World of Warships: Yamato – Excessive Force [279k damage]

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Yamato showing excessive force towards enemies on the map North. This World of Warships video is made by Strangers123 and it’s quite something. Strangers ends up doing a staggering 279,000 damage in this match. The volleys from this Yamato hurt so much that everyone has to bow down, except time.


  1. ah, you’re finally are uploading in 60fs. I’m happy :)

  2. Nice video (y)

  3. Aerroon=OP

  4. that was a lot better than the BB game Jingles uploaded today

  5. Not sure what is worse: The fact its a Yamato and its excessive pen makes
    the ship require no skill, the fact he hide in back for so fucking long, or
    the fact that RNG rewarded him for it.

  6. what’s the average sortie cost on a sinking run?

  7. awesome montage :)

  8. Great video, but I have one question: Why does it say 72 hits on the
    scorecard, but only 32 on the actual video? Just a product of speeding the

  9. only 280k? you disappoint :/

  10. I bet you dont need to bow down to the yamato :)

  11. I bet you dont need to bow down to the yamato :)

  12. what’s better the Yamato or the mighty monti?

  13. Quite disappointed about Montana … damn horrible shell dispersion . Going
    for Yamato now.

  14. Got the heal off just in time. Also 4 Citadel in 1 volley front guns only
    is amazing.

  15. we shud never join a gqme with aerroon inside it he gonna kill you

  16. epic

  17. what a pity
    world of drawships :(

  18. Damn, strangers is OP!

  19. That was a relly good video!

  20. nice

  21. Gaming with Strangers123


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