World of Warships – Yamato Enters

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Yamato on North starts out on the far eastern side of the map, we move toward the center for support. A couple enemy battleships are within firing range, we open up and do some good damage. Eventually we move to the gap around the trunk, a lot of torpedoes flood the area but we’re able to avoid most of them. We push into the enemies side of the map and work to take down the enemy CV and BB. The Yamato is as impressive as advertised, look forward to many more games in her. Hope you enjoyed the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Japanese Battleship Yamato Replay


  1. tip of the penis

  2. Oh Yeah! The Ship of the gods in the hands of someone who does not sail
    straight to the corner for long range sniping at the start of the game. So
    good to see someone not over committing either. In terms of tactics I give
    you an A+ damage however only B+ you must over 200 K damage for an A ;).

  3. I think the Yamato is to strong, what do you think.

  4. the chat was great ..hits some guy across map.”god fucking yamato anti
    matter cannons” lmao

  5. o.O YAMATO so jealous things i hate about it…20km and he still hitting
    you like 10km..

  6. Yes!!!Finally got to see you play Yamato!!!

  7. Notser, while you or I would call it “securing the kill”, and taking out a
    set of guns that could further damage our team – going by the forums, the
    more usual reaction when you take out a low-health target that someone else
    did 98% of the damage to, would seem to be that you end up having some PO’d
    teenager cursing you like a red-headed stepchild in chat, and then trying
    to TK you with friendly fire for “stealing my kill”. I’ve even been accused
    of “kill stealing” in co-op battles against bots FCOL.

  8. next Notser video i will give another 2×1000 for 2ppl who will reply my
    comment (not this one) stay tuned to this chanel and pay atention to my
    comm next video

  9. Notser, usually IJN BBs have a really bad concealment, and with the
    concealment expert, the concealment becomes mediocre. Why don’t you invest
    the 5 points in BFT and AFT so it improve your AA and make manual AA worth
    it. Plus, faster reload is not good in the Yamato unless you are playing in
    “sniper mode”. AA Guns Modification 3 is much better since CVs are back.

  10. Win Doubloons! WGA fighting in Team Battles

  11. Nice video, recently bought my Yammy as well.

  12. Congrast Notser, now, I hope see you on my Yamato someday!

  13. that dd at the end should have died. for the time it takes to reload to
    aiming big turrets to their superior concealment i think DDs are even more
    survivavle than CA or BB. good video congrats on the yamato

  14. I just got the Yamato too and it is a Bully of a ship. Everything that I
    expected and more.

  15. Hey Notser, this time on Yamato you couldnt even have made any citadel
    shots until that disconnected CV appeared, haha!!! But Yamato is just so
    capable of doing great damages on targets at whatever angles, it is just
    about hitting the target!! However, the manual AA didnt work out as
    efficiently as I was expecting or as it should!! The aircrafts were not
    dropping like rainfall… So I still believe AFT is more efficient on
    shooting aircrafts.

  16. I’ve been waiting for this….the mighty Yamato…pride of the IJN…. the
    world’s biggest battleship

  17. By the way .. you are driving as an a55hole Notser… You made two team
    members avoid of you even when you had the chanse to turn via south and not
    interrupt their sailing.. :-/

    You are not special.
    You’re not a beautiful and unique snowflake.
    You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else.

  18. Hey Notser, you should try a secondarie build! I’ve had quiet a few games
    where I got double close quarters :D

  19. I visited the Yamato museum last year with my dad.. My fourth visit to the
    Hiroshima Peace Muceum, but first visit to the Yamato-museum.. That model
    of her is quite impressive… :D

  20. I’ve watched all of your videos and I notice one thing you could improve on
    as it seems to screw you out of a lot of damage. When you fight things that
    require HE you tend to stick to that ammo type for one more reload, even
    though you’re going to be fighting targets that require AP. You really
    should just suck it up, and change the shell even though you want to unload
    the last shells. For instance in this video your HE should have been
    switched to AP after that destroyer died. You had plenty of time to
    transition to it before your next engagement. Just a thought.

  21. Brian Lock (神通)

    Inch is to much, 1cm will do the job.

