World of Warships Yamato Gameplay – Bringing Dishonor to the Emperor

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  1. Nathan Peterson

    +Mountain Gnome Well it’s supposed to be free when it hits Open Beta later
    this year, where you can download it off of the website that bears the
    games name. However it’s still in CBT, so you have to either wait for WG to
    release access codes to a small number of people every couple weekends. or
    just buy a pre-order ship giving you access to the game of the Wargaming
    Premium Shop

  2. Can you like go kill yourself

  3. +The Analyst It wasn’t a boring game, but I agree that he makes a lot of
    obvious mistakes.

  4. crazycakemanflies

    +The Analyst he is trying to play an exciting game to get an exciting
    video. PLaying as aggressively (and stupidly) as possible is all part of
    that. if you want a video where someone kills 4 battleships and 10 cruisers
    with no deaths go watch someone else…

  5. +Frid Kun She might get mad if she hears you say that. At least she is a
    good cook haha.

  6. danish iskandar

    +TheGunnyBadger nah she ok with that maybe <_<

  7. +danish iskandar
    she sometimes gets caught and calls herself a hotel, but more often than
    not, she corrects.
    It is so cute :3

  8. +Frid Kun SHE IS NOT A HOTEL

  9. +luvit579 There will most certainly be a progress wipe. But we will also
    probably get a free premium ship or something for participating in the CBT.

  10. cool, thanks for the info

  11. +Jason Hives Because Axis, Russians don’t like axis. :^)

  12. Suicide or an honorable death? It is the empire of Japan.

  13. +War And Peas o7

  14. +MAX L When you’re in the Yamato, and there’s only four puny boats on the
    enemy team, it’s not a suicide. It’s target practice.

  15. +Slithereenn LOL.

  16. +Allura Ambrose But hey, in the end, they won. I would take it. 😀

  17. Montana is a better ship, but Yamato has best guns ever put on the sea.

  18. +Greg Ward It really depends on where you are in Japan.

  19. When 300 planes come I think it will sink by something and torpedoes just
    happens to be it. It sank slowly too.

  20. nhatduy inouele

    +ZePanzerCommander + she took like 17 torp on 1 side + shit ton of bomb
    before going down + it took te american over 300 plane and shit ton of torp
    and bomb to sink her + the american only attack torp on 1 side that why she
    sink faster if they attack 2 side yamato can take more than 17 torp

  21. +ZePanzerCommander That’s the logic that made the Bf 110 fall apart at a
    tap in WT unrealistically. “It had a high loss rate in real life, so
    clearly it must be structurally vulnerable.” It was a lucky shot, just like
    with the Bismarck.

  22. ZePanzerCommander

    How the bismark sink? I thought the bismark had a titanic incident and sank

  23. +ZePanzerCommander I was thinking that Yamatos should suffer a little less
    damage from torpedoes. Not only did Musashi take 20 or so torps but she
    sailed on for another 5 hours before sinking! The attack on Yamato
    concentrated more hits on one side to increase her list but she still took
    about 12 torps and many heavy bombs before rolling over.

  24. +Shkotay D YOU WIN THE AWARD OF…

  25. +Asa Colgan 😀

  26. +ZePanzerCommander Tar!!!! Heels!!!!!

  27. No you’re not I am

  28. +Victor Yau I know that, I already have access to CBT. I want to get into
    whatever test server Baron and Phly used for their previews

  29. +BMWM3GTRLOVER Ok then. I have no clue. :p

  30. halo jumbo (jumbohalo)


  31. +BaronVonGamez Subsrcibed. 😀

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