World of Warships #Yamato Devastating Secondaries #WoWReplays

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Uploaded to by https:///Player/eu/Vrihed featuring the Tier X and her devastating secondaries.


Want to send me a replay? Upload them to

**Intro Music**
-Extreme Music – Combat Ready (Epic Hybrid Rock Action)
-Switch Trailer Music – Retrograde (Aggressive Electronic Rock)

System Specs:
Intel I7-6700K @ 4.1Ghz
512Gb SSD Dedicated to Games
512Gb SSD Dedicated to OS
512Gb SSD Dedicated to Video Capture & Recording
Radeon RX480
BENQ RL2460H Gaming Monitor

Want to talk to me offline? Send me an email at Justin@. Give me at least 24 hours to respond as you can imagine I get a lot of email.


  1. He got a million credits for a mission

  2. please reduce the volume of the intro music. its uncomfortably loud. thnx.

  3. I think he turned on that Atago because only one of his front guns would have fired. Not enough depression for the 2nd one.

  4. I didn’t expect someone would make a commentary on my replay, I have to admit I made quite a lot of mistakes and my aim was off at the start but it’s a pleasant surprise nonetheless, thanks! <3

  5. Ivan TheTerrrible

    He wasn’t greedy when he killed that Atago. He did the only thing he could. Bcuz if he stayed bow in, when you that close, you get to shoot only from second turret, he turned and showed his broadside so he can get those guns lower enough to blast that Atago. In case he stayed bow in, Atago would just went to his other side and used all of torps (getting the kill).

  6. retarded benson is retarded.

  7. Nope, that Grosser is fucked, he’s surrounded by 2 Grosser and one Yamato, so whenever he notice the Yamato is there or not doesn’t matter.

  8. Michael Williams

    that Benson got greedy at the end.

  9. Wrong aim at the Kurfürst, not bad RNG (rear turret was right, causing 8k damage). At that angle you have to aim at the superstructure, beltarmor is pointless even with the Yamato.

  10. hey man got your app on aslain’s i have been wanting to try it out for so long, thanks for the app and the videos

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