World of Warships: Yamato – Keep Calm And Reverse

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Sometimes you just have to keep calm and reverse. Don’t get rammed.

0:00 Yamato Match
16:26 End Screen
18:35 Captain Skills & Upgrades
20:20 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese battleship Yamato.


  1. Love ur vids, keep going

  2. Azur Lane NEEDS the Yamato!

  3. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    the M119 Maizuru camo!

  4. Keep carrying Aerroon, as these do everything in their power to throw

  5. Ggwp, aerroon! Holy shit, your team throwing for no reason really pissed me off

  6. I recently got the UU for Yamato the only one I have not from the old missions. But I wanted the XP of Legendary Deadeye Yamato before the skill is gone. I don’t regret it!
    Nice vid, looked like a fun game!

  7. Well if that Ohio decide to ram you, your team still win. He have to sink you since his team losing on point, although his situation is similar to you, both of you need the last surviving cruisers to… survive? HAHAHA
    And I agree, the legendary upgrade is demanding too much on long range engagement.
    Nice game mate!

  8. Asking people if they see a crossfire, is like asking if they are using the minimap.
    Most people don’t – and that’s a fact, that really hurts my brain.

    • And that is why you see so many players do the most stupid moves. Like the Massachusetts moving up on the a side into a crossfirezone. And the Mainz should have helped take out the Henri fast instead of farming damage on the Ohio.

  9. Friesland, Marco Polo, AND Mainz all threw. Sheesh!

  10. i play my yamato with range mod because i dont want the turrets to turn even slower

  11. nice game 🙂

  12. ザム「Zam」

    This was a nice game.

  13. Good carry Aerroon!

  14. Tiền Nguyễn

    Make C. Colombo vid pls

  15. The Emergency Repair Specialist seems like such a waste of a point to me. It only saves you something like 5 seconds on your cooldowns and while switching to HE is extremely rare in a Yama the half reload time skill or Preventive Maintainance to ensure your guns get knocked out even less seem way more valuable to me.
    Great game though, despite your teammates doing their very best to throw it! Luckily that Ohio was cut from the same cloth as them haha

  16. Capping in a yamato?! Unheard of!

  17. Thomas Bernecky

    As Aerroon says: Always use a ramming flag.

  18. “Biggest enemy, is your own team” Confucius

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