World of Warships YAMATO! Hitting Citadels

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Battleship Gameplay – Hitting Citadels!
Japanese – Citadel City!

Thanks for watching!


  1. what’s so good about AP shells

  2. You really need to lead your targets more and adjust your verticals. You
    kinda missed a lot of shots. :)

  3. Perfect example right there in the first game why it’s a bad idea to go to
    extreme range with a BB: your cruisers gets close to be able to do
    anything, you have no AA cover, the cruisers gets chewed up, and you can’t
    hit shit. You had like 9 hits before starting to get close. Also, you have
    a massive HP pool, armor, and the regen ability and could have soaked alot
    of the damage that wrecked your cruisers. Just because you have extremely
    long range doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to be at max.

  4. Ponytone Flutterbat

    “The Pokemon with pincirs”

    Maybe, oh I don’t know …Pinsir?

  5. Slick stfu

  6. get permim and plat terpiz

  7. shaundis buddyguy

    i could watch you three play this game all day , cool vid gentlemen

  8. I got this beauty a week ago! 200k damage feels so badass. CITADELS!!

  9. baron could you *…please…* watch the fall of your shots? it’ll help
    your poor accuracy so much.

  10. Learn to fucking angle cunt.

  11. You got a bad case of the torpedus there.

  12. Use the North Carolina PLEASE

  13. I’m just amazed you ate 9 – 10 torps and were still at half health. This
    thing is a beast!

  14. Is the stream house in Florida?

  15. Hahaha! Loved the closing comment.

  16. gets hit in the front turret…. gets hit in the citadel…. wtf and they
    also need to fix how close u can drop torps

  17. +BaronVonGamez
    you three need to do this in your party palace!!!!

  18. Play the Eire of the mighty Torpitz the battleship with torpedis

  19. Play the tier 1 Cruiser Eire the guardian of Panama

  20. loopy? the three amigos? nonsense! lolz

  21. Beginning to sound like a broken record here but…. PLEASE PLAY THE NORTH

  22. TheStalkerZone 51

    Play the Tirpitz xD

  23. The Torpedis Da Faaack!!!!


  25. You guys are fucking hilarious =D
    I’ve learned so many new sentences, and exclamations, where the word “tit”
    can be used as well. Entertainment AND education!

  26. What ship should I play next?

  27. Use a Kriegsmarine ship next! Tirpitz or Bismarck!

  28. Baron could you just try to avoid torps next time or at least angle so it
    would be harder to aim at you with torpedo bombers

  29. How do you get the km to pop up on the aiming, also the ships names above
    the ships?? Anyone feel free to answer, thank you

  30. Simmer down now, lmao

  31. baron plz play the gearings

  32. LeonaTimberCompany

    What you have just witnessed is a training video of the USA Special
    Olympics WOWs team.

  33. Hit shift to zoom to where you’re looking instead of taking all that time
    using the mouse wheel. Hit shift again to zoom out.

  34. WTF Tirpitz? how

  35. Torpedo spam is real!

  36. knees weak arms are heavy

  37. baron. i like you and your video but… this is not the right way to play a
    BB, and of course not the right way to play the yamato.

  38. Phly: Baron, we should use HE because they’re running, to set them on fire.
    Baron: Oh, okay *switches from HE to AP*

  39. nice gameplay baron

  40. Bye fly Dali heheheh

  41. 2 citidels with one shot?


  43. Play the Midway next!!!

  44. YAMATO!

  45. play the cleveland dpm machine

  46. 23:24

  47. Domo arigato, Baron Yamato.

  48. General Saufenberg

    famous last words… oh, good the torps are friendly

  49. I’m a sophisticated real woman #ihaverights

  50. Hey Baron do you even angle?

  51. When ever I’m in a tier 10 game I get your opponents MM 1 against several.

  52. A A RON


  53. How is it that you’ve played this game for so long and your aim is so bad?

  54. doesn’t baron sound a little like wildcat?

  55. yeah keep these W O W vids going Yall, would like to see all 3 of yall in
    clev. or atlantas

  56. when those torp bomber started diving in my mind i was like fuck me thats
    alot of torps coming your way


  58. You goofy bastards crack me up.

  59. still no Phoenix

  60. This was fucking epic. I watch these just to listen to you guys. So funny.

  61. This was fucking epic. I watch these just to listen to you guys. So funny.

  62. Islam Equals Terrorism

    At 9:25 you didn’t target your ship before shooting. Maybe do a bit less
    talking and a bit more playing, Baron.

  63. I’m in love with your forest videos at the moment baron. keep em going :)

  64. omg after all the centuries you finally took my request ;_;

  65. Carriers are so balanced just like arty ~ WarGaming RU

  66. 82rd like

  67. tamatoesofthewest

    That Pokemon is pronounced like syther but it’s spelt scyther

  68. Mousab Hassan (mussy)

    ta ma to ya ma to

  69. do they have the Bismarck yet cause if they do do it

  70. shitty jokes and voices, dislike

  71. Άκης Γκεμίσης

    13:40 Beautiful torp drop!!! DaMn!! Hit all except one!

  72. Ads in the middle? Boooooooooo.

  73. Los Ermanos Gaming

    hail Brazil please ???

  74. Casper Vang Jensen

    How do you look from above?

  75. Zachary Godley-mcavoy

    The Royal Navy is the best navy

  76. Happy Potato With No Name 24

    the japanese… with their amazing ships

  77. Awesome video



    insert some sort of Yamato-related joke here. Like the fact that she’s not
    a Hotel 😛

    I also went to the Yamato museum and just came back :)

  80. batuhan aydın (xjawz-omg)

    Love it

  81. i usually don’t do this but first

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