World of Warships – Yamato Review – Lolpen Machine

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Meet the , tier 10 Japanese with Glorious Nippon Steel armour and 460mm guns. Such power, much wow. Get her and forever have the biggest guns on World of Warships! Enjoy the 😛


  1. It’s pronounced Yah-mah-toe

  2. I thought it was Yamato sister ship that took 300 plus aircraft to take
    them out

  3. So Yamato OP, go figure.

  4. They gota nerd fire!! Yamato is like a BBQ party house

  5. Star Trek Theory

    They should have made 5 of them.

  6. wait arent the firing arcs really high on Yamato?

  7. Hello Chase. Thanks for the video. I am currently at the Izumo, hull B. Any
    tips on how to play it? Not a bad ship, but I think it can do much more

  8. João Gonçalves

    WG pls had the H44 german BB with 500 mm guns xD

  9. First they make it OP then, when there’s too much Yamatos (like they want),
    they will “nerf kill it” with some crap excuse so that you spend more money
    grinding to other ships. WG loves to do that and they already did it with
    several ships. That’s why they had like 600M profit last year. That’s also
    why they end up destroying their own games. The greed is real… maybe 1
    billion is not enough for Victor.

  10. jacco doevendans

    still think its retarded that the yamato is so much better than montana cuz
    in real live the iowa class whas better and the montana is an upgrade

  11. Brian Lock (神通)


  12. low pen machine hahaha WTF?
    wait,how or why do you have 19 capitain skills?
    the max is 18.

  13. I don’t understand why they make the yamato so good. The Japanese tree is
    so much better then the American. Us get the Colorado and Montana and
    Japanese get the yamato. The Montana and Colorado clearly need a buff.

  14. You sounded really exciting the whole time, chase, nice review. BUT I don’t
    aggree with the module for concealment and I tell you why. Not because I
    don’ find it useful to appear in medium range…who wouldn’t find that
    usefull? But becazse you won’t use that as often as you could make use of
    spotting topedoes fast enough. The Yamato is huge, so everyone will shot
    it, especially cruiser who will set in on fire, all the time. Fire
    increases spotting distance. On top of it, destroyers love to shot Yamatos
    because they are big and slow and some use fancy modules like less fire
    time, so they dont have a better rudder and cannot outturn the torps…so
    torps will hit more often and a dd will always stay in range. So the Yamato
    will be permaspotted by either destroyers or because it is set on fire.
    Use spotting module, it makes life easier than rare surprise situations.

  15. Yamato’s and US 16 inch have the same armor penitration

  16. From what I saw in the public test upcoming patches may well do away with
    much of the distinction between primary & secondary battery builds.

  17. Well if Yamato is going to keep the biggest main battery, that limits
    Germany to H39 and H41…which means German BB players are going to leave.
    The best they can get is 8 x 16.5″ guns so they can’t even compete with a
    friggin North Carolina or Iowa, never mind Montana or this OP thing.

    Only good thing about the German BBs is their torpedoes which are pointless
    with the secondary loadout of Yamato. Sorry, but having a death star like
    this just ruins it for everyone else.

  18. Just got my Izumo now so the grind is on.

  19. Well…She’s a Beauty….realy want to have Sex with her…..ähm….

  20. iChase great video! 🙂 Can you please make a video with a comparison
    between the automatic and manual secondaries?

  21. The Musashi took about twice as much damage.

  22. PawlusSidewinder

    Do I hear some troll-tone in your voice?… 🙂 I think I do 🙂 WG is doing
    with US battleships the same thing that they did to German tanks in World
    of Tanks: they. have. to. suck. just. because. 😀 Yamato is not really
    balanced… And it’s not because WG likes Nippon Steel, it’s because they
    don’t seem to like US Steel :D

  23. This is indeed a great BB. I do not have one has I am a DD guy. However I
    have to say a division of Yamato breaks apart MM in this game. I am seeing
    more of them and WG has not been able to deal with it. The HP pool coming
    with the division is ridiculous and if they join up and move together while
    focus firing….. the secondary joining up is fearless to anything. Add to
    that MM usually put on the on the team 1 or 2 Montanas at most and the game
    is over before it even begun unless the division is careless. Great boat !

