World of Warships – Yamato Fleet Action

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Yamato on The Atlantic pushes toward A and brings along a fleet of friends. We engage a couple battleships and cruiser along the way and land some long range damage. The fleet continues the push to the middle of the map to take on enemies trying to retreat. One by one we get a chance to take the enemies out. The Yamato is much more powerful when taking advantage of the aiming technique. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Japanese Battleship Yamato Replay


  1. That teamplay was glorious. If only it was the case at lower tiers :(

  2. Hey Notser i was wondering on your videos your aiming retical is zoom out
    where you can see the 20 on your reticle and i’m using the same reticle
    but, mine only zooms out to 15 and a half why is this? +Notser

  3. Sweet

  4. Why…Do i never get a team like that,,!

  5. This is EXACTLY how tier10 games should be!

  6. yamato lower detection range then ishishitty…

  7. noster use the dynamic sight, it’s much better. You can use the same lead
    on the target no matter what your zoom level is. It especially helps with
    the atlanta

  8. LightFoot Freddy

    Great one Notser, thnx mate for the info.

  9. If just more on the EU server will do this. Will be more fun to play tech X
    BTW great vids keep them up

  10. Christian Anibas

    Very impressive! I am just lucky that I play in the EU realm….

  11. Boy I wish I could share in your problem of having too many enemies
    broadside on to my high tier battleships.

  12. For some reason after the update, Yamtato players seems to be more
    aggresive now. I’ve seen yamato ram 3 dd’s and killing 3 more ships before
    sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Seriously I miss the sit and duck
    yamato if the yamato is on the enemy team of course.

  13. hey i noticed some one is ripping off your videos Notser im pretty sure he
    doesn’t have permission to be using your video’s and he has quite a few of
    your videos not sure if you are aware of this well you are now

  14. Brian Lock (神通)

    the reason HE were used is because AP ain’t gonna do no damage so why not
    used HE which can light stuff on fire.

  15. I have been trying to work with the dynamic crosshairs, but they are
    different than the rest it feels. But I think once I get use to them they
    will be better as the lead never changes depending on zoom level.

  16. Pretty good game :)

  17. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    Always love watching these. ….woots

  18. Destroyer Inazuma

    Yamato: 9460 mm guns. Nuff said. Good game!

  19. ‘Nother good vidoe Notser. I was wondering how good your video editing
    skills might be… if you were to do a video on the targeting methods you
    are discussing… it might be interesting if you were to draw lines along
    waterlines and the angle of the ship. Then discuss timing delays, lead and
    the position of your main guns before firing. Shoot, even colored paper
    cutouts would work. Thanks!

  20. oh yeah hint hint i found the NC front magazine armor to be really weak. if
    you aim and hit the waterline even at pretty steep angles, you can pen a NC
    front mag with 14 new Mexico guns.

  21. I’ve found an Easter egg in your vid!!! 0:14 Palacio da Pena Portugal

  22. yeeeeeees!!!!!! a battleship!!!!! finaly!!!!!!

    nice game

  23. U mister are AWESOME i watched some of your vids and i have to say u are
    the only one who actually know s how to play this game

  24. When you do that aiming video,remember that you have lot of forigner
    watching…so make it understanable enough and a good explanation so you
    dont get lot of questions after the video…and maybe a link to it as well.
    Can you make some videos with tier 7 BB,s and above?

  25. When have you described this aiming technique you mention early on? Must
    have missed it.

    Maybe link in the description?

  26. 掛上一堆旗幟 跟外掛沒什麼兩樣 不是憑實力

  27. Hey buddy, As always great video, Very helpful! :).

    I have to ask though mate, Do you think there is any chance in future we
    could see more later tier German warships?. I have watched all you have
    uploaded, Yet, I am still having a very difficult time playing them, I love
    the Admiral hipper, Its such a beautiful ship, But playing it is a chore, I
    will slam my AP into neutral angled ships only to do 900 or so damage, Only
    to watch them turn their guns at me, hit me, And are almost guranteed a
    Citadel with every hit, Regardless of how much i angle myself. I went down
    this line because the AP looked so good, But, I feel like Ap relient
    cruisers are just by default less reliable and practical then their
    Japanese HE spamming counterparts which to consistently high damage with
    every salvo.

