World of Warships: Yamato Sinks Seven

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A random battle played by RIDJI2001 in the Yamato. There are a lot of destroyers in the battle. Poor destroyers.


  1. Thx soo much 😉

  2. I had no idea that the Print Screen key automatically created an image in the WOWS folder. I didn’t even know there was a screenshot folder. I’ve been using print screen to put images into Paint then save them that way.

    I just checked my WOWS screenshots folder and there were 475 screenshots in there accumulating since the game’s release lol.

  3. Yamato and Montana captains are having a beer at this point while smiling kindly at those new German and Brittish BB’s. “You must be new here”

  4. hope this game gets on xbox one soon

  5. Well played mate 🙂

  6. Weird MM but GG either way.
    This is a good how to play BB’s, so many people hang back etc.
    It also shows the power of the BB against DD’s atm, one hit tends to do ALOT of damage now which I don’t like. Yep that’s probably realistic but if anyone wants to use the realistic argument I assume they’re ok with changing BB main guns to reflect how accurate they really were in WW2? I believe it was less then 10% accuracy against the 30% in the game 🙂 Correct those figures if wrong please.

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