  24. The Green Hornet

    yesterday ich killed auch Yamato with 6 cidadels with my tirpitz


  26. By the way, i forgot to ask, in the yamato vs yamato brawl clip, where did
    he aim to get front citadel? The underbelly section? Or at least its what
    it looks like

  27. Hi iChase! Do you have plans to do a review on Izumo, probably the most
    frustrating ship to sail?


    Soooooo when is the stream

  29. Its a good coincidence you got this yamato review because i just bought
    that ship a few days ago and at the same time, i almost finished my credit
    grind for the montana as well. I havent decided yet wether i will take full
    concealement or a mix of concealement and secondary built once i unlock the
    tier 5 skill, i would say that the biggest threat to yamato more than other
    battleships are multiple small ships like even lower tier cruisers that
    rapid fire he shell especially considering its slow turret traverse speed.
    And i think montana tend to fare better against multiple smaller ship du to
    its faster turret speed and number of turret, but i am not sure yet since i
    havent tried the montana yet

  30. and wargamming try to make the god of battleships weaker by buffing only
    the US high teir battleships I think the Yamato needs to have a bit better

  31. Fully stealth build Yamato 13 km detection range, meanwhile Pensacola’s
    detection range 15 km

  32. exaggerated shit

  33. So the real question we want answered.

    Now that you have played with the yamato… How do you beat it?

  34. Ah yes, because shooting HE for low but consistent damage plus fires
    against an angled Yamato (which is nearly impervious to AP shells with a
    caliber below 457.6) is for pathetic scrubs who secretely just want to
    steer a Yamato … really iChase?

    It’s not like that is actually a sound tactical decision if you actually
    intend to do some damage against a player who probably isn’t stupid enough
    to show a nice flat broadside for any non-Yamato to penetrate at their

    I’m sure you meant that as a lighthearted joke only, but boy did it come
    across as conceited.

  35. I don’t know…I either have super bad luck with my Yama over the last one
    or two months or they stealth nerfed her. The accuracy is so bad now and
    cit pens are often absurdly few and far between with whole salvos with 3-5
    hits doing hardly any damage at all or just bounce even from cruisers…

    Compared with the Zao the Yama is just not very good, IMHO at least not for
    someone that is hated by RNGesus as I’am and I have <5% fire chance with my

  36. It’s funny every time an American shout’s “bias” just because Montana isn’t
    the best BB dueler in the game. Then Americans saying it should have better
    pen than Yamato, better armor than Yamato, better speed than Yamato. The
    real design of Montana is it has the same mark 7 guns of Iowa with an added
    turret at the aft and armor and speed near identical to Yamato. Yamato’s
    type 94 gun AP shells still had more muzzle velocity and mass than Mark 8
    APC shells and would still have better penetration.

    The nubs simply can’t appreciate the Montana’s rapid 12 guns knack for
    wiping out the other team’s cruisers and destroyers. No, America’s Montana
    gotta have it all, best cruiser and DD cleaner and best BB dueler for the
    game to be balanced. I mean seriously you have to give Montana’s already OP
    rapid firing 16″ guns pin point accuracy and pen that can pierce a mountain
    but never over-pen for them to be happy.

  37. ichase do you think the upcoming kriegsmarine brawler bbs will be a
    possible counter to the yamato? would explain the lack of balancing from
    the wargaming team :p

  38. In the 25th episode of Space Battleship Yamato 2199 the Yamato also lolpens
    the Gamillian spaceship that was bow on. BOW ON ALIEN ARMOUR DUDE

  39. Uchuu senkan YA MA TO

  40. The Montana definately can pen an angled yamato, not all the time but Ive
    rolled countless citidels against Yamato. I dont really agree with you
    saying that the Montana is completely outclassed. Sure its alpha damage is
    not as high per shot but it has 12 main guns…… and aside from that you
    can still shoot all four turrets at a steep angle and then just go bow in
    between salvos.


    Stream will be on after 2 hours

  42. when can we expect a Zao review, Chase?

  43. I did kill a Yamato with my Amagi at close range, did get 5 citadels in one
    salvo and she sunk :)

  44. Fire prevention skill? Bleh. Useless. % of a % is nothing.

  45. This massive cock boat that was over glorified by anime. Turned to god by
    WG. Would have been rofl stomped by the Iowa. People need to get real with
    the yamato class. Size means nothing.

  46. what is “Lolpen Machine” mean ??
    Google can’t answer me *(rarely (๑˙ー˙๑) no result)

  47. Katia Mariza Lazaridou

    For some reason you made me laugh so much in this video, especially in the
    beginning :P… Great video as always :)

  48. Should review Amagi people say it’s op (I have Amagi 🙂 but it costs to
    much to repair

  49. Bissonnette Farm Railway

    am I the only one who thinks this ship is SLIGHTLY OP?

  50. Will the h44 ever come out with its 510mm?

  51. I have Amagi so far, still sort of like the Nagato better surprisingly –
    because I hated the Nagato for the first half of the grind thinking I
    needed speed. Amagi is fun, but really want a real battleship instead of

  52. can u do a colorado review

  53. Meanwhile we still wait for the US super heavy firing shells which had the
    same pen as the Yamato…

  54. why wouldn’t you just wait until 5.7 hits for any new videos, you KNOW that
    modules are being changed. lol

  55. iChase, do you think this ship need to be nerfed ?

