World of Warships – Yamato Queen of the Sea

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on Islands of Ice moves to support the teams effort to take C point and confront the enemy team. I try to have destroyers and cruisers around for support against a large amount of enemy destroyers. A couple battleships try to faceoff over B point, I try my best to maintain good angling. The enemy brings the game back, I must try to get a couple enemy ships near B point. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Yamato Replay


  1. how did u get a 19 point commander, I thought the max was either 16 or 18

  2. I’m Ron Burgundy???

  3. i thought when i started this game that iw as going to be a dedicated bb
    player during cbt i got up to the nagato and loved it but after cbt i just
    never really got in to bbs again now im mainly focused on the german
    cruisers and now that ive gotten past the dam nurnberg to the yorck im
    enjoying that line a lot 🙂 (i just started the kirov too and holy crap
    those guns are insane shame you only get them at tier 5 and after that tier

  4. For this build you should definitely put the secondaries range flag on so
    you can maximize it up to 10.6 km

  5. *sees Ohmwrecker_PA

  6. God she’s beautiful, isn’t she.
    *The Yamato has got to be one of the most beautiful machines built by man*

  7. I think manual secondaires is pretty good on the izumo and Yammy, rest of
    the IJN line I agree with you

  8. LoL… wtf is going on, on the EU Server.. a mission for EVERY ARP ship (+
    1 reserve Slot) including the Takao and a Mission for a commander named
    Steven Seagal

  9. So glad I subbed yesterday, I absolutely love the Yamato and you upload
    this! <3

  10. Why do CV stay in one place? Esp at that lvl!!!

  11. The Salty Half-Elf Bard

    Am I the only one who loves hearing those 18.1-inch guns roar?

  12. About containers (you were complaining that you don’t get “super-crates”):
    don’t choose the “lucky roll”, you lose a lot of common rewards that way,
    take what you need most (credits, flags or consumables) and about once a
    week you’ll still get a big one. I’m taking the “more flags” option every
    day and I got 2 big crates until now, one with 250 flags and one with 50k
    free XP.

  13. Is that a 19 point captain?

  14. I think I learned a good lesson that is so hard to get thru my head, not to
    go alone – good advice in any ship, but I think I need to keep an eye on
    that in Yamato. Now if I could just stop overpenning so much.

    – I can get out of a lot more bad positions in my Iowa with the speed and

  15. Recently got the Izumo. Is that ship worth keeping?

  16. Reverse Notser XD

  17. Action filled game! Solid damage! Awesome SA, you’re fantastic at map
    awareness! Just one little, tiny thought with humility… it might really
    help to chain your turret salvos on small fast destroyers, especially at
    range. You crushed that final Benson but did no/minimal damage on two other
    destroyers because your lead was less than perfect. Not to your discredit
    as your lead estimations are among the best in the game but spreading those
    shots by a tick or even half tick often helps.

  18. The Spiffy Creeper

    Does that make the Kurfurst the King of the sea?

  19. one of the best replays i’ve seen, so far..

  20. You dont have to worry about standing out in certain camos, most players
    use modded skins instead :)

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