  22. Brian Lock (神通)

    4:50, I want to sound as native as possible, then American style Lo
    Yang…… Noster fail

  23. Already liked the video before watching it. Congrats on completing the
    grind, can’t wait to get mine! Almost done with Amagi. Gonna be hard
    leaving her and getting the Izumo :(

  24. Congs on Big Papa :)

  25. SMASH! 😀 haha sweet to finally see you play the real deal! 🙂 So fucking
    manly and awesome 😀 this ship is like, whoho!! :D

  26. YAMATO! 😀 haha sweet! Finally the biggest badest of the Battle ships 😀
    SMASHY SHIP number 1 😀 I’m gonna nag at you to play this one often mate :)

  27. Could you make video for tirptiz with the concleament build snice its a
    close range brawler?

  28. Jose Mercado (OIF1VET19K)

    Notser, do a video on the Farragut. That ship was buffed this patch and I
    know youre a U.S. DD Kind of guy so I need lots of help with the U.S.
    Destroyer line. I usually run my Kamikaze R/Fujin tier 5’s and from the
    Fubuki on up.

  29. f u google no real name

    More yamato replays please!

  30. If this is your first trip on the Yamato, then I wouldn’t want to cross you
    within 20 or so games… ;-)

  31. YESSSSSSS I literally just asked about the Yamato the other day! i’ve been
    looking forward to this for so long!

  32. I love this BB 😀 i tested in public test server :)

  33. Notser :: the entertaining part was happening in the Chat window –bunch of
    Mother F this and F**k U that going on by the
    enemy team—SALTY

  34. Congrats on the Yama!!!

  35. Just before you killed the montana you shot down a plane. Did you designate
    him because I didn’t see?

  36. Guys first who reply my comment with his name in game will win 1000
    Doubloons(1000gold in game)!!! (u only need to like and Subscribed Notser
    chanel :P) only EU server because i dont have time to make account on NA

  37. Yo quiero mi Yamato! XD

  38. anyone have a clue where you can find your replays? or do you have to have
    some kind of capturing software? because i detonated a tirpitz with my
    blyskawica with one single he shell :P

  39. ahhh~ yes this is what im waiting for!! The land of the rising sun praises
    your honorable display of our greatness Notser-dono.

  40. The Yamato is cool as hell, nice job scaring the enemy team for the whole

  41. hey notser i know ure busy making millions from videos on youtube, but
    could u make a tutorial how 2 record videos ??

    i just had 3150exp 145kdmg game, i didnt even predict that something like
    that would happen, but i have no way 2 send it 2 u cause i wasnt recording

  42. no secondary skill on yamato?? h come on notser…

  43. How do you level up commanders skills quickly? Run them on premiums ship
    then transfer? Thanks

  44. Congrats on the Mighty Hotel! 🙂 I do have to say though that shooting at
    those 2 dds at 17km was IMHO one of the only tactical mistakes I have seen
    you make in these vids. The fact you hit one at all was luck. We all make
    mistakes though and it’s hard to keep effective tactical sense always in
    the game. Keep up the great vids!

  45. +1 for at least caring about proper pronunciation of Japanese. Whenever you
    see a Japanese word with the “-su” syllable, you pronounce the “s”
    consonant but the “u” vowel is always silent.

    Wanna hear someone totally butcher the pronunciation of a Japanese ship
    name? Jingles attempt at saying “Shimakaze”. Cringeworthy stuff, lol.

  46. Oh man, the Yamato’s AA is useless, even with this 100% boost, you better
    spec on secondaries or something else.

  47. hip hip hurrrra !

  48. Congrats!

  49. congratulation on the Yamato >_<

  50. Congrats on Yamato!

  51. Yamato even had her heal ability nerfed a bit, so I have heard anyway!

    Supposedly, now, the Yamato heals at about the same rate as the Montana.
    Montana still needs a penetration buff though, as does the Iowa as they use
    identical guns and ammunition – which would likely mean the Iowa would need
    nerfed a bit in some other way, as the Iowa IS the best tier 9 BB as things
    are anyway. BUT the Montana, well ever since Open Beta started, and it got
    HEAVILY NERFED – it has just been more of a Side-Grade to the Iowa, as
    opposed to a FULL upgrade as it WOULD have been based on the blueprint.

