World of Warships: Yamato – It Started Out So Bad

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I don’t even know what to say about this game. It wasn’t great, but wasn’t terrible either.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese battleship Yamato on the map North.


  1. What about ifhe Yamato for a meme build?

    • @Pawi IFHE allows the 127mm secondaries to pen….. 26mm, which is pretty much useless at T10. How about you do some math.

    • @Nikoolix It still does pen some light cruisers and dds. not saying yamato seconday ifhe build is the greatest but it started with a meme and i just got used to it. wouldnt recommend it over concealment/basics of survivability but its kinda fun, but you only get to use your secondary like only 4 times in 10 battles LOL

    • stefanos perivolaris

      Secondaries ifhe haha

    • IFHE main guns I mean. HE only

    • @Corsaircombat still useless, there are no major armour plates 460mm HE would pen with IFHE that it can’t without

  2. to be honest i enjoy using the Izumo more

  3. If you cannot beat them, join them. Thats why I love my Kremlin

    • I do too. I just like complaining about it. I mean what else would I say during the video? How the sun shines and rain falls? Heeeey… that’s a nice idea.

  4. A big beautiful ship

  5. The enemy Kremlin over pushed, before he realize that he was broadside to 2 other BBs and 2 DDs. That’s why he suddenly stopped and turned around. But it was too late. Typical case of fixation on one target and not looking at the mini map.

  6. Thanks for the game replay! Love your videos, keep it up man!

  7. I’m back after some time. So now you belong in TSUN, eh?

  8. Disparaging remarks about RU BBs? To gulag with you! lol

  9. No shame in starting a match out with some HE salvos in a BB. I actually always do that now by design at the start of each round in which I’m playing a BB, because from experience you know that that very first engagement you’re going to get into will probably be you taking pot shots at another max range BB who’s nose on to you… Chances are that when you go to fire an AP salvo in that same situation you would only be doing about 2K damage anyway, so you might as well harass someone with HE instead which you know will net a possible fire and probably a few K worth of easy pen DMG. Another benefit to using HE at the start of a new round as a BB captain would be when and if a rushing DD suddenly popped up in a cap somewhere near you, now you would already have HE loaded in order to do the max possible DMG to a soft target.

    • In a Yamato you can overmatch nose-in BBs so AP will probably do more unless you get a perma-fire.

    • in my exp, the first “real” pot shot you should take is at broadsiding cruiser but yeah, whatever floats your boat

    • @faye Agreed, of course that would always be preferred but usually the first things spotted in a fresh match are the damn enemy BBs because of the huge detection radius they all typically have. The CAs and CLs will usually try their best to stay stealth until the last possible second as they try to stay angled and/or nose in and rush full speed like everyone else to their preferred spot near the objective. I’m simply talking about loading HE the second the match starts, drive towards wherever I’m going, and shoot off 2-3 HE pot shots at all the BBs that are 20km+ away still. Good luck getting any damage rolls over like 1-2k trying to shoot AP at a target rushing towards your team at full speed and about 20km away.

    • @Ryan Li Sure, if you’re aim is so good that you’re able to put a round perfectly through the 30-32mm nose armor plating of a BB while that ship is driving towards your team at full speed and is also about 20km away… I’m a good shot in my Yami and my Musashi, and I don’t think I’ve once gotten a nose over-match citadel hit on a BB that was 18km+ away… Chances are much greater that your round or rounds will hit the super structure and overpen, or hit the thicker deck armor right behind the 30ish mm thick nose plating and bounce. It’s a very small target to hit pretty much the very tip of a BB’s nose armor at the kind of long ranges we’re talking about during the start of match rush to the objectives.

  10. Is that a permanent camo and how do you get it

  11. If youre running the Turret traverse upgrade, then you dont have the double improved dispersion that legendary yammy is so famous for right ? How has that worked out for you ?

  12. the only way to balans kremlin is to balance it with petrocitclopse

  13. Whats with the Kobayashi camo ships Aerroon? I predict next vid is Ashitaka

  14. Everytime i see yamato always burning

  15. Yamato my first and only tier 10 🙂

  16. 12:20 vurnerable broadside and average turning circle balance out insane deck armor, insane AA, insane guns, insane consumables, insane HP, insane dispersion formula! Da komrad.

  17. That dispersion … Especially wierd that it seemed to increase when firing at ships of a certain nation … Nice game tho 🙂

  18. Close game = good game. Even if you lose.

  19. That long rangefinder is sooooo ridiculous. It is just defacing the Yamato, like putting bunny ears on a lion.

  20. Is that a giant plane on top of Yamato’s tower?

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