World of Warships – Yamato Nimble Navigation

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Yamato on The Atlantic finds us in a really high tier match, it has a overabundance of tier 10s. We leave the spawn and try to stick with some Montana’s and Des Moines’. The enemy moves against our attacking flank, but we get to hit some good shots and push the tempo. The team works well together and we get to have some nice shots. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Japanese Battleship Yamato Replay


  1. Ome Slikkum (Omeslikkum)

    Hi Notser. I have this Concealment build (that’s how I call it) for a while
    and there is a small difference in your video compared to mine. I have
    13.9km SDR, and you have 13.5km SDR. I’m trying to figure out what is the
    difference, build is almost practicly the same. Have both concealments on.
    Do you have any idea?

  2. I saw the other comment, but yeah, that Baltimore saved you 2 or 3 torp
    hits 🙂 Sometimes life’s good that way!

  3. 天真!
    專注一艘敵船而露出側面 3:56秒
    忽略驅逐艦還進入魚雷有效射程 導致因小失大 11:37秒

  4. Primož Čukajne

    because of that baltimore u got citadeled for 14k and he saved u at the
    same time from that torps :)

  5. Seriously, I’d pretty much have suggested to all those allies if they
    couldn’t stop the goddamn Shimakaze torp smap then I was going to go about
    and head back the way we came.
    WTF is the point of ‘escorts’ if they can’t do the ONE THING you primarily
    need them to do?
    Forget the enemy BBs if you’re a CA, those aren’t your job. JUST KILL THE
    FKN DDS FFS. If you have radar it’s inexcusable not to kill them.
    People who worry more about taking damage will, somewhat legitimately,
    simply choose not to push in their BBs in the face of stupid numbers of
    torps, and from their point of view it’s hard not to have some sympathy
    with that view if USN DDs, all CAs AND CVs MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL won’t kill
    the enemy DDs for you.
    p.s. for anyone who might not know, the maximum damage of the Yamato’s AP
    round was nerfed from back in beta, lol. Used to have a max damage of
    18,000 per shell, or 162k damage from a single broadside if they all scored

  6. Really enjoyed watching! I still feel a little bit exhausted by the EU GNB
    event with its 500 battles and have not really started Ranked yet, sitting
    at R15. So lately I’m just doing fun battles myself too or rather watch you
    and Jingles sailing through hell and high water. Thanks Notser!

  7. 14:34 the night before last, I had a truly epic carry in my Kutuzov, dealt
    147k total, 4 kills, high caliber, confederate!
    Sunk; Tirpitz, 2x Colorado, and a Molotov. ALMOST had double strike from
    the 2 Colorados as well!

    And I did well over 75% HP of damage everything I sunk, and did about
    another 35k to 2 other ships.

    And I got a bit of EVERY kind of damage! About 68k direct AP, 28k Direct
    HE, 7 fires for another 28k, about 17k from 2 torpedo hits, and another 4k
    in flooding! To estimate, I DO have the endplates, perhaps I will make a
    photobucket or similar account where I will upload all my best results…

  8. 10:45 Is it just me, or has the Yamato’s repair ability (heal) been
    significantly nerfed from how it was a while ago?

    I mean, you are right on half HP, it does not seem like you have taken ANY
    real citadel damage – yet you can only heal for like 2k hp? What’s going on

  9. Next patch, with the special module the Iowa and Montana (possibly North
    Carolina too) will get, combined with the better Sigma dispersion values –
    I would BET that the Montana will become the better “Sniper” as it were.

    Sure, Yamato will still have the most devastating guns overall, but for me,
    between having 30 knots speed, 45 second turret traverse (versus 72 on
    Yammy), better AA, and finally, at least with the proper modules, similar
    max dispersion, with far better Sigma dispersion!

    First time since Yamato overtook the Montana by a GIGANTIC margin during
    early open beta that I have actually felt like the Montana FINALLY has got
    a very real purpose, both in its own right and when compared to the Yamato.

