World Of Warships Yamato EPIC Gameplay! Biggest Battleship Guns!

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World Of Warships gameplay featuring the tier 10 Yamato which aslo has the biggest guns in the game! Hope you guys enjoy!

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  1. +VariablePitch Also those jukes thou (14:40 + 12:02)

  2. +rossmum Anti-aircraft warfare isn’t Japanese thing. All they think about
    torpedoes torpedoes.

  3. +lavixl It is unbound. Go into settings and you can assign it a key to your

  4. +DRCsowsol and that almost ram 🙂 thanks for watching

  5. +PhlyDaily Fair enough. Hard to resist those epic broadsides with those
    guns XD

  6. +DRCsowsol i wanted to have fun man was sittin in the back of the map the
    whole time

  7. +Baarhyn true i think i did 14k damage

  8. +BoZoiD57 ok not complaining anymore

  9. thanks bro, have a nice day 🙂

  10. btw i can’t find that iowa game that he was talking about :S

  11. +Randallator Random Number Generator.

  12. RNG is random number generation so basically it decides if you get a
    citadel, or a crit, or how much damage you do and sometimes the RNG is just
    a massive douche.

  13. +Randallator really nancy’s grandma!?

  14. Wasn’t a draw. Phly still doesn’t understand that you can’t draw a
    domination game. You win or lose. The other team had more points so they

  15. +AlexNguyen138 who said I was arguing with you?

    i’m a german tech lover, not a Japanese lover.

    I agree their stuff was crap, but if handled by veterans they might have
    been able to compensate. since the vets were all dead, idiots without
    training were put in place, making it even worse.

  16. +Henrique Zhu You should read history how Japanese AA guns work in war.
    They AA guns are terribly bad (literally), japanese never actually made
    their own AA guns, most them are build from French (type 96 25mm as
    example) or copied from German (which is fail design too), through Japanese
    have a lot of experience gunners during early Pacific War, but with them
    and some officers complaining about AA guns design, they were too heavy,
    slow rate of fire and have an ineffective range before Type 96 were built.
    Most of their aa guns are magazine fed, an Type 96 25mm only have 15
    rounds/magazine, combine with slow rate of fire, heavy weight and even its
    does have good range better than US 20mm Oerlikon, but Oerlikon have faster
    fire rate, MG design fire mechanics, light weight and very accurate. Their
    late AA guns even worse than before, vastly inferior against Bofors. This
    also explained that many Japanese warships or convoys were sunk by Us air
    forces due to lack of good AA guns since Japanese just think about making
    torpedoes instead AA armaments to protect their ship against aerial attacks.
    P/s if you a Japanese lover, don’t feel so butthurt about it, this is
    real-life history how their AA guns perform in ww2.

  17. +Benjamin Huang 20mm Oerlikon 🙂

  18. It’s actually quite strange, as they could, and did, produce very gd AA
    guns, like their 10cm and 15cm AAA, and 40mm AA. They also had one of the
    best light cruiser mounts ever, the 15.5cm triple mount.

  19. Coulter Pfeiffer

    Yeah especially considering the Yamato had around 140 AAA.

  20. +dutchdudexx type x

  21. +asp3132 god dammit,now i want one too

  22. +Arkham Knight Press account. Access to all.

  23. +Scout9617 i know i love the song

  24. Justnyan Andsmile

    +Lukasz Makarski Yessss

  25. +Justnyan Andsmile Yessss

  26. +PhlyDaily Thanks for answer :). I’m grinding those americans hard man.
    Maybe because AA armament is very important to me.

  27. +CptCoward i liked the yamato better maybe because she was actually real
    but gameplay the Montana

  28. +PhlyDaily FURIOUS TACO(Furutaka) use Ap tho

  29. +PhlyDaily Atago! 😀

  30. +PhlyDaily Taiho!!!

  31. +PhlyDaily Atago, do it for the lulz!

  32. +PhlyDaily Mogami!!

  33. +Samuraiedge2 Ya…. No.

  34. +TheYamato101
    Have you seen Japanese tanks? You can pen one with just an M1 garand…

  35. +Samuraiedge2 Not well played correctly. That like trying to BnZ with a
    Zero and losing to a P-51. Then saying the Zero is shit.

  36. +TheYamato101
    I may be a pro Japanese player in Warthunder, but even I agree that Japan
    has the shittiest tanks.

  37. +Samuraiedge2 why wouldn’t they? Japan has more than enough amoured
    vehicles to fill out a tech tree. They only lack in SPAAG.

  38. +Roy Shein 🙁

  39. +Graviton nah… lets be real

  40. +Roy Shein wait i though the tog will be tier 10 on the british line

  41. +Graviton ok ok killing yamto with tog (tier 1 british( is hard. you
    probably set one on fire while he goes AFK

  42. +Roy Shein yes. i once rekt an yamato with one salvo with a tog II…. phly
    must play this awesome ship

  43. +just Shane hey shane! yah u early man 🙂 doing good just getting read for

  44. +PhlyDaily R.K.O. out of nowhere!

  45. That dodge was dirty ass fuck!!!!!

  46. Phly I’m not gonna be able to stay for much of the phlyday, please respond
    to the message about the tshirt campaign

  47. Law Chun Wang Chris

    +Elias Kokk No, that will be way too op

  48. Phly do you they will add the h44 as the tier 10 german battle ship?

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