World of Warships: Yamato Being Focused by a Hakuryu

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World of Warships: tier 10 battleship Yamato being focused by the tier 10 carrier Hakuryu.

People say that the Hakuryu is overpowered, but my experience isn’t quite as straightforward: look at how long it takes for him to kill me. The Hakuryu player isn’t by no means a bad carrier player either.

Reupload to fix too loud sound.


  1. +Todestelzer most of the time I’ve played against pape in a BB he hasn’t
    focused me – probably because it’s easier to just kill other people than
    focus on me. However, the few times he has focused on me even he took quite
    a few attacks to kill me and in some of them I messed up! Yes, he might
    kill me faster than in this video but I *should* also have escorts covering

  2. Play against papedepupi he will RIP you in no time ;)

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