    You got any advice for the hipper onwards or plan on making vids for them
    in future ? Afterall they are very very very very very very beautiful
    ships, The most so in the game in my opinion :P,

    Cheers buddy!. Keep up the awesome content!

  28. More Yamato replays. Yeah!!

  29. What do you know, I was in this game. Sad we lost :(

  30. That poor north carolina. Notser didn’t even bother to look at him lol

  31. you play with low, medium or high graphics?

  32. Don’t you just love those waste of a citadel hits?

    Everytime I kill a cleveland on 1/10th health with my Warspite, or Fuso,
    it’s always that elusive Citadel that would have killed him twenty minutes

    Before he burned me half to death.

  33. In which video do you explain the aiming technique?

  34. Do the Atlanta.

  35. +Ambient Sunshine the mod 3 does speed up the rate of fire by 12% at the
    cost of 17% turret traverse speed…. the your thinking of the one that
    does the opposite the Mod 2 that speeds up your turret traverse by 15% at
    the c
    ost of 10% increase of reload time.
    (this is directly from the World of Warships Wiki) “Decreases main battery
    loading time:
    -12% to main battery loading time -17% to the main battery traverse speed
    Guns reload faster in exchange for slower turret traverse. Stacks with
    Basic Firing Training.”

  36. The Yamato is just so fun to play, I can push becuse she is so durable,
    DDsand CVs are the only problems I have, but the Yamato con take a beating.
    I sent to you a Yamato game, where I have 3 Devastating strikes, amazing

  37. Andreas Petersson

    Number 115 to like! 🙂 AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME 😀 YAMATO!!! 😀 Smashy ship!
    Big ship! Big rounds! Bigger Guns!! Thanks for the ship pick 🙂 Glad to see
    it in action! :)

  38. Your aiming technique really helps me out… in a game with my Myoko i did
    13 citadels….. almost one very other salvo, and i nailed a cruiser with 5

  39. I slammed 5 yammy shells into the hull underneath the smokestack of a
    stationary Ibuki and they all overpenned. It’s shit like this that has
    ruined the Yammy for me.

  40. @Notser, few days ago u told it’s not worth going for A, and… why didn’t
    u get B or C which are easier to capture and defend? ;p

  41. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Notser talks about a Technique that he described.. WHERE and WHEN?^^

  42. So which ship is better: Yamato or Montana?
    There are so many different opinions :-)

  43. The Nick Holland

    I sent a nice Yamato replay in, hope you like it!

  44. MeKanism Lastname

    “Woah sorry man” best quote notser

  45. Hey Notser, try out the new binocular view. It’s available in the vanilla
    game, just go to setting->gameplay.

  46. Notser, I’m missing something, you mention a process for aiming that you
    have recently discussed… I don’t recall this discussion and have watched
    all recent vids (except some CV ones), I am interested in this discussion –
    it sounds similar to what I have learned and employed.

  47. Musashi as premium pls!

  48. great aiming notser…hope you play some soviet cruisers or the zao..but
    nonetheless good jobbb

  49. We rarely see Yamato videos, and it is refreshing to see a Yamato that
    engages instead of being afraid of scratching their paint. Nice one!

  50. Its confirmed: Notser has multiple personalities

  51. Why can’t every yamsto player out there be like you

  52. The onslaught spearheaded by Yamato was great.I enjoyed.

  53. MelancholicThug

    This ship is bullshit. Not only has the strongest shells, also shoots fast
    with the module. It should have a longer reload phase. (40+ secs).

  54. nice Game notser 🙂

    i had a great game in the Fuso with 240.000 dmg and 7 kills is it worth to
    send you this ?

  55. try a secondary build on this. it is really fun with the 5th skill it is
    accurate and have a range of 10.6 km :D

  56. Eating Flashbang

    The thing that annoys me about Yamato is how much attention it gets…if
    there is a carrier in the enemy team, chances are he goes for me first.

    If there is a Montana, nobody gives a single fuck about it. Nobody! But
    Yamato…everyone comes to burn you

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