World of Warships – Yamato – Secondaries OP

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Today I have a replay where i get up close and personal with other battleships and cruisers and show how good secondaries are.

Skills and Upgrades:
-Basic Firing Training
-Expert Marksman
-Advanced firing training

-Aux. Arm. Mod 1
-Secondary Mod
-Damage Controls mod 1&2

Want to send me a replay and show off your MLG skills? Send it to me! Be sure to add post battle results as well.


  1. So I just found you channel a bit ago. Already powered through most of your
    videos. Youre one of the few WoWs you tubers who isnt annoying as fuck and
    actually seems to understand the game and be skilled. PLEASE put out more
    videos. Subbed.

  2. What do you think about the Iowa? I think it’s a lot more softer than the
    NC citadels up arse aswell?

  3. Great battle replay and I enjoy your commentary style too. Keep them

  4. did that mogami not have a rudder lol? “oh look shells” *boom*

  5. And yet another awesome replay, that was a really good team, its rare for
    me to be in a team like that, usually I’m with a lot of penalty players and
    afk players, but as always great video 😀 cant wait for another!

  6. moskva can get to 9.3km . its alot fun also

  7. Great teamplay and a great ship ofcourse. Normally if you go one side it
    doesn’t end well, but this was tactical and with communication. Need more
    of those games 😛
    And indeed Izumo can also have 10 km range secondary.

  8. I wish we could see more world of warships replays like 2 videos a day 🙂
    love your work

  9. Now I understand how people get to tier X with so many captain skills.
    I understand because credits! Yay.. almost double the XP for the Izumo
    (unlocked it and gathered it again) and still don’t have the cash to buy
    it! On the other hand, my Izumo captain will probably have 16-17 points,
    God I need a premium ship.

  10. Even the izumo can consistently citadel a tirpitz

  11. min 8:00 japanese squad, 3 yamas 2 zao’s :D

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