World of Warships – Yamato Monster Game

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on Warrior’s Path moves out to support the western flank, I just try to help some destroyers. I continue to take out enemy Cruisers who show too much side. The enemy gets a little advantage, my team starts to fall but I need to hold on. The game is pretty close and I hope you enjoy it. Have a wonderful day!

Tier X Japanese Yamato Replay


  1. hey, this is early, and this is the tier 10 japanese battleship yamato

  2. Are you drunk?

  3. Uchuu senkan YA MA TO !!!

    Who else play this theme when playing Yamato in WOWS, Jingles is amazing LOL.

  4. This commentary…. Makes me feel uncomfortable .. I need an adult!!!

  5. spoke too much as a dead player

  6. damn it notser, dont need to be too bossy at the end :p

  7. Preston sounds drunk in this one lol

  8. Destroyer Inazuma

    Uchuu Senkan YA…

  9. It’s good to advice others after throwing away all your health going alone against two torp spamming ships. Let’s be fair, you could have waited for others to get there and spot/assist. Then complaining to the survivors… It was you who failed at situational awareness, and got a bit salty with all the sea water getting in your ship.

  10. MajesticDemonLord

    Well, that was some serious Notser Porn voice acting…

  11. Notser pulled a Notser……..of course…….lolzzz

  12. Marios Karampalis

    You died by an island, typical Notser!

  13. Bismarck, why you yolo? Why you yolo? Bismack you no yolo! You no yolo!

  14. Play the Izumo-class Shotgun now lol

  15. listen to purely the audio when he killed the DM and a bit after that when he says “it feels so good” sounds like a porn XD

  16. And here i am, 9.5/10 times out within the first 7-8 minutes because i literally have ALL the fires on my Yamato….

  17. 1 sek just 1 sek killed you

  18. For fucks sake Notser – no homo

  19. you’re lucky that kurfurst didnt delete you

  20. Mmm… juicy…

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