watching your videos. I also really appreciate that for the most part they are pretty family friendly. Keep up the good work!

  6. I consider Yamato OP because No battleship in the game Can Tank a Yamato’s 18 inch shells.. They can go through at any angle.

    Yes Conq is the definition of OP, But I put Yamato In third Place on the OP list (With Belfast as 2nd). Yammy has great dispersion, Now Good turret Traverse, Usable speed, and the icing of the cake.. 18 inch AP shells that doesn’t give a fuck about angling. That’s too many perks in my Opinion… Yamato can also have the Aiming Mod Upgrade as well, something That just makes it more OP.. I’d Love it if WG would look at Yammy again and consider nerfing at least something, But ONLY AFTER they Nerfed the Conq.. WG, If you think the Conq is Balanced As of right now, You’re Blind as hell. 95% of Conq Plays sit in the back, and fire HE like Morons. NERF THE CONQ, ITS BROKEN, Then look at Yammy(after Belfast).

    • Yamato is the only tier X BB that can be citadel’d by cruisers. Enough said.

      Yamato can’t pen any angle, it can overmatch 32mm and that’s it.

      If any BB is “OP”, it’s the Montana. Where every other BB has tradeoffs, she does not.

    • I’m going to go ahead and say you haven’t shot a bow on Moskva with your Yamato yet…

    • “Yammy has great dispersion, Now Good turret Traverse, Usable speed, and the icing of the cake.. 18 inch AP shells that doesn’t give a fuck about angling. That’s too many perks in my Opinion…”

      -It has less terrible turret traverse.
      -It’s the slowest tier X in the pack and doesn’t frequently get to use its speed to being stuck bowtanking everything since it’s the only tier X BB with a citadel above the waterline.
      -It’s dispersion isn’t what makes the Yamato good, Sigma is. Its sigma is high, because Yamato is the only tier X BB that’s limitted to using only 2 turrets the majority of the time.
      -Its shells DO give a fuck about angling. It’s just that it can overmatch 32mm armor.

      If we’re talking OP, let’s consider the Montana:
      -12 guns and because of this, Yamato’s superior Sigma means nothing.
      -Has the accuracy and overmatching 27mm bow armor to 1shot cruisers through the nose. Only Yamato does this better.
      -Citadel below the waterline and great armor. Only Yamato really has better armor.
      -Best BB AA, even considering Conqueror’s medium range AA dps being higher, Montana’s AA doesn’t die from 2 volleys of cruiser HE. Thick deck armor also prevents dying to AP bombs and plunging fire.
      -Good maneuverability and concealment. Speed only second to Republique in terms of speed and second only to Conq in terms of turn radius, ignoring Yamato since it’s largely stationary or reversing.

      Montana is the best or second best in every category, with no drawbacks (even size isn’t an argument, GK is bigger). The other tier X BBs all have massive drawbacks.
      -GK is enormous and can’t dodge anything despite having German Hydro, accuracy is shit, its shells bounce and overpen a lot more than other BBs. Can get 1shot by AP bombs.
      -Republique, while able to deal massive damage over time, can’t alpha anything and is massively nerfed when forced to angle.
      -Conqueror is a sponge, takes far more damage from cruisers and DDs than other BBs. Short fuse makes it ideal for killing cruisers, but less so for citadelling BBs except at very close ranges or perfect broadsides. 457mm guns are inaccurate and can’t overmatch 32mm armor despite being 3mm lower caliber than Yamato’s.
      -Yamato, despite all its advantages on paper, is the only tier X BB that can reliably be citadel’d by some cruisers. It has the highest torpedo protection, but can’t dodge them most of the time, due to its immobile and predictable tactics. It has no AA, even tier 8 CVs can drop it without fear. Due to it being spotted and fairly immobile most of the time, it’s on fire more often than not.

      Yamato and GK are the only balanced tier X BBs. Keep your uninformed nonsense to yourself.

      Edit: I have all tier X BBs, but I don’t play them very often. Yamato is by far the hardest tier X BB to play, while Montana is the easiest (read: most versatile).

    • [^/] 343 Guilty Spark

      pff is this a joke…

    • The Gaming Python

      Conq OP? I want some of what you’ve been smoking.

  7. how come yamamoto only healed so little on kraken?

