World Of Warships Yamato EPIC Gameplay! Biggest Battleship Guns!

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World Of Warships gameplay featuring the tier 10 Yamato which aslo has the biggest guns in the game! Hope you guys enjoy!

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  1. Thibault Quelavoine

    You’ve got epic secondary’s so you should ( maybe try some close combat


  3. Harrison Nandell

    What is the ship in the intro? It looks like a German battleship.


  5. I love this intro!

  6. Bow and stern are not part of the citadel, so they don’t have vital parts
    like the AA

  7. So why would it be a bad idea to repair early on in the match?

  8. Dwight Skywalker


  9. Play ATAGO… do it NOW ;D

  10. Lewis C (SeekinAssassin)

    What is the intro song?

  11. TheApacheWarlord

    First: What is the ship in the intro?
    Second: Is that video from something?

  12. Did they nerf Yamato guns? 14.000 damage from a citadel hit is so low! I
    get 10.000 from tier 4 Myogi!

  13. 1:31 “ok so we gonna pull out” :3 “heh thats what she said” xD

  14. Plz the Montana. Guys like if you want the Montana

  15. Santiago Llorens Delgado

    Des moines next please

  16. Phly, I really like your gameplay. You don’t take a team mates kill if he’s
    been battling them to near death, very honorable. And yes, I realize it is
    a team game, but come on, if a ship has hammered & been hammered by an
    opponent, let him make the kill.Keep it up Man.

  17. Did they change the yamatos reload? the last video I saw of it was during
    closed alpha and the guns had a 45 second reload.

  18. I played against you while you were playing in it. Btw, what is the song
    you used on the beginning of your video.

  19. +PhlyDaily PLEASE READ PHLY! – Since you are one of the most popular
    youtubers when it comes to pc war games if you put in a word to War Gaming
    about adding the the Portland Class/USS Indianapolis I think that would be
    very fun to play such a historical ship. I don’t know if they will listen
    to you but if you agree with me it’s worth a try

  20. Griffin Faulkner

    The problem with putting open AA guns in front of the main battery like
    that is the sheer concussion from firing the 18 inchers could knock a
    person unconscious from 150m. Firing the main battery over the bow could
    very well would or kill most of the AA crews.

    As for the AA range, Japanese fire control sucked. Like, really sucked.

  21. What ship is that in your intro?

  22. lol, phly doesn’t know how domination works, if the timer ends the team
    with the most points wins :P

  23. Fuso or no Senpai for you

  24. Yamatus, for next time in rotation

  25. Jake van der Veen (Ur-Quan Lord 999)

    Also, can someone explain to me why the top of the Yamato’s super structure
    rotates? Does it have to do with the range finding on the guns?

  26. Used to combat cruisers the 155 mm guns

  27. Jake van der Veen (Ur-Quan Lord 999)

    We’re of to outer space!

  28. Law Chun Wang Chris

    Well if you put the AA guns next to the turret, the impact caused by the
    explosion of the guns will totally rip the crew members there, the japanese
    try that on a test and the dummies around the turrets were crushed. So,
    thats why they dont put AAs on those sides

  29. Gato class plz

  30. Dave and Friends

    How about a stock Fuso? xD
    Demount the hull and FCS upgrade xD

  31. i wonder if a crew member standing on the bow, would be protected from the
    shockwave oh the main guns.

  32. Awesome intro once again Phly 

  33. The Tiger tank was the best Norwegian battle ship in the Vietnam battle.

  34. GUNZ

  35. Now, the Yamato is a amazing ship, and I just love the intro for the world
    of warships videos, and maybe you can try one of th e Russian ships?

  36. Maybe some destroyer action 

  37. Phly, here’s a way to remember which way is the bow and stern. When you BOW
    to an audience you face FORWARD. But don’t give them a STERN face, keep
    that BEHIND you

  38. shimakaze

  39. gearing

  40. Dunno what’s going on with WoWS’ net code but everyone seems to experience
    the repetitive little lag spikes, including you. Can even cause some
    hitching. Your lag warning indicator, next to the latency meter at top
    left, goes even more nuts than mine.

    Normally not too much of a big deal, but I’ve had the occasional delay when
    trying to launch torpedoes and, on rare occasions, your salvoes can lose
    some of the shells you fired.

  41. I always love your wows intro, it’s so sexy that I come everytime I see it.

  42. Yamato and epic in the tital?!? Oooo yeah! 

  43. How are so many planes an AA showing up on screen?

  44. Bismarck :P

  45. I like this pacing, Phly. I have enough fast-pace in my everyday life and
    this contemplates it perfectly.

  46. Anyone else get like 20fps when watching the video in 1080p?

  47. Your intro to warships is one of the reasons I watch just too cool man

  48. great video keep it up I so enjoy your videos

  49. i always go in an full charge with anything i have low or high tier i
    attack with a good rambo style and most of the times i kill 4 enemy’s

  50. The reason the AA sucks is because the 25mm gun was really not very good in
    the role, despite being the standard light AA of the IJN. Not much that
    could be done about it short of Japan standardising on a better gun than a
    license-built Hotchkiss copy. As for why there are none on the bow, I’d
    guess it’s because of the shockwave from the guns firing ahead? Not sure.
    Beautiful ship, though.


