World of Warships – Yamato HE only challenge

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So chat challenged 3 idiots to do Yamato HE shells only and ofc these 3 idiots decided to do it. I ask for your forgiveness and I hope I never have to do this again BUT I think it was funny so you get to watch it 😉
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Oh no flambass you have just encouraged more noobs to shoot HE in Yamato ?

  2. Yamato has 7300 HE shell damage, Conqueror has 7200 (419mm) HE shell damage.

    Yes. Yamato HE is good.

    BUT: conq has 3 more guns, so in the end the alpha damage of conq is higher. fire chance of Yamato is 35% while Conq has 48% (both are base). Then again, looking at this video, with Yamatos accuracy you don’t need that extra firechance. So all in all Yamatos HE is descent.

    But why go for descent if you have good/awesome AP?

    Conclusion: fire AP and if you really want to shoot HE, get Conq instead.

    ps: I’m not sure if anyone asked for this so I apologise in advance, I have to much time on my hand.

    • @King Zao You do always AP with Yamato. I can’t think of one situation where you would favor HE over AP. Unless there’s only destroyers left in the game, it’s pointless. Plus, Conqueror HE has much higher penetration that Yamato HE, which is why it’s superior.

    • @Mwi O Try to AP a nose in kremlin as I said, and fire can be used if a BB is fleeing

    • Someone's Youtube Username

      @King Zao It’s only the tip and it saturates up quickly. Smart Kremlin players don’t angle 100% directly at you anyway.

    • @Someone’s Youtube Username it seems you didn’t get the irony behind. When I said try to ap a nose in Kremlin, I meant that it will do nothing, thats why I’ve been telling people who thinks there is no reason to switch to HE in a Yamato that they are wrong

    • Someone's Youtube Username

      @King Zao There’s actually a point in the Kremlin nose that you can hit for 15k+ damage.

  3. Pls forgive me

    • Be honest, Flamby. You are just spreading this around to pad your kill count when everyone tries HE Yammy!

      j/k, this was funny. If nothing else you underlined the need for AP usage here. We all know that the Worcester would have been vaporized if any of you had swapped.

    • Will you also do the “Lyon” challenge like in the Jingles video, a while back, 3 Lyons, synchronised shooting at one target…. , so all 48 guns aimed at one ship, was hilarious to watch back then, can have another go though 😉

    • HE Kremlin. Do it.

    • Robert Pettigrew

      Did you stop the stream to go and have a shower?

  4. Dammit, Flambass! Quit burning the currywurst! Ruins the flavor.

  5. Others must be wondering why your Yamatos have only HE shells.

  6. i can see already 1000 of plebs shooting HE with Yamato in Random battles, after an other 1000 plebs which are rushing through mid at two brothers, this is ridiculous

  7. Craig The Chivalrous

    AP Conquerer is great tbh I did 69k to a Yamato in one salvo.

  8. Great. Now all the morons are gonna fire HE in their Yama’s. Time to take a 2 day break.

  9. ALL THIS TIME praising the AP on Yamato. Next meta will be HE Yamato! 😀

  10. What is so special about this? You can see Yamatos firing HE all day..

  11. Never underestimate the FULL POWER of the fully armed and fully functional Yamato. 🙂

  12. Of COURSE when Flambass does this it’s all good and fine but when I do it, I “suck at the game” and am “reported for teamkilling our friendly DD”

  13. I told you, that’s the second time. Use your damn consumables.

  14. Your shots per game should go up firing HE as you’re not waiting for the broadside shots .

  15. Spiros Karkavelas

    Luckiest wooster player alive, free highest damage score

  16. It’s only fair if you do triple AP Conqueror, so we can have comparisons.

  17. It’s only fair. The monkey has got you there.
    4:24 Don’t you just love it when an enemy misplay gets Flambino excited like ice cream does a pre-schooler.

  18. I remember making Yama HE game and did a massive amount of dmg. Putting one fire every 2 salvo.
    That was so weird.

  19. ALRIGHT, an ‘A-CHEE ONLY’ challenge!!!!! WHOO HOO!

  20. I can already feel the collective IQ of BB players dropping while also going ‘I told you HE was legit!’… God help us all

    You should be condemned for Heresy against Man!

    (Pure 100% Sarcasm this whole Post is)

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