  10. Sebastian Kassem

    Not react…. This Baltimore saved you from torpedoes cause you lost
    speed… If you were going faster you would get some of these.

  11. тwιlιgнт ѕcι-ғι_vocαloιd

    I would have sent my replay but the FPS is low ( 10 FPS ). Killed 4 ships (
    2 BBs, 1 Cruiser and 1 DD ) Tactic used: Aggressive in the end.

  12. as much as it pains me to say it, but that potato of a Baltimore probably
    saved you from those torps. He slowed you enough that the salvo went
    sailing in front of you. :P

  13. Hey Notser. I wanted to know what type of replay file do you want people to
    send in for replays? The regular .wowsreplays, or other formats?

  14. I love the Yamato! Most exciting battleship by far. More Yamato!

  15. HAhaha the only reason why those Torps didn’t hit ya was because that
    Baltimore slowed you down. Reacting in time don’t make me laugh.

  16. OBS is good,great video Notser. GG!

  17. I’ve always said it– this ‘Notser’ guy is really dodgy!

  18. How about some Atago or Murmansk game play?

  19. Destroyer Inazuma

    Good game, you’re really good at driving the legend

  20. i don’t get why i saw lots of high tier destroyer using wide spread
    torpedo. they are really shit. shimakaze has 3×5 torpedo launcher, even
    with narrow spread it will still cover lots of area and even has better
    chance of hitting enemy ship.

  21. The Nick Holland

    what’s the best way for you to notice a replay?

  22. That chat tho

  23. YÁMATO. Accent is in A in correct pronunciation.

  24. dear notser, i think u didn’t react in time, luckily the baltimore was
    slowing u down so u “avoid” the torps :D

  25. That Baltimore saved ur life maybe from those first torps =D

  26. That Baltimore saved ur life maybe from those first torps =D

  27. And I hope you also have a wonderful day. 🙂 Such a nice thing to say man.
    Made me smile. :-)

  28. “Hey let’s give the Yamato, who has the best penetration shells with the
    highest damage, also the best rate of fire. That’s perfectly balanced and
    fair!” <--- WG logic.

  29. Pranjal Shrivastava

    keep those videos rolling Notser, really enjoying your game play commentary

  30. 7 points are used by the time you get to super
    which only leaves you 8 for the next 2 tiers and you need 9, 4 for advanced
    firing training and 5 for concealment

  31. do you have a 16 point captain, im one point short from being able to run
    this build and i have a 15 point captain

  32. Stephen Shaw (Undeadmac)

    Yamato – “Battleshipping is good job mate, it’s challenging work, outer
    doors, i guarantee you’ll not go hungry cause at the end of the day long as
    there are two ships left on the planet someone is gonna want someone dead.

  33. the torp spam in this game is just silly you need no skill at all to use
    them the game aim’s them for you DD’s are far to easy to play.

  34. Ironically that moron in the Baltimore saved you from eating a bunch of

  35. Could you play the Myogi please?

  36. The Baltimore basically saved you from torpedoes

  37. OMG!!! Check out the new Hipperato at 1:22
    The new German-Japanese Tier10 SuperBB

  38. I really have tons of bad luck with my Yama over the last couple of weeks.
    Hardly any cit pens ever, getting detonated with 83k hp left and so on and
    so forth.

    Her guns feel very inaccurate a lot of times and just over pen all the time
    or don’t do anything at all.

  39. Hey Notser had the pleasure of playing against you today, any chance in a
    “Yamato vs Montanna” cinematic comparison video.
    *Could be interesting*

  40. 13:23 — “Try to have as much angling as I can muster…” — Interesting
    use of the word muster there, as in to muster up courage or to call all
    hands to muster stations.

