World of Warships: Yamato doesn’t give a F*** – Commentary [211k damage in 13min]

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This ship literally does not care one bit about anything. Shells, angling, torps? Doesn’t matter, it will wreck through em all. As usual you can skip to 13:16 for Consumables, Upgrades and Captain Perks.


  1. soooooo many people are way to scared, they don’t realise what their ships
    can do but noooooooo. so disapointing really

  2. This is the best vid of yours Flamu that I have seen. Really enjoyed
    watching. Cheers mate.

  3. What mod is that for the mini map?

  4. It’s just a matter of time Yamato will be nerf

  5. Holy fuck that 2nd heal

  6. its called overmatch mechanic so regardless of your angle if the shell is
    big enough it will pen, take yamato and montana both 32mm of bow armor
    x14.3 (WG value) = 457mm gun to pen so a yamato can pen a angled montana
    but montanta cant pen yamato with 406mm needs 457mm or larger iChase did a
    vid on it.

  7. I love your vids man

  8. I Just got Shimakaze, you haven’t met me yet…you will give a shit…..I
    don’t care in Shima….I kill all….

  9. It’s the 14.3 overmatch ratio. You can punch through 35mm of armour on the
    front of battleships without an autobounce.

  10. this right here is why this ship needs to be nerfed.

  11. it’s so slow

  12. I love playing aggressively in my Yamato as well, only issue is when no one
    is spotting torps or trying to proxy me against DDs

  13. I am racing to get the Yamato before they nerf it 😀 I’m so close, almost
    at tier 9

  14. rofl that fubuki be like.. OH SH*T OH SH*T flamu has a yamato .. i better
    smoke up send torps to all world sides and run into an island coz fml

  15. They either need to nerf this thing or seriously buff the Montana. It’s so
    damn OP it’s stupid.

  16. what capture software do you use?

  17. What about the repair and refill cost?

  18. Yamato might not give a fook, till you constantly on fire which happens way
    too often for me ><.

  19. The Shimakaze should be able to devastate a Yamato right?

  20. Midway was a better counter during closed beta and the start of open beta.

  21. Hey @Flamu, could it be that Yamato just doesn´t give a shit ?

    was fun to watch :)

  22. How many times can you say “Don’t give a shit”?

  23. This ship has been OP for a while now, they really need to make the side
    armor penetration a lot worse, the US 16″ Mk 7 guns actually have BETTER
    Penetration through side armor AND have more range – in REAL LIFE that is,
    the Yamato’s 460mm guns – actually had worse side armor penetration but
    better deck armor penetration with plunging fire.

    WG needs to change both ships accordingly, and either give the Montana the
    same OP heal, or yanno NERF the Yamato’s heal to the same as the Montana’s
    currently is!

  24. lol just like in the space yamato anime

  25. I imagine the enemy team chat “STOP THAT THING”

  26. I’m almost to the Izumo…can’t wait to get to the end of the line for this
    ship. Sadly, I stop at the Iowa since the Montana is…not competitive
    enough to face the Yamato.

  27. TIL Yamato is a honey badger.

  28. Yammie plays like New Mexico.. LMAO!

  29. pls more Flamu :)

  30. i am thinking that the German battleships are gonna counter the Yamato
    because of the way they made the German cruisers with a ton of AP pen and
    damage so the german battleships might not give a f*** if a yamato angles

  31. PERFECT timing, I’m gonna get mine today – actually have barely enough on
    Izumo and freeXP but want to give the good ol’ IJN Battering Ram (which I
    actually enjoyed quite a bit) a proper sendoff – so will play her today
    until I get one really nice game. Kind of a silly tradition on my part
    maybe, but hey – one does kinda get sentimental with some of these ships :P

  32. Thumbs up! Even though you shot me to pieces the other day :P

  33. Great Video as usual. But in all seriousness, would you say that the yamato
    is slightly overpowered? It literally has zero downsides / weaknesses and
    the fact that it’s shells pen everything regardless of angling seems a
    little unfair.

  34. “I didn’t grind to tier 10 to sit back and snipe.” yeah that’s the spirit
    but most Yamato players just sit bow on enemy and stop there,sigh. IMO the
    most undesirable thing in WOWS is a Cleveland ‘s butt and a Yamato’s bow.

  35. Yamato is a Honey Badger.

  36. “Why does people snipe?”

    There is a time and place for everything. You still get citadelled. You
    still get one-shotted by a shima.

    I agree that Yamato is the strongest non-carrier ship in the game right
    now. But it will start giving shits if it gets focused, and everyone fears
    it so much that they will shoot it if they can.

    That carrier could have given you some grief if he’d had the discipline to
    wait with dive bombers until after you’d pressed repair. DOTs will be your
    main enemy, and you need to pull back to have time to use your crazy
    healing power to the fullest advantage.

  37. well played sir! :)

  38. Yayyyy Yamato gameplay :)

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