  52. It’s not 15.1in its 16.1in lol

  53. Hey phly I have a suggestion for a vlog. You should go to carowinds theme
    park with Laura. It’s on the border between north and South Carolina. It
    would be awesome to see you and Laura go on fury 325 together with a go
    pro. It would be amazing to see that. Thanks!

  54. I would expect the Yamato to have more health than that over the Montana to
    be honest

  55. Can u pls do the pensacola class cruiser

  56. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Y A M A T

  57. mlg doge (mlgDoge)

    You do know that you can unlock very useful skills with your commander’s
    points right? Because I noticed that you have a lot that are not being

  58. Finally!!

  59. AA on front and back is bad idea while there is a 18″ gun behind u. I think
    the blast off the guns will clear the deck. 

  60. Each she’ll form those 46cm guns is 1.5 tonnes and no one could stand on
    deck while they fire because it will knock the crew of the ship

  61. +PhlyDaily warspite do it for queen and country or king idk

  62. They didn’t have AA guns on the bow or stern because the blast from those
    18″ beauties firing overhead would have killed or incapacitated the gun
    crews in those locations! Superfiring turrets had the same problem in early
    dreadnoughts because of sighting hoods.

  63. PHLY!!! You need to take out the Honourable Fuso.

  64. +PhlyDaily 18:00 To be exact the 15.5 cm secondary guns on the Yamato class
    are the Mains from the Mogami class exactly. When the IJN refited the
    Mogami class with the 20.3cm guns, they reused the 15.5cm guns for the
    Yamato class.

  65. Plz Nicholas or the Shimikaze!!!

  66. WOOOOOW I’ve been watching too many of your videos xD… I was just typing
    a paper for English class and realized that I had written this sentence…
    “As he entered his phinal stage of phanaticism….” WTF My F’s are all
    Ph’s now!

  67. How do you call for the priority target

  68. Man I wished I had died sooner that match so I could have watched the game
    from his POV :3

  69. Ai literally said finally when I saw this lmao

  70. please play with the Atago (or gulag) :D

  71. press ALT!!! omfg facepalm

  72. Played on the open ocean map with you Phly while you were playing the
    yamato. It was great until I took a torp from a Shimekaze :P

  73. This is quickly turning into my fav series to watch on here! Great stuff!!

  74. About the AA. Those 25mm ones actually have very good range. It’s almost on
    par with the 40mm bofors. What has terrible range is the type 89 127mm
    guns. Also the AA is placed liked that because of those 18.1inch guns.
    Unless they are enclosed, they cannot be manned while they are firing the
    main guns. 


  76. Continues to fire broadsides the whole match. Maybe he wouldn’t miss so
    many easy shots if he took his damn time.

  77. Do the Gearing or the Kuma!

  78. Mate your repair ability repair something like 12k HP total, you lose
    nothing using it as soon as possible.

    Waiting for 50% of your health to disappear before using it is dumb!

  79. USS Des Moines

  80. Illuminarty sceambeg

    I demand the great and honourable!


  81. For everyone who cant speak german blitzkrieg translated means

  82. Dutchbag Campalot

    Make an hour of Yamato! :D

  83. 24:01 Phly you shouldn’t complain about doing 1400 damage there. You hit
    his torpedo belt with AP, and at the angle he was presenting I’m surprised
    you did more than 800.

  84. “M’kay, gonna pull put… Hehe thats what she said”

    Since when is it the girl pulling out?

  85. Gearing naval machinegun!!!

  86. christopher alan heaps


  87. Jonathan vallée

    Shimakaze or Zao

  88. I recently found your channel and it’s awesome, keep up the good work.

    Also that’s orgasm-worthy intro D:

  89. WTF is RNG?

  90. there are way too much draws in this game, it could use 30 min matches
    instead of 20 min ones.

    • Wasn’t a draw. Phly still doesn’t understand that you can’t draw a
      domination game. You win or lose. The other team had more points so they

  91. @PhlyDaily World of Warships should add USS Enterprise with 1945 AA
    configuration. That AA configuration had 8 5 inch guns, 54 x 40 mm Bofors (
    5 x 2, 11 x 4) and 32 20 mm Oerlikons (16 x 2)

  92. Take the japanese jet carrier ;)

  93. 14:50 holy shit

  94. The secondarys are the guns from the mogami class cruisers, when they
    replaced the 155 for the 203, they used them for the yamatos. 

  95. baronvontimo 223

    This got me so hyped for the Bismarck especially the Tirpitz:D

  96. BattleFielAlCulo

    Montana :)

  97. Where can I get this music from your intro? :)

  98. Japanese AA/AAA in real life were really bad, as an example, in operation
    Ten-Go where the Yamato was sunk with 10 ships in her fleet (The Yamato
    herself, 1 cruiser and 8 Destroyers) they only manage to down 10 American
    aircraft out of 200+ that was sent against the task force with most of the
    task force’s ships ending up heavily damaged or sunk.

