World of Warships: Yamato – Patience is a Virtue

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Yamato with her Lacquer camo makes for a beautiful sight. Lovely ship.

0:00 Intro
0:14 Captain Skills & Upgrades
0:24 Yamato Match
4:49 Yamato Is Bad
5:15 Yamato Match Continues
17:42 End Screen
18:32 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese battleship Yamato.


  1. @spacetimegamingnation1709

    second comment

  2. I love Yamato but playing with her nowadays is a pain because all the focus. At least in NA.

    • Yeah, it is a bit painful. There’s a lot of torpedoes now too. The slow turret traverse really doesn’t lend itself well to dodging constantly.

  3. @anthonyware4033

    I don’t have the Yamato, I have the Musashi and I love that ship. The Musashi is fun to shoot HE at everything. Great video again.

  4. Did you know about Yamato’s performance compared to her peers?

    • Clearly he does not understand Stats, Its a good ship.

    • It might be a popularity thing–maybe more popular ships do worse b/c they are represented by more average players. Niche ships are probably played by people who put more time into the game and expect that they’ll enjoy the playstyle. My guess is this causes the stats to be biased against the ship’s innate characteristics.

    • I think you’re right, but it also applies to the top 5% results. I think it’s just that the ship doesn’t fit the game very well due to how it is armored. It’s a battleship that essentially becomes a sitting duck at close range.@@lojiker3797

    • I could never get a good game out of Yamato.

  5. why you little… get off my lawn!

  6. @hectormorales4090

    Ahh, such a GG mate

  7. @swordmonkey6635

    Yamato tends to be the T10 BB most new players grind to because, “Yamato” and it has big guns, is free and was a real floating T10 BB. The glaring weaknesses of Yamato (cheek and rear armor) punish newer players looking to play her conventionally. Then there are the less experienced players (or experienced) that want to push with Yamato, or sail flat broadside trying to get the sexy alpha damage… and get deleted because of WG’s armor interpretation for Yamato. It’s funny how the heaviest armored BB ever made (by a large %) can get deleted so quickly with a salvo or two.

    • That cheek just sucks. Without it you could actually push in her, but because of it pushing is a terrible idea if you’re going to be fighting close range. It just removes your rear turret.

    • @@Aerroon Yes. The cheek citadel existed on the real Yamato, but it being a weakness is WG trying to make a ship that took more damage to sink than any other ship in WW2, killable. The rear weakness (boat hanger door area on hull) is more realistic but still, the armor of Yamato was the thickest ever mounted on a warship and designed to withstand 18 inch rounds. Yamato’s weakness was planes and poor internal design choices (lateral bulkhead running the length of the ship).

  8. @michaellotz7875

    so good to have your vids again

  9. the average win rate is around 48%. if you look at the numbers for yama and monty, you will see their average win rates are almost the same as the average win rate. it looks bad because most new players start with the yama line. 9 years into the game and yama is still one of the best BB (and THE best tech tree BB) in tier 10. oh and people saying the yama armor is bad is proof how dented the average player is. if you keep this ship at mid range, its incredibly tanky

    • Idk. I think Yamato’s armor is her biggest weakness. The cheek at the front means that you simply cannot go close range. Her citadel is high enough that you cannot gamer turn without getting deleted either, so you can’t run either.. If they removed the cheek then I think Yamato would be significantly stronger, because then you could roll up close range at roughly a 30 degree angle and you’d be fine.

  10. Thats like saying the Montana Is crap also about the same amount of games and damage…..

    • Still better though!
      But… I actually don’t think Montana is good. The ship is just too vanilla and doesn’t provide any meaningful advantage in basically any scenario. I guess the RNG citadel protection is helpful, but even that’s pretty meh.

  11. Honestly, besides the attraction of obtaining Yamato, her playstyle us not sufficient for the meta. The meta wants faster guns, firing at long range with lots of HE. Yamato SHOULD thrive due to highly accurate guns but her dispersion is just NOT ENOUGH to be meaningful. Especially since said shells tend to overpen a lot. In a manner of speaking, I get more consistent damage with Colombo due to sheer volume of fire where every wonky shell in yamato is a curse.

    • Good point. I also heard that Colombo got recently buffed. Is it significant?

    • @Aerroon  The buffs are small but feel very impactful. The forward firing angle is terrifying, with the improved rudder she can actually swerve and make good use of those rear 360 turrets. The mild buff to sigma has made her go from awful to okay-ish accuracy, but with 16 guns that is fine. She actually regularly lands hits now for me. I think it was the difference from being worthless to now very tactically useful but not dominant or exceptional.

  12. uchuu senkan yamato! (Aerroon ftw!)

  13. 2nd yamato is paid actor.

  14. @CyberneticArgumentCreator

    2 things at play with Yamato/Montana winrates:

    1) Most-accessible first-time-player lines, so they get spammed with the lowest total wows time played, ON AVERAGE, as a player group. Players who have gotten to tier ten on one line for the first time and love that one ship. “Fun-havers”. Not try-hards.

    2) Absolutely inarguable power creep on ships that require a gorillion games and complete devotion to WOWS for some period of time. So the self-selected group of people with a steel tier X have, on average, many MULTIPLES of the total game count of someone without any steel tier X ships. More powerful ships combined with an auto-filter to only have dedicated and veteran players on them. So the stats for Yamato and Montana go way down, but they’re not THAT much worse than other ships. Montana could sure use the US’s historically exceptional radar, though. That would put it right back up to par.

    • Sure, but GK is also very popular. You can see that it has basically as many games as Yamato and it somehow manages to do better. I would’ve thought that Yamato would beat GK. Also, does this explain the top 5%?

  15. @admiralprinceeric323

    Hey, you should try a new Japanese Battleship on a Top-tier namely Bungo for the next video. She’s a Battlecruiser with a 457 mm guns on 5 two-gun turrets, but pretty amazing and also feature a High-precision Spotter Consumable gets on increases firing range with a dispersion just like on Yamato in this video

    • Yeah, unfortunately I can’t. I’ve only played about one game in the Yumihari. I’d have to go through the T8 and T9 before the Bungo. That is my plan to do in the future though!
      Thank you for the suggestion.

  16. Reason Yamato player don’t contribute much to win .They’re to far away to help any of their Teammate. Only thing it’s good at is farming dmg.

  17. I wish my girlfriend and a break all three of my computers I was so close to getting that she was the worst mistake I ever made on my life

  18. yamato still stands as the most beautiful ship, also putting yamamoto as the commander is fitting as historically the yamato was yamamoto’s flagship during his time as commander in chief of the IJN

  19. All accurate guns do, is show how broken Artillery is.

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