  41. Hahah that Amagi bounced!

  42. oh and notser do u think the Montana should be buffed. in my opinion I
    think it should be and here’s why. The mark 8 APC shell it would have fired
    and was designed to be able to take shots from this shell. it was our new
    16 inch shell the Iowa’s fired that had just as good penatrating and damage
    potential as the yamato. the only thing with the Iowa’s is they were made
    before that shell exsisted so they couldn’t take a shot from that
    particular she’ll like the montanas would be able to. i don’t like how the
    montanas get penatrated and in some cases citideled from the highest angles
    by a yamato when in real life the Montana would be able to bounce shells
    from the yamato because of its heavily improved armour. the guns on the
    Montana I feel are a little underwhelming when they should be. the yamato
    does have the biggest guns in the game and its way more accurate then the
    Montana. when wargamming bring the German battleship line in and if the t10
    is the H42 class battleship which is insane that Germany during this time
    even thought about this, the Montana would be even more underwhelmed
    because it might not even be able to do anything to it. for me the armour
    should be buffed because of the innovations we would have had on this ship
    which would have made it a heavily armoured beast. the guns a lacking
    against the yamato when it faces it when it shouldn’t have so much trouble
    even scratching the paint on the yamato. so in my opinion I feel that the
    montana should get more love and be buffed

  43. Yammy’s turret already refuses to turn, why did you equip ROF? I feel like
    waiting forever waiting for turrets to turn already.

  44. notser ur so lucky u didn’t hit those first set of torps. that Baltimore
    slowed u down so if he didn’t u would have eaten so many haha

  45. I got a long way to go before I get the Yammy, still need to buy the Amagi.

  46. The MOST INTERESTING thing is that without premium this game would be a
    wash, credit wise. 246k spent for repairs. A T10 win nets you 61k????
    That’s the main reason I no longer play above T8… unless you pay for
    premium, you lose, even if you win.

  47. The Yamato can’t even torpedo the Yamato… What’s the point of it?

  48. KingOfRotterdam16

    lol that chat at the beginning

  49. Love the videos! What do you use to record your videos live??

  50. 133200 damage potential from a full salvo.

  51. Gareth Fairclough

    By my math, Notser, the Yamato could *potentially* do 133,200 damage in one
    salvo, assuming that you fire AP and all 9 shells hit citadels on a target
    with at least that much HP. Which ain’t gonna happen :/

    I worked with 1480 x 10 (1480 being the overpen damage of one shell, which
    is 10% of the max damage for that shell) then multiplied that by 9 (number
    of main battery guns) to give the 133k figure.

  52. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    as always. .. .woots ?

  53. Montana still needs more buffs. Like the superior TDS it had, and the
    strong armor it would have had.

  54. i was looking for a yamato vid and here i have it ty notser ??

  55. i was looking for a yamato vid and here i have it ty notser ??

  56. EternalGaming786

    In this battle our friend Notser lost his behind Salutes .-.

  57. I woke up to this, yay!

  58. Notser, stop saying how strong the yamato is. Wargaming will hear you and
    nerf it lol

  59. Having fun on the 057PT Server with 11.1km manual secondaries for the
    Yamato! :)

  60. giant japanese battleships share their territory with montanas.
    this 260m specimen is no exception.
    despite its impressive length, the yamato is a nimble navigator, and spends
    most of its life patrolling the seas for food.

    i see what you did there notser

  61. wtf only 81aa ?? wtf is warGAYming thinking

  62. Hey notser can you use the Japanese carriers like the Taiho,Hakuryu?

  63. Hey Notser. Have you ever tried the 5 point skill that increases the power
    of the secondaries on this ship. I think the Yamato and the Tirpitz are the
    only ships where this skill really shows its full potential. Yamato because
    of the pure power its secondaries have and the Tirpitz because it is the
    perfect brawler. With that skill you eat close by destroyers for breakfast
    with a battleship. You should try that out :)

  64. Yep I love Advanced Firing Training. That skill is so useful for
    battleships specially the boost in anti air capabilities

  65. Notser, please show us an all secondary build on Yamato! :D

  66. Thanks Notser! Love your daily episodes, not only are they entertaining,
    they also have helped me improve my game! (Would love it if you could post
    a new Myoko how to, just got it and will have the B hull today! Thanks!)

  67. whats this ? early? i’m not in bed yet to get up and watch it. thanks
    notser from melbourne 11pm 12.06.16

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