  56. The Yamato’s firepower is just…just…wow. An Atlanta’s worth of
    secondaries on each side, an Aoba’s worth of secondaries on the centerline
    and main guns big enough to cause a tsunami when they fire. I dread coming
    up against this glorious monster when I unlock my NC. 0_0

    Incidentally, will the German and British tier X BBs try to match match her
    or simply settle for matching the Montana? I can’t wait to find out. ^_^

  57. “use armor piercing all the time”
    what if you need to shoot a destroyer?
    I understand that if you have ap loaded and a destroyer pops up it would be
    useless to take the time to switch ammo, but lets say the only ships left
    than you have line of fire on are destroyers. Do you really want to keep
    loading ap?


    best thing in na server no matter how much dmg you do still lose

  59. Can’t wait for the Sovetsky-Soyuz! :D

  60. Akari “Furutaka” Akaza

    so, is wargaming confirming through that statement at the end that they
    won’t be adding the 18 inch H class german bbs?

  61. need some balances though even when angled yamato can still pen easily :v
    montana angled still eats about 10k lol balance pls

  62. Yamato is nowhere near as good as it once was. The super heal is gone. The
    rudder is gone. The flooding bonus is gone. It’s easy to hit with HE, and
    won’t be dodging anytime soon. It’s good and all, but a Zao or a Moskva is
    much better.

  63. IchaseGaming, if you could cut down on the 12+ min intro’s tht would be
    awesome. otherwise good videos! very enjoyable to watch generally !

  64. Glad my video could be of use to you +iChaseGaming!

  65. Josh Ballow (Joshuphigh)

    ichase stop calling this yamato, it’s the death star! besides it shoots
    total lasers and one shots everything…

  66. Oh Joy. Keep them coming.

  67. you’re almost at 45k yay!!

  68. Those dislikes are Montana captains

  69. irl yamato had an even better turning circle lol

  70. the only pain being grinding the absolutely useless izumo which is an ugly
    floating coffin. and ur reward is sitting up the back defending cap forever

  71. Montana actually has better armor. Harder to pen.

  72. I see a USS Smith in port! First time hearing about it! JK I saw it on
    wikia 3 months ago.

  73. would u recommend sniping at long range so u can avoid 300k repair bills?

  74. Musashi had been struck by a total of 19 torpedoes and 17 bombs, while
    Yamato was hit by at least eleven torpedoes and six bombs. There may have
    been two more torpedo and bomb hits, but this is not confirmed.

    this was the fact that USN attack Yamato from one side with torpedoes and
    cause excessive flooding from one side

  75. You really should have addressed the god awful gun turn time :P

  76. Love your comment at the end according to wargaming the Yamato will forever
    have the biggest guns… well no shit considering they were the biggest
    guns ever mounted on a battleship.

  77. iChase, the longer the ship the bigger the turning circle, but a faster

  78. Warspite turrent time!!!

  79. Technically, planes are the biggest guns in warship weaponary

  80. Been watching the anime called Haifui where in the latest episode, modern
    warships faced the Musashi. Of course, the Musashi’s guns wrecked face when
    the modern ships got too close. Love the show and can’t wait for the final
    episode. Love your videos Chases. Can’t wait to get my own Yamato,
    currently on the Nagato.

  81. ur mom was historically useless

  82. The range of the secondaries on all of the IJN battleships in the game are
    complete BS.

  83. The Yamato needs a major nerf…

  84. Ahhhh, but Comrade Chase, wait until we have Glorious Tier 10 Russian BB!
    If dastardly imperialist Japanese BB dares to outperform the pride of the
    Motherland, then good loyal players on RU server will storm WG with cries
    of “patriotism!”, and this lolpen machine will be beaten into submission
    with a nerf bat made of Stalinium!

    Seriously, this is supposed to be a competitive PvP online MMO, and you’ve
    got a boss ship straight out of an 80’s single player arcade game?

  85. Give us the Iowa-class with 18 inch guns!

  86. Just wondering but do you like
    the Nicolas and how do you play it? Anyway thanks!

  87. Great vid Chase!!! Can’t wait till I get my Yamato!!

  88. Is the Gremyashchy really so OP that WG can`t put it on sale anymore? I
    regret having bought the Sims. :(

  89. lee christmasgaming

    since they have the Montana witch is a paper ship at tier 10 then they
    could remove the Izumo, kick the Yamato to tier 9 and then ad the A-150
    (Super Yamato) class at tier 10 :P

  90. lol i chase remember back in alpha when i was told by reb to watch out for
    that atlanta when i was in yammy… im like what atlanta….WHAM ship sunk
    ribbon appears…and im flooding a bit..i look port and see a the bow and
    starboard and i see the sinking stern…and u guys are like “that atlanta”

  91. Kinda surprised that war gaming does not offer a Wave Motion Gun option. ?

  92. Yamato takes 600 damages per tick while on fire.
    If you see a Yammy BOW ON, rain HEs and burn it down!
    As a Yammy capt myself, fires have killed me more time than AP or torps

  93. Xenomorph Paco the Great

    Iowa next plz chase

  94. Wow, after this review, i get a itch to play her again. It sounds like you
    can actully do stuff in Yamato. I know TIR 10 battles and in BBs are
    complete waste of time, but i can dream right.