    • No idea, I was thinking the same thing

    • From wiki “It steadily repairs up to 48% of its health over 120 seconds. The healing functions identically to the Repair Party consumable.” maybe it has something to do with citadel damage or something like that but I don’t know.

    • Yeah it repairs the same as normal repair party. So citadel damage isnt repairable. Notser took ~2 bow cheek citadels from the other yamato due to the yammy’s wierd citadel shape. Also when Notser was shooting at said yamato, he should have aimed below and slightly behind the aft turret instead of amidships – thats another easy citadel location when they’re angled like that

  8. Yamato aint what is should be…to many overpens,ricos,needs buff

  9. 3:44 – haha, nice shot of the cleveland. he waited until there was a line between you and the (dead) Minotaur to not shoot you.

  10. Uchuu senkan YA-MA-TO!

  11. seems like you weren’t taking into account yamato’s weakness of the front citadel. that yamato knew exactly what he was doing when shot you and you paid for it.

  12. For which ship type do you recommend Yamamoto isoroku?
    For Yamato its great, but my problem is in order to get Yamato, i have to grind through Izumo and Amagi, which are supposed to be not that good 😮

    • I see, then a IJN Cruiser perhaps with their slow traverse

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Reichskeks The Amagi is great! Just be careful angling and you can get great games on it Plus with concealment build is quite nice coupled with the speed The Izumo got buffed and now is quite HE proof and the concealment is good too

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Amagi is second to NC in terms of sniping ability. And typical of IJN always having superior horizontal dispersion to all other nations – however they have higher vertical dispersion in comparison to USN and RN (which is their strength)

      I’ve triple citadeled NCs at 20+km with spotter planes on Amagi.
      Amagi has 10x 410mm guns – aka the biggest heaviest broadside of T10.

      I think the only thing that prevents Amagi from being outright op is her 1.8 sigma – which means rng will fuck you over many times – until you get that single glorious salvo.

      Yeah she has a thinner 254mm belt – but that extra 90-110mm turtleback will make you super trolly at close ranges – like a German cruiser – since her citadel is pretty low.

      Amagi is a multirole beast. Turtleback and broadside power for glorious point blanks. Excellent tight dispersion of ijn for excellent snipes.

      Plus she has that Uber 43% TDR to help. Also despite her 32mm deck armour – she is pretty resilient to HE.

      Her huge torpedo bulges – reaching all the way to the deck level – actually serve as spaced armour against HE.
      Any HE that penetrates the bulges will do no dmg.

      All this multirole ability and decent fire protection and HE resilience

      – is why Amagi>>>>>>>>>>>>> Izumo.

      Izumo just butchers most of Amagi’s strengths – such as sniping ability – torpedo defence – and HE defence (which is partially no longer the case thanks to the 57mm deck buff).

    • izumo isn’t even that bad anymore

    • The Amagi is quite good, and the Izumo just got a deck buff to her armor which means she is no longer an HE pinata.

  13. 10:43 – so he did more dmg to you, although your angle of your ship was sharper? Is ~45° the BEST angle in a Yamato, or did he get a *lucky* shot on you, because you were *sharply angled?*

  14. Yamato’s guns are total trolls.

  15. MY-no-tore, or MINNA-tore. Ain’t no minna-TARR. It’s Greek, not Texan. ?

    Speaking of Yamato, I played it last test-server. Great ship— now even more greater with the turret-buff! Well done, WG.

  16. they really need to tone down the smoke and fire animations.

  17. Would love to see a Secondary build Musashi review. No videos of it in youtube 🙁

  18. Musashi buff when?

  19. 2:45 “The way the game renders ships…”… feels a bit odd and it’s completely illogical in this kind of situation, that’s my opinion.

  20. 6:38 Just a suggestion Notser… if you believe there’s an opportunity to deliver a major blow to the MT, yes do it but it’s really not necessary to pull all the way out in front of the island. I like that you eventually reversed but driving the whole ship out there into the intersection and then hitting the brakes makes it unnecessarily easy for the MT to do return damage, especially considering the risk from reasonably healthy Kurfurst targeting you. The team did great with the Kurfurst but that’s in hindsight. Everything else looked great and RNG is what it is. If you’re playing the best that the game will allow you to perform and you’re controlling the things you can control, that’s all that matters from a competitive standpoint.

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