    • +AlexNguyen138 who said I was arguing with you?

      i’m a german tech lover, not a Japanese lover.

      I agree their stuff was crap, but if handled by veterans they might have
      been able to compensate. since the vets were all dead, idiots without
      training were put in place, making it even worse.

    • +Henrique Zhu You should read history how Japanese AA guns work in war.
      They AA guns are terribly bad (literally), japanese never actually made
      their own AA guns, most them are build from French (type 96 25mm as
      example) or copied from German (which is fail design too), through Japanese
      have a lot of experience gunners during early Pacific War, but with them
      and some officers complaining about AA guns design, they were too heavy,
      slow rate of fire and have an ineffective range before Type 96 were built.
      Most of their aa guns are magazine fed, an Type 96 25mm only have 15
      rounds/magazine, combine with slow rate of fire, heavy weight and even its
      does have good range better than US 20mm Oerlikon, but Oerlikon have faster
      fire rate, MG design fire mechanics, light weight and very accurate. Their
      late AA guns even worse than before, vastly inferior against Bofors. This
      also explained that many Japanese warships or convoys were sunk by Us air
      forces due to lack of good AA guns since Japanese just think about making
      torpedoes instead AA armaments to protect their ship against aerial attacks.
      P/s if you a Japanese lover, don’t feel so butthurt about it, this is
      real-life history how their AA guns perform in ww2.

    • +Benjamin Huang 20mm Oerlikon 🙂

    • It’s actually quite strange, as they could, and did, produce very gd AA
      guns, like their 10cm and 15cm AAA, and 40mm AA. They also had one of the
      best light cruiser mounts ever, the 15.5cm triple mount.

    • Coulter Pfeiffer

      Yeah especially considering the Yamato had around 140 AAA.

  99. First sry if my english isn’t good, it’s not my main language.
    Second, why u take the +10% Reloading Time +15% Main Battery Aiming Speed
    and the -12% Reload time -17% Main Battery Aiming Speed? For me it doesn’t
    make sense get both.
    I would put the AA Modification 2 with the commander skill and you will get
    40% AA range and it will afect your secondarys too for 20% more range. For
    the third modification I would get the accuaracy one.
    I don’t know if you will undestand this but i’m trying to be nice, not an
    asshole :D

  100. Just so you know the reason why the Yamato does not have AA in the back and
    very few in the back is the recoil from the main guns would damage or
    destroy any AA that was put on them.

    On the other note the reason for the low aircraft destroys is that you need
    to remember that the targeting for the AA guns was by eye so it was pretty
    difficult to actually hit the planes although I agree that the planes
    should be more likely to be destroyed when they are attacking the ships.

  101. bismarck ^^

  102. Were you trying to reenact Operation Ten Go?

  103. Excuse me sir do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior

  104. Phly, the Montana class battleship has better pen with 406mm 2,700 lbs
    shells then the Yamato with its 18.1 inch shells. Also the Montana has
    Armor to bounce 16 inch 2,700 lbs “Super AP” shells

  105. how do you set target manually?

  106. yo phly have you grinded the tech tree or buy everything or get everything
    for free from the devs?

  107. Yamato Yamato … what monster!

  108. Atlanta

  109. The reason they didn’t put any AA guns at the front. Is cause when those
    guns fire. The vacuum effect would kill anyone one that deck

  110. Minikaze hype?

  111. Lars vG (N0GR4V1TY)


  112. Just needs the wave motion gun upgrade

  113. Fletcher class you need to play dds my guy

  114. Would like to see a Yamato/Montana escorted by two Erie/Hashidate.

  115. Wargaming should give players the ability to control the secondary armament
    and the AA guns

  116. Perhaps you could play the Minikaze? I want some torpedus!

  117. 12.00 this was some intense shit
    Nearly shit my pants :)

  118. HERRO!

  119. i just cant get over your world of warships intro… like it blows my

  120. Justnyan Andsmile

    Yess our SEMPEI has listened to our demand >:D

  121. I know that battleship gameplay is not really your thing Phly, but do you
    like Yamato or Montana more?

    • +PhlyDaily Thanks for answer :). I’m grinding those americans hard man.
      Maybe because AA armament is very important to me.

    • +CptCoward i liked the yamato better maybe because she was actually real
      but gameplay the Montana

  122. Thanks phly, great video 🙂
    Only another 9 years 11 months 3 weeks and 4 days of grinding until I get
    this ship LOL

  123. *VOTE ON NEXT SHIP! *

  124. Phly how do you think world of warships will compare to war thunder ships
    when it finally comes out

  125. next play TOG II class BB. best ship in the game!

  126. You say Yamayto, I say Yamato.

  127. clayton eutermark

    Phly can you do the Pensacola class cruiser in your next video?

  128. hi phly.

  129. moooom get the cameraa!!!!!

  130. Finally Im the first! lol how is it going Phly, peace out…love your WoWS
    videos man! :D

  131. OMG FREESt

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