  95. Today is my birthday, WarGamming should give me a Yamato.

  96. I have her and I love it. Now I’m going after the zao as a complement.

  97. Can you do a mixed build or is that completely stupid like a mix between
    main battery and secondaries

  98. +iChaseGaming sooo sense there not CVs anymore Yamato has no weakness and
    is unstoppable now ? XD

  99. 26 second reload really ?

  100. Ah, The Bullshit Boat. It should really be reeled in. I’m thinking higher
    detectability (so you can at least see it way before and turn on those wasd
    hacks) and longer reload cycle. But ofc WG wont disappoint the weeaboos.

  101. christopher tucker

    I got the many:) I’m not very good with her yet though prefer the play
    style of amagi and fuso

  102. Ah Yamato, pinnacle and champion of WG bias!

  103. actually i really dont fear the yamato thanks to my speed demon destroyer

  104. had one. sold it… bought it again…. got tired of dodging torpedo
    walls… sold it again. I prefer cruisers and DDs anyway. good video Chase

  105. Those secondaries made it look like a battle between pirates.

  106. Is it normal for a Yamato to one-shot a full HP New Orleans that is
    completely bow in, cuz thats exactly what happened xD. i bounced 3 salvos
    (dont ask how, im lucky), then BAM citadels for 35k damage :(

  107. Yamato should actually have multiple hulls in this game.
    I find it funny that Izumo that was never built has multiple hulls
    The A hull would have been Yamato as historically completed in late 1941.
    She would have had 2 triple 155 mm turrets on either side of the ship.
    But would have carried half the number of 127 mm gun turrets and far less
    25mm AA

    Her anti ship secondary ability would have been slightly more potent in her
    A hull configuration with the extra Mogami turrets but her AA ability would
    have been significantly reduced. She only had a handful of 25mm AA guns as

    Her B hull would be Yamato’s configuration during the Battle of Leyte in
    late 1944 which swapped the Mogami wing turrets for an 6 extra twin 127 mm
    guns. She still carried less 25mm AA guns at this point.

    Her C hull would be the Yamato in operation Ten-Go in 1945 or the Yamato
    featured in this game with lots and lots of 25mm AA guns.

  108. I hate the yamato I had to sell it as you could do fuck all and never
    survive a battle as all the noobs only shoot HE at you taking secondaries
    and anti-aircraft

  109. I laughed way too much watching this.

  110. The whole concealment and acquisition captain skill tree is useless on a
    battleship (the concealment module as well). You need the repair skills:
    High Alert and Superintendent for maximum chance of survivability (you are
    a tank after all) and you need to upgrade the AA and the secondaries..

  111. In real life the Yamato had a circle turning radius of 650m :)

  112. Vladimir VojtaML

    Only truly working Battleship in WoWs that doesn’t get trolled by retarded
    mechnaics of penetration =)

  113. I think that skill on the fourth row is also viable. The one that increases
    AA when you manually target an enemy.

  114. iChase, iChase, did you see the new German BB leaks from a Chinese website?
    The Scharnhorst and two tier 3-4 ships were leaked with specs..

  115. How do you tell if a shot is an overpenetration ?

  116. Whimsical Pacifist

    uchuu senkan YAMATO!!!

    Thank you for the review. Just wish the April Fools’ Yamato 2199 model and
    space effects were an option.

  117. Terrible AA so why not put a module for AA and the captain skill :)

  118. i think chase is getting better at his vids love u chase and ur vids :)

  119. This whole video is just showing how overpowered the yamato is. And it is
    that way cause the way wargamming doesnt understand balance. Or history.
    The 18.1inch guns where just barely and by barely i mean barely better and
    penning armor as the 16in 50s that the iowa had. but since it had a rep as
    being the biggest and baddest it has to be overpowered. they might as well
    made another ship the t10 and made yamato a premium. Cause you know
    premiums are totally balanced yet that is all you ever see at the higher

  120. Tomato!

  121. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    Broken boat, I don’t want something that takes much of the skill out of the
    game and resorts to you just shotgunning an area and nuking everything

  122. 2early4me

  123. Yummytoe <3

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