  52. Those repair & ammo costs make me wince.

  53. Good game. You forget to point out a flaw in the selection of manual AA. If
    you don’t select a target, then (according to WG) your guns won’t fire at

  54. See now interestingly enough, at close range, I’ve found that AP for me,
    has worked better at killing DD’s. When he’s broadside, at point blank
    range, 6 16″ guns with AP take him out like butter. It may not knock
    certain modules out, but it kills stuff faster. Just from my experience.
    Just got my Iowa, not its the road to the Yamato. Cant wait. On the Nagato,
    haven purchased it yet because I’ve wanted the Iowa. I still can’t wait for
    the Yamato. Thanks for another great video Notser!!

  55. Welcome to the 18.1 club Notser! Hope to see you in a few games!

  56. You are getting a number of tier 10’s now.

  57. Somehow you are bit drunk lel. How could you missed the shots. xD

  58. the trunk hahaha. that ship sure is purrrrdy!

  59. wow at the beginning with the zao escorting the Hakuryu with yamato sailing
    next to them looked so badass

  60. ahh I hoped you got Roon or Zao first. Good video.

  61. Congratulations Notser!You buy the Yamato.Now heading to Montana

  62. 16:30 AAAAAAND that 4k HP? GONE! With a SINGLE SHELL! Sersiously, WHY would
    ANYONE waste 4 skill points in a Battleship captain build, when there is
    just SO MANY BETTER SKILLS available!

    It’s like, they have gotten to tier 10 without ever figuring out that 4k HP
    on a Battleship, really means NEXT TO NOTHING! Even at tier 4 as I said

  63. 16:05 LMAO! A Yamato with Survivability Expertise! Yep, and that 4k HP is
    going to save his ass I’ll bet yah! HERP-DERP! XD

  64. Who let Notser in a Yamato? We are all doomed XD

  65. Yuuuus ! Finaly !

  66. Congrats on getting the Yamato Noster! Thought you were gonna go with the
    secondary build again but I guess it just doesn’t work that well.

  67. finally you got this glorius levathian

  68. Could you play with the secondary setup like you did on the Izumo once?

  69. hows your sleeping schedule going? ;)

  70. Amaterasu no Mikado

    Congrats, man! Welcome to Club Yameeto!

  71. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    It is the “Pulling a Notser” Island isn´t it?

  72. did the Zao really stay next to your carrier the whole time!? Great game as
    always, Notser :)

  73. First hit on the Izumo, who was 100% neutral, BYE BYE 3800 extra HP from
    Survivability Expertise, and let’s take another 8k away after that! ALL in

    Silly BB players, 4k HP will BARELY make a difference on a tier 4 BB, so
    3.8k on a tier 9, and 4k on a tier 10, MEANS NOTHING!

  74. Congrats on getting the Yamato notser……..reckon that it is your sort of
    ship……you are going to cause carnage with it……

  75. It’s good to get confirmation that I chose wisely between the US and
    Japanese BB lines ;)


  77. My daily dosis of Notser :-). Everyday exactly at 3pm CET.


  79. ohhh finally Yamato :D

  80. Any reason for the concealment built on Yamato?

  81. Notser, it would have been pretty classy had you just given in and hit the
    Island. :)

  82. Finally

  83. congrats on IJN Hotel!

    also, TRUNKKKKK

  84. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Wow im in EU and now u have the Hotel i feel so safe xDDD

  85. oh yeah, if you know how long I’ve been waiting for this

  86. wow… when I saw Yamato already knew that this video would be great. After
    the american destroyer another tier 10 fantastic gameplay. Keep out the
    fantstic work u are doing and I can’t imagine how great will be the
    gameplay of your next tier 10 ship. GG ;-)

  87. I’ve been waiting for this. You didn’t dissapoint +Notser, keep it up#

  88. wouldn’t vigilance + acquisition module = 45% torpedo detection be better
    for battleships instead of more concealment

  89. another great battle notser….thanks for the entertainment!

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