World of Warships- Yamato Full Secondary Build

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Its just for the memes guys, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Sad thing is that these old bb are designed to played just like this. Pushing in, tanking and let secondaries rip when get the chance.
    Sadly the current meta is pushing ships that are supposed to get close and contest caps further and further out in the map. Makes me wonder why the game still has cap zones ?

    • secondary builds are still relevant, observe the Georgia and Mass and Ohio as examples
      these builds require patience and experience, and you’ll play matches where you’ll win but never used your secondaries which is perfectly acceptable
      Yes HE spam has gotten worse, much worse, but too many players use this as an excuse for bad plays on their behalf and poor pushes have always been punished no matter the current meta

    • Jean-philippe Lefebvre

      my Bismarck is full secondary build plus concealment on my lvl19 cpt.
      got 11,3km secondary range and something like 13,4km detection range.
      i tend to stay back at fist looking how the play evolve then if someone compromise i push and there you go he’s back to port.
      every battle, always kill at least 1 dd lol
      probably my fav ship, definitively in my top 3

  2. Hello SLM hope you’re well, just three questions I’d like to ask you. awhile ago there was a rumour regarding beehive rounds, do you know if they might be added tbh I cant see a real use for them. secondly do you know if the Rodney will be added? And lastly do you know or think the Hood will ever get her torpedoes added?

  3. Lol all I hear is your heavy breathing XD

  4. I tried out a full secondary build Yammi for a laugh at the weekend playing Tier 10 ranked in public test and it was a lot of fun. Unusually for public test there where plenty of players in ranked and there was quite a lot of brawling for once which was awesome 🙂 shame it’s not the same in live 🙁 As the games where closer in and shorter you could easily get away without a survivability build and going secondary you don’t loose out too much. I found it best with a half and half build though, extend the secondary range but use main battery reload booster. I think what Wow really needs though is more game modes, smaller maps and shorter games would lead to more close in brawling.

  5. Had one of those 1 in 100 games with a secondary build Yamato on Warrior’s Path and got 2 DD kills at close range. But see it as a LOL build.

  6. It would be fun if you tried secondary build Yamato with IFHE. With IFHE Yamato has total of 554400 dpm on it’s 127mm secondaries with 27 mm pen, and 78000 on it’s 155mm secondaries with 33mm pen (total of 632400 dpm, which is more than G.Kurfurst, which still can be increased with secondary battery modification 2 and BFT). You should try that build for meme/fun and try bullying some cruisers/large cruisers with it.

  7. We heard your breath all the time, means your mic is to sensitive

    But besides that, that was a nice vid ^^

  8. I want to see a full secondary Yashima considering it has that nasty 100mm IJN secondary and better range

  9. I miss the old tracers for the Italian commander. Why did they change it?

  10. The only thing I see here is a confirmation of how much fun it is to push in a BB these days. No point of pushing in this close, regardless if you have secondarys or not.

  11. You should try a full secondary kremlin build, since its already tanky enough. That would be interesting to see.

  12. Ha, been playing warships for over 4 years and I think it’s the first time I’ve made it into someone’s video. I was in the Kurfürst in your first battle, thanks for the kill. 😉

  13. I have a legendary DM with rudder shift instead of conceal. I sometimes run spotter with it too. Basically it’s for being a better henri. Nothing can hit you outside 12 km except republique and kremlin. Farms 3mil potential just about every game.

  14. Unfortunately you’ve highlighted why the only ships I do any form of secondary build for is German BB’s, and even then its a hybrid between secondaries and survivability for them because I swap Manual Secondaries for Fire Prevention and Basics of Survivability instead of BFT for just that line.

  15. Interesting and fun!

  16. Love seeing someone, who also takes a stupid chance once in a while. 😀

  17. I have a secondary Yamato. I just Love it.

  18. I would never go for manual secondaries. Too much micromanagent in heat moments and you lose a whole side of secondaries when enemies show on both sides.

  19. Sea Lord! One rookie question: how did you get that blue camo that is shown on the vid? It looks way better than the premium camo!

  20. First two matches: *OOF*
    Third match: weird flex but ok

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