World of Warships: Yamato Anti-Air in Ranked

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Yamato does have some anti-air. Combine that with her general survivability and she can survive for some time against the CV. Ranked is all about time!

0:00 Game
16:34 End Screen
17:52 Captain Skills & Upgrades
19:07 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese battleship Yamato on the map North.


  1. Gotta love this yammy skin

  2. 2:32 You mean, coz it’s a stupidly broken and OP Soviet ship (that never existed), right?

  3. Yamato is fun.

  4. Thank you Aerroon for showing the captin skills cuz i a few days ago i got him.

  5. Always helpfull to have a unicum CV player in the own team.

  6. *Ten-go intensifies*

  7. Tahir ibn Mohammad

    my build Dispersion/Secondary Hybrid
    Uprades: Auxilary Arm Mod 1 ( you dont need main arm, turrets always survive)
    Dama Con 1
    Damge con 2
    Leg Uprade

    Commander skills
    Priority Target
    Epert Marksmen : ADR rush
    B O S : BFT
    Man Seconds : AFT

    Concealment not needed so badly, as you stay at the back in the beginning. You are a threat at range and close up. A more exciting build that your typical tank build
    Yamnmy’s vertical dispersion isn’t great, it’s why firing at angled targets like a Des Moines can be so good

    always stay around 18km or more away from cruisers, with your butt pointed towards to caps, so you can push away if engaged by HE spam. Get 60-80k damage after 8 minutes. Then you start to push

    An average game if it lasts long enough should get you 130k easy. Running Super intendant is pointless,. When do you find the need for a fifth heal? Games don’t even last that long anyway.

    • If you want to run a secondary build, I would go with Shikishima (if available). The 100mm secondary guns are just strictly better, even if you get one fewer per side: higher dpm, higher fire%pm and for some stupid reason they get 30 mm (!) of penetration. If you take ifhe (I guess that means swapping BOS and EM for IFHE and, say, EL), they will be a menace to all battleships that have 38mm deck or less.

      Although, tbh: if you want to go with a secondary ship, I would still say GK or Ohio is better. That raised, octagonal citadel just doesn’t brawl very well.

  8. Rank 1 for me people !=D GL !!!! 12 hours to go ! =D Can you make it ?1 =D

  9. Been playing for years, Yamato was my first T10 ship and she’s still on of my favorites, her and the Kleber ❤️

  10. That propeller on the tower looks redicilous..redicl.. It looks wonkers

  11. that yamato skin is still amazing tho ngl

  12. That was the fastest island unstuck Ive ever seen. I would be stuck for at least 5 minutes.

  13. Love your vids mate. wish you would pump out more vids daily 😛

  14. Also along with many players, the Yamato was my first tier 10 and even thought it isn’t the best (in terms of AA)…the AA of it with flags of course has saved me more than some other ships (which should have better AA). The ship all around performs very well and especially in ranked as long as the captain knows what they are doing. 🙂

  15. Curious Entertainment

    If the in game Yamato was accurate then her AA would have some huge debuffs from high altitude air attack.

  16. 星川ひかりCh.

    Aero on trying to reenact operation ten go~
    Yamato vs planes, just that these are their own planes~ XD

  17. Got my Yamato 3 days ago, and i don’t understand it XD sometimes i do easily more than 130k, and sometimes the guns just doesn’t want to punish broadsides, guess i should add the module for main battery dispersion but those turrets are so slow even with the module…

  18. Love that camo, so cool looking

  19. You know Aerroon, thing I like the most in your videos is that… you are completely different than all other WoWS CCs. And I love this difference. Calm voice, without a single note of anger, no bullshit talk – keep it up. Really, really good job, hope to see some more ship commentaries of yours – Flecher or Gearing for example?

  20. unfortunately for me, most of the matches in this ranked had players like that gearing in my team who just played solo and died.still managed to get to 5th so i’m ok-ish but not satisfied

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